Music. Thank you. First lets talk about the screen its the first thing. Anyone notices when they walk up to the device. It has this three by two aspect: ratio and a 28 inch pixel sense, touchscreen display now with Dolby Vision, but this screen can do something most others cannot and thats powered by the zero gravity hinge. This is what really sets the device apart. You can use it in a traditional desktop mode or push it all the way down into a studio mode to get even more into your work or play, and when you combine it with the surface pen, it makes for a device that is unparalleled in terms of What you can do with upgraded specs and 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor, 32 gigs of RAM a terabyte of storage and an Nvidia RTX 3060 with six gigs of gddr6. You have plenty of power to power. Your passions, as I mentioned the screen really is the centerpiece, its the entire design line of the device, and it transforms to help you take more in with this 28 inch screen featuring Dolby vision and hiding newly added Dolby Atmos speakers. Well, you can hear and see even more in this age of hybrid work, surface Studio helps you make more meaningful connections and thats. A large part thanks to upgraded Dolby, Atmos speakers, upgraded camera and dual far fuel studio microphones to make sure that its you thats being heard and not the motorcycle.

In the background, and of course, the surface is powered by amazing experiences designed by Microsoft, for example, this surface pen, you could use it to collaborate with co workers or friends and family, whether youre in person or remotely by using something like a digital whiteboard, and when Its time to connect additional accessories or expand youll find the newly added USB C Thunderbolt 4 ports. Theres additional connections like USB type, a gigabit Ethernet audio out ultimate connecting for work and play easy. So who will love the surface Studio? Well, it might be perfect for you, if you want to be closer to your work, engage with your work like never before and see your work like. Never before. All thanks to the gorgeous 28 inch pixel sense, touchscreen display, whether its interacting creating or entertainment, surface Studio, help exceed your imagination with inspiring technology and a gorgeous design thats both clean sleek and impactful. The only one modern em271 and am21 series are perfect for the general use at home and Business environments. The design is clean and sleek, and it fits perfectly in this modern day and age. The modern am models are true space saver and still packs a more than needed processing power. The high performance is driven by the latest Intel Core processor, together with a fast ddr4 Ram, also during High workloads, the all in one stays highly silent. The IPS panel truly lets you enjoy the best freeway angles of vivid and lifelike colors, providing you with the highest accuracy to ensure a comfortable experience behind the screen.

You can adjust the position to your best liking. The panel also has anti flicker and less blue light technology to ensure less eye fatigue and more protection for more convenience. The instant display technology lets you use the screen as a second monitor to another PC or laptop while being powered off. You can also set up a second monitor to extend the only ones display when you need even more space. You can install an additional 2.5 inch SSD without breaking any sweat. There are 24 and 27 inches models available and here are the main differences: Music, foreign, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music. Thank you, Music.