Nowadays, these devices have enough processing power to nearly match up with pcs, making them a great option for convenient. Yet powerful gaming today were covering all the details. You need to know about the top three tablets for gaming in an effort to make your search for the perfect one easy, as always, youll find links to each of the devices were talking about today. In the description of this video, so you can grab the optimal fit for your needs at the best deals lets jump into it with apples, ipad pro released in 2020. Let me know in the comments if youre an apple stand, while i go over some of the reasons why this is one of the best tablets for gaming on the market right now, there are a lot of really cool features to cover on this one, including breakthrough M1 performance and a breathtaking xdr display, even with its incredible power efficiency, the ipad pro is still thin and light with all day battery life, making it as portable as it is powerful. The 8 core cpu of m1 delivers up to 50 faster performance. It also has a 8 core gpu and a class of its own, providing up to 40 faster graphics performance to the previous ipad pro. So you can build intricate ar models play games with console quality, graphics at high frame rates and more the liquid retina display on the 11 inch ipad pro is not only gorgeous and portable.

It also features incredibly advanced technologies. Like pro motion, true tone, p3 wide color and ultra low reflectivity, which makes everything feel responsive and looks stunning. The new ipad os operating system supports a trackpad and mouse as well, which is a super cool new feature. I use this new ipad with an apple magic, trackpad and youll notice, the cursor pops up like a bubble on the home screen and over media and then as a vertical line when scrolling through text. Another new feature of this model is the lidar scanner, the lidar scanner measures, how long it takes the light to reflect back from objects, so it can create a depth map of any space youre in and unlock immersive ar gaming experiences. It also works with the powerful isp to more accurately focus images and videos in low light conditions and reduce capture time youre, really getting all of the comforts and capability of a computer with all of the portability of a tablet with the 2020 ipad pro. By the way, todays sponsor is nordvpn theyre, consistently the top choice for staying anonymous online, torrenting safely and accessing geo restricted streaming content. You can check the description for our full review along with a special discount. If interested where there is apple. You know samsung is not far behind when it comes to keeping up with technology trends. The samsung galaxy tab s7 is another fantastic tablet that takes gaming on the go to new levels, bring console level gaming to anywhere a wi fi connection is available with an immersive screen and bluetooth enabled controller with the power of a pc and the mobility of a Tablet the samsung galaxy tab s7.

Is your secret weapon for getting more done wherever you are? Youll love the advantages of a true two in one device where an expanded keyboard and built in memory up to 512 gigabytes are backed by a battery that lasts all day. For ultimate portability, this tablet offers cinematic viewing at your fingertips, with a large edge to edge display tft lcd screen and quad speakers tuned by akg, with dolby atmos surround sound youll. Absolutely forget that youre playing on a tablet with how immersive the visuals and sound are with a redesigned, minimal lag s pen that lets you control a presentation with the tap of a finger and that expanded edge to edge screen for better streaming gaming and video chatting. The galaxy tab s7 simplifies life work and play last up. Lets talk about a third party, the underdog, but another amazing gaming tablet option at an affordable cost lets talk about the lenovo tab, m10, plus with an all metal body and ultra modern design. The lenovo tab. M10 plus stands out from the crowd its 10.3 inch full hd display and dual speakers with dolby atmos give you a truly immersive gaming experience created for everyone in the family to enjoy this lenovo tablet includes kids mode with dedicated content, parental control and specialized eye protection. This tablet offers wide angle viewing delivering picture perfect, visuals in anything, you do throw in seamless, qualcomm, snapdragon, octa core processing and blazing fast wi, fi and youve got one serious gaming device for home or on the go.

This is really the perfect option for light gamers and families its powerful enough to handle all of the essentials and stands out as a very well rounded tablet and thats going to be it for the top 3 tablets for gaming. I hope this video helped you narrow down your search to the perfect fit for your specific needs. If you think of any questions, go ahead and drop them in the comments and ill answer as many of them as i can, while youre down there. Let me know what other products youre on the hunt for id love to help you on your search. So tell me what we should make future videos on if you enjoyed todays video dont, forget to hit that like button subscribe to consumer buddy and hit that notification bell to make sure youre always the first to know when we have new videos drop thanks.