Number five Asus zenbo Pro 15 flip OLED, the Asus Zenbook Pro 15 flip OLED is pretty darn difficult to find, with virtually no availability outside the US, but its nonetheless one of the best professional laptops weve ever reviewed when we tested it. We found that demonstrated superb, versatile performance packaged in a Sleek but durable frame, a comfortable keyboard and trackpad, plus a good selection of physical ports make using this sendbook in laptop mode as cinch, and the Glorious 2.8 kilo amperes OLED touch screen is fantastic for tablet mode. Shenanigans stock struggles aside its not even that easy to find in the US are only real criticism, was that the webcams low light performance was lackluster, something that felt slightly like us, clutching at straws for a single negative Point. As long as youve got a brightly lit room for your video calls, you should be fine number four Dell XPS 13 2 and 1 2020. The Dell XPS line has been upping the Andy in the world of Portables since its launch and it hasnt changed years later. Its price tag means its now moved into the premium Tire forcing its budget conscious fans to look for cheaper alternatives, but that higher priced egg is more than Justified. Considering this laptops build features and prowess, the Dell XPS 13 2 in 1 2020 remains to be among the best laptops right now touting more versatility thanks to its hybrid design. We love this laptop so much that wed buy it just for the pleasure of using it.

But if that price is holding you back, let us assure you this is worth paying extra for its absolutely Stellar battery life. Wi Fi, 6 connectivity, plenty of storage and quiet operation are among the most noteworthy features here. Its bright and vibrant display also means that its just as much of a pleasure to use in tablet mode as it is in traditional laptop mode number three HP Elite, dragonfly G2 HP might have stumbled with the overpriced underperforming HP Elite, dragonfly G3, but fortunately its predecessor Hasnt gone anywhere, its still amazing, an impressive business laptop with a smart design, great battery life and two in one capabilities. The HP Elite dragonfly was among the best HP laptops and the second generation model followed in its footsteps, of course, being a follow up its more powerful than its predecessor. Now the line is touting 11s genital core chips in Li risky graphics and now a four Kelvin display upgrading from its previous full HD models. It might not be 12th Jenny, Dell, but thats actually a good thing here. The G3 uses a: u series: 12th gen chip, which provides better battery life, but ultimately subpar performance. The G Series, 11th gen chips in the HP Elite, dragonfly G2, provide better stability and performance for their generation, and this laptop doesnt struggle with battery life anyway. It might just be as close to being the perfect business laptop as any manufacturer can get, but its also stylish enough to appeal to more casual users.

That is if they can afford it, as this laptop is as expensive as its always been. However, as it is meant for professionals, its definitely worth the investment plus that two in one form factor touchscreen functionality and included stylus makes it a better value than its Rivals. Number two Lenovo Idea pad you at Chromebook. Is it a Chromebook or is it a tablet? Well, luckily, you wont have to decide true to its name. The Lenovo ideapadu at Chromebook delivers two form factors in one while keeping the price unbelievably low. In fact, if youre looking for a budget option, this is the best two in one laptop for you, this Chromebook utilizes, the versatility of the Chrome OS, while setting you back a lot less than many of the top Windows tablets out there. Of course, true to its Chromebook nature, its battery packs an incredibly long life of almost 22 hours. You could pull an all nighter work through the day and mid after afternoon, and youll still pass out before it runs out of juice. For this price, sacrifices have to be made. Naturally, the keyboard is Tiny, the trackpad isnt as reliable and the charger and headphones share one port. However, if budget is your top priority, this has to be your Top Choice. Number one Samsung Galaxy Book: 2. 360.. The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 360 – may not be the excellent ProBook 2 model, but it still manages to get a lot of things right enough to make it a worthy option for professionals.

Looking for a highly capable two in one laptop thats, not quite a piggy bank, breaker theres, a lot youll love here, including its all day, battery life and premium convertible design. But this being a Samsung laptop, its pride and joy, is that stunner of enamel LED display. Despite its modest 1920x 1080 resolution, we found this screen to be a delight, especially for watching videos or doing a spot of photo editing. Of course, its performance has proven to be solid as well when it comes to productivity tasks and even casual gaming.