Unfortunately, the market has been floundering and it’s getting harder to find the best android tablet for your money. Don’T worry in this video. We are going to show you top 5 best android tablets that you can consider to buy so do watch the video till the end and do let me know in the comment section which tablet did you like the most don’t forget to hit that like button, do Share this video among your friends and subscribe our channel Music lenovo tab m8, the best small android tablet. You may have noticed that most of the tablets available online are more than 10 inches. However, if you are on the lookout for a more portable option and are ok with the lower end performance, the lenovo tab, m8 full hd may be one of the best android tablets with a small profile. As the name implies. This tablet comes with an full hd display for comfortable and crisp viewing. In addition, you also get 3gb of ram and 32gb of internal storage to do multitasking or install multiple application on on this tablet, and it will keep the device running smoothly as long as you don’t go crazy on it and the mediatek helio p22t chipset offers great Performance considering this tablet costs a little more than 100. The other cool features include a metal back design, dolby audio 18 hours of long lasting battery life and in and inclusion of the micro sd card support using which you can expand the store.

As far as cameras are concerned, there is a dual rear camera, comprising of 8mp plus 5mp and a front selfie camera of 2mp. Coming to the battery, you will get 5100mh battery which, which can give you up to 12 to 15 hours of battery life. Links are given in the description for various countries. You can check the price and availability in your country and buy it from there. Amazon fire tablet the best ultra affordable, android tablet. Amazon continues to offer some of the best android tablet. They just keep getting better and cheaper the amazon fire 7 is an entry level tablet, but but its nearest rock bottom starting price is still very impressive. If you are looking for a little more fire, you get a gig more of ram, a slightly larger display with a higher resolution and up to 5 hours of battery life with the amazon fire sda or you can opt for the amazon fire hd 8 plus, which Has even more ram and wireless charging? Finally, amazon fire hd 10 is the higher end member of the fire family, as the name suggests, you get a full hd, 10.1 inch display and specs similar to the galaxy tab. A 10.1 specification aside. There are a few experiences that are shared across the board, the most important of which is the integrated hands free alexa functionality. There is also no google play store access, making these devices better suited for those who invest in the amazon ecosystem.

The basic model in the fire family includes 1gb of ram and 16 gb of internal storage. To talk about the more impressive model in the fire family, amazon, fire, hd 10 plus comes with a very impressive specification. Its display size is 10.1 inch with a full hd resolution: 2 gigahertz quad core processor, 2 gb of ram 64 gb of storage, 2 mp front and 2 mp back camera up to 12 hours of battery life, and it runs firewall, samsung, galaxy, a7, 10.4, the best, Affordable tablet from samsung the affordable tablet market continues to grow and the samsung galaxy a7 10.4 is likely one of the best android tablet for those with a tighter budget. It’S super affordable yet has a specification and features to keep up with the most casual users. In true samsung fashion, it also a pretty attractive tablet. Specification includes snapdragon 662 processor 3gb of ram, which is enough to keep most casual users very happy. The screen is pretty outstanding. Considering it has a great resolution, we could use more storage as the highest configuration only features 64gb internal storage, but many users need more than that, not to mention it support microsd card. The most impressive features of this tablet are 10.4 inch. Beautiful display, powerful processor 8. Mp, rear camera and 5mp front camera huge 7040 image of battery, and this tablet runs android 10. Music, samsung galaxy tab, s6 lite. The best mid range tablet, the samsung galaxy tab.

S6. Lite is an excellent, mid range alternative. You get a quality experience without the high price tag like its more expensive brothers. This tablet comes with a great s, pen, support and all metal design, making it a great contender among the best android tablet: Music it’s, a tiny bit smaller sports and exynos 9611 processor and has a 4gb of ram. The device is also much cheaper, though it is one of the best android tablet for those who need a mid ranger. The most impressive features of this tablet is its beautiful display of 10.4 inch, powerful exynos, 9611 4g 4gb of ram and up to 128 gb of internal storage, 8 mp rear camera 5 mp front camera 7040 mh of battery and retrans android 10. samsung galaxy tab, s7, Plus the best high end android tablet and and overall the best android tablet available. The samsung galaxy tab s7 plus is hard to beat and stands high as one of the best android tablets to buy. This pad comes with a snapdragon, 865 plus processor 6gb to 8gb of ram 128gb to 256gb of storage and a hefty and a hefty 1090 of battery. The screen is now much larger to 12.4 inches. It is also a gorgeous super amoled panel that will give you immersive display. Experience also comes with a 120hz refresh rate, which is best for gamers. You can also opt for a data connected version with a 5g lte. This is one hell of a tablet and it is hands down one of the best android tablets you can find, but the only disappointing thing is it is expensive.

The most impressive feature is its beautiful display of 12.4 inches snapdragon, 865 plus processor, up to 8gb of ram and up to 256gb of internal storage, best dual rear camera of 13 plus 5 mp and best selfie camera of 8 mp, and this tablet lens android, 10.. So these are the top five best android tablets that you can consider to buy if i had left any of the best tablet in this video.