The device can be used in tablet, mode or laptop mode. Some can even detach their keyboard, but, most importantly, they are touch screen and can be used with a stylus for convenience in productivity work, especially in areas of graphic design. We have picked out the best two in one laptops which allows the devices to have high end hardware for a great experience in both gaming and productivity workloads and retain the portability and practicality of a tablet. When intelligence is added to premium features, everything is elevated. The camera enhances every shot. The qhd display broadens the view of whats possible while reducing low blue light. Extraordinary processing power is directed with greater purpose and stays cool even under pressure. Immersive audio empowers the clearest collaboration. Connections are stronger and faster than ever with wi fi 6 5g and express connect. The new latitude 9420 leading the new age of intelligence, no im free, im, free myself.