If someone asks me for tablet, recommendations and theyre on a budget too tight for the iPad, I likely ask if theyre an Amazon Prime subscriber the Amazon Fire HD 8 is the best Android tablet for those folks who love a good bargain, because it gets a lot Right for only ninety dollars, its impressive 13 plus hours of battery life stands out in a sea of tablets. We already complement for endurance and, yes, you can get the reversible USBC port at this wallet friendly price, even its selfie camera is pretty decent. Beating the webcams and more expensive laptops coming at number. Four Amazon Fire 10 HD, the Amazon Fire HD 10 – takes an already good tablet and applies incremental upgrades such as a slightly brighter screen, one gigabyte more RAM and a smaller, lighter design, while it probably isnt a must have for anyone who bought the 2019 model. Its a good demonstration of Amazons ability to put out a value driven slate thats good enough for many. If you think, youll be irritated by slight lags and performance, you should consider spending an extra thirty dollars to get the 179 dollar Amazon Fire HD 10 plus. Arguably the best Amazon tablet ever that said, the fire hd10 is still going to be great for folks. Looking for a device to casually peruse, the internet read ebooks and watch videos. This keeps the Fire HD 10 spot among the best Android tablets out there and one of the best tablets you can buy a Euro, especially if youre on a budget at number three Lenovo Yoga tab 13.

, the Lenovo Yoga tab 13 is an entertainment, focused Android Tablet With an impressive 13 inch display and quality speakers, it makes you feel, like your Euro trademark re watching movies and shows on a proper TV instead of a bulky tablet. Playing games is a delight too thanks to the Speedy Snapdragon, 870 processor and 8 gigabytes of memory. The Slate can even act as a secondary monitor for your laptop or tablet giving its 2K screen a bit of extra versatility, though great at what it does Ida Euro trademark s, not the most portable device out. There eat a Euro trademark s also all but impossible to find a protective cover due to its unusual design. The lack of 5G support is also a letdown, as is the lack of a headphone jack still if your Euro trademark re, looking for an entertainment, focused tablet that you dont plan to cart around much the yoga tab 13 is a good choice. Number two of my list: Samsung Galaxy Tab. A7. This is the budget Android tablet that fans have long deserved in the history of iPad Alternatives. The Galaxy Tab A7 stands out with its lower 219 dollar price, one hundred dollars less than the iPad. On top of that, its got thinner bezels than the 10.2 inch iPad and crazy 13 plus hour battery life a Euro. So you can enjoy more of what youre watching and reading for a lot longer time, and even at this price you get facial recognition to unlock the device, its also got USBC charging.

So you can use the same cable you charge modern phones and laptops with, and while we wish it was a tad brighter or faster, its got. The real unadulterated Android experience a Euro with the Google Play app store and Google Apps a Euro, so youre not confined to web only Gmail and YouTube and number one Samsung Galaxy Tab. S8. The Galaxy Tab S8 is good at a lot of things, but its best at being a premium Android tablet. You can use it to get work done in a pinch, but in our experience, its best enjoyed as a speedy, all purpose device for making work and play a bit more enjoyable on the couch, its great for gaming or reading comics at work. Its nice to have as a note keeping device or secondary display, especially if you go to the trouble of investing in the Galaxy ecosystem and making your workspace Dex friendly. If you absolutely must have the biggest baddest Android slate possible, you probably want the Galaxy Tab. S8. Ultra, but if you just need a great premium, Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab S8 delivers a Euro and in the process, sets a new standard for what we should expect from the category check out this video description for latest price and more informations. Thank you for watching this video.