17, with it still being so early since the release forge hasn’t updated. Yet so, if you want to play with mods, your only option is fabric right now, otherwise, i’d suggest waiting a few weeks until things become a bit more stable and more mods are updated. I might carry on covering 1.16.5 mods too. In the meantime, don’t forget that mods, like optifine and roughly enough items are also updated. First up is block us, which adds over 800 blocks to the game. There’S, lots of content like all new types of bricks, pillars, slabs and stairs, which should fill most of your building, needs it’s recommended to use a mod like roughly enough items alongside it so that you can see all the recipes Music falling tree allows you to bring Down an entire tree when breaking a single log, the leaves will also break instantly, allowing you to collect any saplings and apples that drop. There are two different modes available which determine how trees fall, and these are shift down and instantaneous. Most structures will have you stumbling upon new locations when exploring there’s ruined churches, villager markets, taverns and even dungeons at dangerous structures like the pillager factory and the jungle pyramid you’ll have to work your way through the buildings defeating any mobs. You find to obtain the chests of loot. These structures are designed nicely and fit into your world seamlessly next there’s, the secret rooms mod. The first item, it adds, is one way glass which can be used to spy on friends, there’s also camo, doors which look exactly like their block counterparts and you’d, never notice them unless you were randomly right clicking on walls, there’s trapdoors too, which do the same thing.

But in floors instead, finally there’s ghost blocks, which look like regular blocks, except you can walk through them. Instead, croptopia is also available, which massively expands on the farming system by adding over 50 planted crops, 20 tree crops and over 100 new food recipes you’ll find the trees spawning in different biomes and new seeds can be collected by using a hoe on grass. Some of the new crops include cabbage cherries, bananas and garlic to make some early updates to caves. Try out the caves biomes mod, it adds over 25 new biomes to caves, with a lot of them replicating what’s on the surface, like caves under jungles being filled with vines. The mod also changes the terrain generation of some areas and other biomes you’ll find might be magma, mushroom ore and lava caves. It looks great overall. I need more inventory space, otherwise known as inmiss is a backpack mod. You can get started by crafting the frayed backpack and start the process of upgrading it between six other packs, with the final one being the endless backpack, which requires a dragon head in its recipe. The frayed backpack only offers 9 extra slots, whereas the endless backpack offers 90. Instead, improved stations will add some new blocks, there’s the crafting station, which will store items inside and also be visible on the block itself, whereas some new slab variants are added for smokers, furnaces jukebox, looms and more, which could be useful. Give me hats, add some new wearable hats, which don’t have recipes as they can be found in chess instead, when equipped each hat gives a different effect.

Some examples are the sailor hat which make you move faster when in a boat the santa hat gives you a frost, walker effect, allowing you to walk on water, whereas a slime hat will cause you to bounce. When you hit the ground negating any fault, damage carrier is very useful as it allows you to transport some blocks and entities by crouching and right clicking blocks like chess. You can pick them up and transport them with all its items inside. You can also pick up some mobs like wolves and pigs, which could be useful when building a farm. Promenade will add some new biomes to your world. You’Ll find cherry oak forest pumpkin, pastures galleries and forests, which are spread between the overworld nether and end dimensions, because these biomes are made up of new trees. You’Ll also have some extra wood types you can build from. The mod also features the leaf piles. The new duck mob and a new witch hut structure, the straw dummy, is a new item which can be crafted from an armor stand or wheat and a slime ball. You can place the dummy down and equip it with armor if you’d like to when you attack the dummy the amount of damage you deal will be shown to the side, making it great for testing different weapons and enchantments river redux makes some big changes to rivers. There are four different biomes, which are the tropical gravel carved and sandy rivers they’re very wide and makes exploring your world and boats more viable, as you’ll have plenty of room on either side of you.

Another decoration mod is mo colors and you can get started by crafting the painter from two sticks and wool when you right click while holding it a color selector menu pops up where you can enter a color code, which you can easily find from google with the Color selected, you can right click some blocks like wool, concrete bricks and glass to paint them between any color. You like this next mod adds the greater eye of ender a new item, which also has a nether and n variant. Each one has a recipe with the overworld version being crafted from an eye of ender, a diamond and an emerald. If you hold shift and right click while holding the eye, you can switch between different structures like outposts, shipwrecks, pyramids and villages. You can then release the eye for it to point towards the structure you choose. The nether and end eyes can be used to find bastions end cities and another fortress. This rocks add some ground cover items which spawn throughout your world. This includes rocks pine, cones, seashells, starfish and more, which should add a little more immersion. These items can be harvested too, with items like pine cones, giving saplings twigs, giving sticks and rocks being able to be turned into cobblestone. You might also find geysers in some areas which will boost you. Upwards villager names will give random names to villagers, giving them more personality in life when a villager spawns in your world they’ll be randomly assigned a name from over 6 000 options and it displays their profession.

Iron golems receive some love too, as they’ll be given robotic names, you have full control over the mod and can choose names of your own. Another ambiance mod is falling leaves, which is really visible when walking through forests. You’Ll find that leaves will slowly fall from their blocks, which looks very pretty you can configure which trees they fall from, as well as the rate happiness is. A warm gun is one of the better gun mods i’ve found. It adds new weapons like the mini gun pistols, shotguns rifles, flame, throwers and more to get started with a mod. You should craft a gun table which allows you to craft some basic weapons. Getting the more advanced stuff requires you to turn a villager into a gunsmith or by killing the new techno demons. Mobs other mobs include mercenaries and spies, who have different designs depending on the biome they’re in grimm’s. Transportables adds two carriages which can be attached to horses and donkeys, with the first being able to seat up to four players inside it there’s also the storage carriage, which can seat two people instead and has a double chest. Storage built in other items include the launching rail which can launch minecarts upwards, the telecinder rail, which sends a minecart to a set destination. The final rail is the high powered rail which sets minecarts to maximum speed. You can also craft iron ladders, which can be climbed twice as fast as regular ladders, particle rain switches out the default rain and snow effects with particle based ones instead, which makes them look a lot thicker in general.

I think it makes improvements to the snow or your biomes as well. If you head into deserts, you might also find sand storms. If you want more paintings, then try out dark paintings, which adds over 10 new styles. Some include in the air planets village and more. You can obtain them like regular paintings and they look nice overall bits and chisels allows you to craft different chisels. These can be used to chip away at a block of your choice where you’ll receive some bits back. This block has lots of capabilities like giving blocks a more 3d appearance or using the bits you collect to create completely new objects. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can create. Truedark will make your world extremely dark, depending on the phase of the moon. It can make minecraft pretty challenging and scary too, if you’re going to use this mod it’s a good idea to use some sort of dynamic lighting so that you can walk around with a torch. In your hand, another biomes mod is vanilla, biomes plus it adds over 50 biomes, which are quite similar to what you’re already used to in minecraft. The mod doesn’t add any new blocks. Instead using all the existing leaves and woods. Some new biomes include tall forests, fends and flooded forests. That’S the end of this list.