I am giving more information about top 5 best android tablets. I made this list based on their price quality durability and more to find out more information about this product. You can check out the description below and also make sure you subscribe for more review. Okay, so lets get started with the video Music starting at number. Five samsung galaxy tab: s8. Ultra the samsung galaxy tab. S8. Ultra is the ultimate android tablet, but, with its enormous 14.6 inch screen, it wont be for everyone that size sees it dwarfing, even the largest ipad pro, but with its included s pen stylus. This also makes it a superb device for creating artwork editing documents, taking notes and other productivity tasks. The display is crisp at 1848 x, 2960 and smooth at 120 hertz theres tons of power from the tab. S8 ultra snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset, and it has a great 12 megapixels ultra wide camera on the front. Making this an ideal device for video calls with four excellent speakers, too plus masses of storage and a premium if fragile, feeling design the samsung galaxy tab. S8. Ultra has it all you can even buy a keyboard folio if you want to use it like a laptop moving on number four lenovo yoga tab. 13. The lenovo yoga tab 13 is a bit different to most tablets and that helps it stand out. While the slate works brilliantly as a conventional tablet, it also has a built in stand, so you can prop it up without a case and theres a micro hdmi port, so you can easily use it as a second screen for a laptop or other device.

The lenovo yoga tab 13 also has an enormous speaker by tablet standards, making it great for anything involving audio beyond that you get a big 13 inch, 1350×2160 screen a moderately powerful snapdragon 870 chipset and a respectable amount of storage. What you dont get in another unusual move is a rear camera, but then tablets are never ideal for taking photos anyway. If a kickstand or micro hdmi are important to you, though, then this is the android tablet to get at number three samsung galaxy tab s7, plus the samsung galaxy tab s7 plus, was at launch the best tablet samsung had ever made, and its still great now as Well, as being a serious rival to the ipad pro range, in fact its screen, arguably has those slates beat as its a 12.4 inch super amoled one with a 2800 x 1752 resolution and a 120 hertz refresh rate, the ipad pro range can match. Much of that. But those slates have lcd screens which arent quite as good. We were seriously impressed with this screen. You also, of course, get a whole lot of power from the samsung galaxy tab, s7 plus snapdragon 865 plus chipset enough that we found it. The smoothest android tablet experience wed come across at launch, plus it has a premium metal, build thats, incredibly slim at 5.7 millimeters thick at number, two lenovo tab. P11. Pro samsung has long been ruling the high end android tablet world, but it now faces an unlikely challenger in the form of the lenovo tab.

P11 pro lenovo isnt well known for android tablets, but with the tab p11 pro its delivered a real rival to the likes of the samsung galaxy tab s7. Plus this slate has an 11.5 inch, 1600 x, 2560 led screen, so its big, sharp and packs punchy oled tech. It also supports hdr, 10, so its a joy to view content on with the only slight letdown being its conventional 60 hertz refresh rate coupled with loud quad speakers. The lenovo tab p11 pro makes for an accomplished media machine and, with its long, lasting 8 600 milliamp hours battery its a great travel companion. The lenovo tab p11 pro packs an attractive metal build too, and it supports both a keyboard and a stylus, transforming it into a capable productivity device. The one thats still no match for a typical laptop and finally, at number one samsung galaxy tab. S6. Light happy to sacrifice a few of the features of the galaxy tab, s6 and trade for a cheaper tablet. If, yes, the samsung galaxy tab, s6 lite is the product you want to consider the chipset isnt as powerful as its sibling. The cameras arent as impressive and the screen isnt as beautiful but its around half the price and all of its specs are still quite impressive for a slate at this price, its a remarkably good product, considering how much youre spending on the samsung galaxy tab? S6 lite. It isnt particularly smaller than the galaxy tab, s6 and, ironically, its actually heavier too, but if you dont want to spend top dollar, you may love this.

It comes with an s pen stylus in the box that you can use to take notes, draw and much more on the tablets display. You can also buy a smart keyboard to make it an experience that is close to a laptop. Thank you for watching guys. I hope you like this video. If this video was helpful to you, please make sure a like comment.