So all these models have the same chipset in them, it's the Intel Celeron in 3450, the Apolo 81 – and these two models here have six gigabytes of RAM. So we have the chewy lap book 12.3 here with its surface pro screen, so you can see why it looks a little bit square because it has a three by two aspect ratio. Then we have the jumper easy book three pro here with a sixteen by nine screen, which is IPS matte coated, and then we have a glossy screen here on the chewy lap book here. This is also 16 by 9 aspect: ratio, 1080p, IPS and other similarities between these models. Here they all have wireless AC, the Intel 3165 chipset battery capacity on all these is about the same so 37 36 watt hours on all of these models. Here, although I found that in my testing that the laptop 12.3 because of the high resolution screen it has that surface pro screen very nice screen by the way, it is the best out of all these models and the best will probably find in any budget laptop. The screen on here, but the battery life of course, is impacted by that screen resolution. So you get it around 6 to 7 hours. You lose about an hour battery life on this particular model. Now, as an instrument, we've got 6 gigabytes of RAM on these two. So this one here has 8 gigabytes, so if you must have 8 gigabytes of RAM, this is the only model that is out so far of the Apollo Lake series and the budget notebook something looking at with the 8 gigabytes it's.

Also, the only one with a backlit keyboard and other similarities between these three models are they have the power limits in the BIOS unlocked with the latest bias update on the lap book 12.3 here, and they actually opened up that option, which is really good that allows Us to boost the performance of the mainly the integrated graphics gets the benefit from that, but it also increases temperatures. They'Ve got copper heat sinks, and at these to this one I think it just got a 10 heat sink, so you might have to do my copper heatsink mod on it anyway. We also have SSD hatches on them so on the bottom of this there's, a little hatch on all of these models here, so you can install your own 22 by 42 mm SSD, which really boosts the improve performance there and, of course you can increase the your Storage capacity now this model here you can see because it's got the glossy screen you're going to get reflections. So if you're someone that's going to using a screen outdoors, I highly recommend to go for, of course, the anti glare screens you get on these ones, so that narrows down your choice, then to something like the in the lab book 12.3. Now these models here they have the same amount of ports on them too, so we've got 2 USB 3 ports on all three of these models again similar and the keyboards using them. I would say that the best keyboard would actually probably be this one right here.

The laptop 12.3, I find it as just a little bit nicer to type on very firm 2 as well. The jumper easy book isn't too bad, either it's, not a bad cable. Considering the price of this I'll get on to prices in just a second and then the backlit keyboard worth about 1.5 millimeters of travel. The most travel is on this Chui lap book ear. Right here now touch pads. We have precision, touch pads on these two models. So the easy book 3 Pro and the Chui lap book ear, making the touch pads far superior to this one, that you have on Chuy's 12.3. That book sorry version here. They'Ve got the netbook 12.3, getting myself a little bit confused here, and so that means that this touch pad really isn't the best I mean it's average to use it's. Okay, it is usable I find that I can get away with using it, but finer more accurate movements with the touch pad. You would evenly notice it compared to the likes of the the precision ones with Windows driver seating. So you can actually tweak the gestures on there. You can disable them when you plug in an external mouse, so you can have it automatically disable the touch pad, and things like that. So tweaks like that, are really quite good. Ok! So now, when it comes to price, there is a big difference, so the most highly well SPECT model here with a backlit keyboard, 8 gigabytes of RAM and 120 gigabyte, SSD, sorry emmc that has on this one.

This is retailing for approximately 360 to 370 us, which is a lot of money considering the type of chipset. This has it's, not even a corium 3. I mean there's a quad core that it's got on there, but it is just good for light tasks. The cell run in 34 50s they're not for video editing, they're, not really for gaming, but they can play older or lighter titles like league of legends or doctor to even doesn't run too well, but counter strike you lower the resolution and put on the last settings. Then you can get playable frame rates, especially when you turn off the power limits on there, so it opens out the performance and then it comes to my actual pic. What I would go for is this one here, of course the jumper is eBook 3 pro. Now this is retailing currently for around 219 to 229 us meaning it's the cheapest, and then the amazing screen that we have in the lap book 12.3, this one's selling for about 260 us so and 70. Us so is it worth paying that if should to get that screen, but then, of course, you've got the worst touchpad. The battery life is slightly less, but overall yeah with these three models, you can't really go to wrong with them. I think, because I'd only testing, they really have been the best and, as I said, a beginning that's. Why I've hang on to these three here.

So hopefully, this video just gives you an idea of what to expect out of these and which one is best for your needs. So quickly recap: here: if you need 8 gigabytes of RAM and a backlit keyboard, then it is of course the let book ear but it's the most expensive and if you must have the best screen that stunning surface book for the surface pro 4. Sorry and the surface pro screen, then that is in this model right here, the lap book 12.3 and then the all rounded model, and the cheapest model, of course, is the easy book 3 pro here.