So like comment, this video and hit the Subscribe button for more videos now lets get starting number five Asus Zenbook, flip 13 OLED. Ultra slim two and one laptop 13.3 L at full, HD, touchscreen, intellivo platform, core i7 16 gigabytes RAM and one terabyte SSD Windows, 11, home AI noise cancellation, Intel Evo platform. The perfect combination of performance, responsiveness and battery life enjoy amazing performance with the 11th General Intel Core i7 processor with Intel Iris C Graphics, stay productive with a fast charging. Long lasting battery 13.3 inch OLED, full HD 4 way. Nano Edge bezel display with Windows, 11 home fast storage and memory featuring a one terabyte cnvm.2 SSD and 16 gigabytes LPD dr4x Ram extensive connectivity with HDMI Thunderbolt 4 via USB type c, USB type, a Wi Fi, 6 and Bluetooth, 5.0 sleek and lightweight aluminum body. At only 2.87 pounds and 0.5 5 5 inches thick for comfortable portability, the distinctively elegance and book flip 13 OLED has an all new design that combines ultimate portability with Supreme versatility, its Sleek Nano Edge, display and 360 degrees. Ergo lift hinge makes nbook flip 13 OLED extra compact, its 11th generation Intel Core processor gives you effortless performance for on the go productivity and visual creativity. Please check Link in the description box and order now from number four Microsoft Surface Pro 8, the Microsoft Surface. Pro 8 features a powerful 11th gen Intel CPU and a vivid 13 inch display. This is touchscreen laptop, though not great, for gaming, its a good two in one for everyday use and is a worthy update to the Microsoft Surface Line.

This iteration includes an 11th generation Intel CPU, a 13 inch 120 hertz display two Thunderbolt 4 ports and a removable SSD just as important. It comes with Windows, 11 right out of the box and is suited to the new operating system, its small size and lightweight design. Make the Surface Pro 8 ideal to use at home or on the road. The front facing and rear cameras are commendable and provide clean, detailed images. The laptop configuration Intel Evo platform, core i7 and 32 gigabytes memory, with one terabyte SSD the power of a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet and every angle in between with 13 touchscreen iconic built in kickstand and detachable keyboard. The first Surface Pro built on the Intel level platform: do it all with the Intel level, platform, performance, graphics and battery life in a thin and Light PC Surface. Pro 8 combines the power of a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet and every angle in between with the iconic kickstand and larger 13 touchscreen. This is new laptops from surface now with Windows 11.. Please check Link in the description box and order now from Thank you number three new Specter X, 360, 14 to 13.5 inches 3K 2K OLED Ultra HD touchscreen laptop this HP. Two and one packs Beauty and Brawn into a felt package well suited for work and play the HP. Specter. X360. 14 is a Powerhouse of a convertible laptop, featuring top tier Hardware that provides excellent performance for both work and play.

The laptop 11th General Intel Core i7 and 16 gigabytes RAM memory with two dssd active pen plus best notebook, stylus penlight Windows; 11. Pro 16 gigabyte system memory for intense multitasking and gaming, reams of high band with lpddr3 ram to smoothly run your graphics, heavy PC games and video editing while offering Less storage space than a hard drive. A flash based SSD has no moving Parts resulting in Faster startup times and data access, Graphics, integrated, Intel, Iris, C, graphics, with shared video memory, provide everyday image. Quality for internet use, basic photo, editing and Casual gaming. As mentioned earlier, this laptops, impressive power and gorgeous design comes at a high price. The chassis for the HP, Specter x36014 is made of machined aluminum and is available in three colors. The 180 degree hinges feel sturdy and solid, while folding the laptop into tablet motor back into traditional laptop mode. There is virtually zero side to side play, which is great for long term durability. It also has incredibly wide viewing angles. Please check Link in the description box and order now from Music number two Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360.: the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360s gorgeous AMOLED, touchscreen, great battery life and comfy S; Pen stylus make it a great two and one for creatives, students and professionals. The laptop two and one laptop and Intel Evo 15.6 inches amole, a dust pen, touchscreen display 11th generation Intel Core i7 and 16 gigabytes Ram with one terabyte cssd win11 long lasting battery Wi Fi 6E Thunderbolt 4, USB type c, with its beautiful AMOLED touchscreen great battery Life and comfortable S Pen, stylus, packed in the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is a great laptop for creatives.

Students and professionals who like to take notes or doodle beautiful 1080p ammo led display with thin bezels great battery life remarkably thin and light S. Pen stylus makes doodling on your laptop feel fun. They can, when you turn your work. Life balance complete around with Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360., its a premium PC that quickly converts to a top of the line tablet and is Intel Evo platform certified up to 16 hours battery life precisely draw out plans and write down notes with our S. Pen and Samsung Notes Galaxy Book. Pro 360 is a stylish two in one device designed to switch to a PC or a tablet, plus Sleek ultra thin, with a full aluminum chassis thats, a big deal for Samsung, because the Galaxy Book Pro 360 is one of the flagship products. Please check Link in the description box and order now from at last number one Lenovo Yoga, 9i Generation, 7, a stellar two and one laptop, a vibrant OLED display impressive, sound and strong performance. This is 14 inches laptop computer with 14 inches OLED touch display with Intel Core i7 1260p processor, 16 gigabytes, ddr5, Ram 512 gigabytes, cssd, win 11 home OS. The Lenovo Yoga 9i gen 7 improves on its successor thanks its powerful processor, better webcam and larger keyboard. This is a solid two and one thats well worth the investment. Take a revolutionary leap into real world hybrid performance with Intel Evo now powered by up to a 12th General Intel Core i7 processor which distributes processing power to where you need it most from streaming to browsing to photo and video editing and more experience.

The performance boost you need for your most significant breakthroughs. The 14 inch display on the yoga 9i packs a ton of cinematic experience into its portable stature, catch every detail with up to 4K resolution on the OLED screen with Visa certified display, HDR, true black 500 and Dolby Vision, which lets you experience. Deep blacks and vibrant colors, the yoga 9i convertible laptop, creates an unprecedented level of audio immersion with Dolby Atmos, providing the most authentic and distortion free sound available in the industry enjoy unobstructed premium audio in every mode with a rotating sound bar hinge, along with a larger Base chamber for louder audio and object, oriented processing, experience, details in music and movies that youve never heard before the yoga 9is newly integrated, full hdir, hybrid webcam, with privacy, shutter and facial login keeps things secure. At the same time, smart power supports better battery optimization and thermals with up to 28 Watts. Please check, Link in the description box and order now from amazon.