The tablets weve chosen here represent the best android and apple options for the money lets check them out number one lenovo, tab, m8, tablet, stunning and stylish. The lenovo tab m8 is the second generation multimedia tablet, thats tailored to make your entertainment experience richer with the standout metal design. This small tablet is sleek, modern and refined. The 8 inch hd display is crisp and bright, so youll never miss a detail of your favorite streaming movie or online game. A fast and powerful quad core processor gives you non. Stop gaming in videos. While the long battery life lets you watch or play all day without the need to recharge running on the android 9 pi operating system, the lenovo tab m8 is quick and adaptive number two zonko android 9.0 tablet. This 10.1 inch tablet is gms tested by google to ensure consistent quality, reliability and maximized privacy, protection for secure browsing and communications. The high standard in security that many androids today do not reach the 3g phone tablet. With 10.1 inch ips touchscreen display android 9.0 system. Quad core cpu processor ensures everything loads fast, built in bluetooth, wi, fi, gps, fm dual cameras and micro sd card slot meet all your needs built in 3.7, volt, 6, 000 milliamp hour rechargeable battery up to six to eight hours of battery life. The pre installed google play store, enables you to download hundreds of thousands of free android games. Number three amazon, fire, hd, 8 plus tablet with 3 gigabytes ram and a powerful quad core processor fire hd 8 plus delivers a smooth experience, whether youre browsing the web or binge watching your favorite show download and stream more with the all day battery in up to One terabytes of expandable storage check your email with outlook browse recipes on your favorite sites and then upload.

Your grocery list manage to do lists and set reminders with apps like onenote in notepad, stay in touch with friends and family using zoom skype and more alexa connects you to the information, entertainment and people who matter most with just your voice. Number four samsung galaxy s7 tab with the power of the pc and the mobility of a tablet. The samsung galaxy tab, s7 and s7 plus wi fi. Is your secret weapon for getting more done wherever you are enjoy the advantages of a true two in one device where an expanded keyboard and built in memory of up to 512 gigabytes are backed up by a battery that lasts the entire workday, with a redesigned minimal Lag s pen that lets you control a presentation with the tap of a finger and an expanded edge to edge screen for better streaming gaming and video chatting the galaxy tab, s7 and s7 plus wi fi simplifies life, work and play. If you like this video, please give us a thumbs up and comment below dont forget to subscribe and remember to click that bell icon.