This all in one printer, has all the quality to be a great home printer with its low price, low running costs, good, looking prints, adf, touchscreen lightweight body, compact dimensions and so much more let’s take a closer look while the name of the device has office in It i don’t think it’s enough for any serious office since it’s rather small and has a lesser performance, however, for home users it’s a great pick, for example, it’s rather small measuring 8.5 by 17.2 by 14.3 inches in total and weighs about 12.4 pounds. The device also looks pretty good with its black plastic body with matte and glossy finishes, which gives it a premium look despite being rather cheap. It has a 60 sheet paper tray on the rear and a 25 sheet output capacity, and i think it’s pretty good for a printer that costs just under 100. This printer has a maximum monthly duty cycle of about a thousand pages, resulting in a recommended range of about 250 pages monthly, which is pretty poor, especially if you have a lot of printing needs. I like that the device included a 2.2 inch diagonal monochrome touchscreen that delivers the controls and ease of use, it’s very intuitive overall and surprisingly it’s very responsive to touch in terms of connectivity. The hp, officejet 3830 doesn’t have a lot to offer and i find the lack of ethernet port a bit of a problem. However, it has wi fi and wi fi direct capability to allow you to connect with up to five devices.

It also has a usb port and the hp eprint feature that works rather well in terms of performance. The hp, officejet 3830 is pretty respectable, as it prints 8.5 pages per minute for monochrome and six pages per minute for colored prints. This is pretty good overall and combined with its nice output quality, especially for the price you get yourself, a superb printer here. It works by the instant ink that’s a must, in my opinion, to keep the running costs low, but without the instant ink you’re faced with high costs coming up next on our list, we have a proper business machine. That’S. Superb the brother mfc l6800 dw. This device is one of the fastest all in one printers out there, besides, that, it offers fast scanning tons of interesting features, attractive design, tons of connectivity, ease of use and so much more at a very attractive price that will make even the most nitpicky users pleased Let’S take a closer look. I don’t like the design of most brother printers out there, since they look pretty boring, unappealing and bland. This one surprisingly, is attractive overall rocking the shape and form factor of your traditional office printer, but with a sleek, dark gray finish on its body. That makes it look like a million bucks. Everything about the design of this device is very well thought out. It’S got a number pad on it, with soft touch buttons and touchscreen display to control the functions of the device it’s, not very large, at all.

It might be a little tall, but its footprint is rather good and you won’t need to accommodate a lot of space for it. The base paper capacity of this beast is at 570 sheets, but if you need more, you can easily expand it with optional trays. Up to 2650 sheets, the overall setup process is rather non existent. I can say it’s plug and play since you just plug it in and get going, however, to get its full set of features. You’Ll need the drivers which can be found on the company’s website and i think it’s pretty much worth five minutes of your time before. Moving on, i should state that this is a monochrome only printer that’s, designed and manufactured for delivering documents and monochrome prints at high speed. A single sided standard text document is printed at a superb 48 pages per minute and the double sided documents are still fast at 20 pages per minute. The quality was consistent at all times and there’s generally little amount of artifacts when it comes to images it’s a bit behind, but for offices this one is your best pick. Next up, we have another monochrome. All in one printer, that’s destined for office use the canon image class mf269dw. This is the best one for offices, in my opinion, since it has a super low running cost, great output, small footprint, automatic duplexing and feeder versatility connectivity and a lot more. If your office doesn’t have a lot of needs, you need to check out this one here.

The canon image class mf269dw is designed as an entry entry level, all in one monochrome, laser printer for offices, and it takes all the boxes to make it a proper office. Printer, it has the classic cube, shaped body that has a black finish, all around measuring 14.8 by 15.4 by 16 inches in total and weighs about 29.3 pounds. This makes it a bit larger than its predecessor, but still it’s, pretty good on the front of the device. You’Ll see the control panel, which looks a bit dated, however, it’s very intuitive, with all its physical buttons and its monochrome touchscreen display that lets you control the device and see what’s going on the canon image. Class mf269dw has a 50 sheet, auto duplexing adf for copying scanning and faxing that scans. The second side of your two sided multiplayer documents automatically making this one a dream come true. The control panel i told you about is good. However, i would suggest you use the remote ui portal to control the device better and more intuitively. This portal is accessible from any browser from a pc that’s connected to the printer. It comes with the 250 sheet tray and has a one sheet override tray. The monthly duty cycle of this beast is at 15 000 pages at maximum, and i recommend you stay at about 2 500 pages per month for the price that it comes at. The canon image class mf269dw has tons of connectivity, including usb 2.

0 ethernet, wi, fi, wi, fi direct and other mobile connectivity options, including canon print business and apple air print for single sided designs. The canon image class mf269dw has a print speed of 30 pages per minute and for two sided duplex prints. It achieves about 18 pages per minute. The greyscale quality is amazing as well and if you opt for the high yield toner you’re in for a treat. There are some interesting options these days, but if you want something modern wireless with fast printing capabilities, you should take a look. The hp officejet pro 9015. This printer has low printing costs, borderless printing, superb design and compact body shape that’ll fit into a lot of office. Spaces let’s check it out. The hp officejet pro 9015 is designed for office spaces, but it’s still pretty compact and small measuring about 10.9 by 17.3 by 13.5 inches in total and weighs about 20 pounds in total. This printer has a 35 sheet, auto duplexing automatic document feeder. For all your needs. Copying scanning and even faxing for your two sided multi page documents. The whole thing is pretty attractive in terms of design, as it has a white and gray finish, and a beautiful form factor that impressed everyone there’s, just one small 2.7 inch touchscreen display that acts as the control panel of the device. It was rather responsive to touches and taps delivering a pleasant performance, but it is just a bit small, but then again you can utilize the company’s embedded web server.

That comes with all the functionalities for your printer from the portal. You can also check reports about the general usage ink costs, paper costs and so much more. I find this very useful for office spaces. It has a 250 sheet paper capacity, which is pretty good. The hb officejet pro 9015 has a monthly duty cycle of about 25 000 pages at maximum and i’d recommend about 2 500 pages monthly, which is excellent overall in terms of connectivity. It has a lot to offer, including ethernet wi fi, usb 2.0 wi fi direct and peer to peer network protocols that allow you to connect to your mobile device. The performance is rather fast at 22 pages per minute, and it has an amazing quality. On top of the list, we don’t have the most expensive all in one printer in the market, but something that delivers a lot of features, performance and convenience at a super, attractive price, delivering great value, the epson workforce, wf 7720. Before moving on, i should note that the epson workforce, wf 7720, comes from the wide format category that delivers a pleasant performance over its competitors, as it can print at the large 13 by 19 inch format. The epson workforce, wf 7720, has some interesting upgrades over its predecessor, such as its adf, auto duplexing, the larger color touchscreen display and many more. This printer can do it all and it’s a bit larger to handle that format than i mentioned earlier, as it measures about 16.

5 by 22.3 by 19.1 inches in total and weighs about 47.8 pounds for paper handling the epson workforce. Wf 7720 has a capacity of 501 sheets of paper split into two drawers of 250 sheets and a single sheet override tray. The tray can hold a4 paper or you can configure it to hold. The 13 by 19 inch premium photo paper. The maximum monthly duty cycle of the epson workforce wf7720 is about 20 000 pages, and i recommend you keep it around 1500 pages to get the best results. Connectivity options are aplenty here, including ethernet, wi, fi, wi, fi, direct and usb. On top of that, you can print straight from usb. Thumb drives the epson workforce wf7720 has an 18 page per minute print speed for monochrome pages and 10 pages per minute for colored pages.