Oh you are kidding me what a drop shot that is. I know joseph kovalek nearly slipped trying to get up to it, but only just crept over the net. Oh wow, what a dig that is – and i dont blame hugo gaston for feeling like that, because howies lost that point. Ive got no idea: Applause, unbelievable! Ah, oh, come on showtime brilliant from both players and gombos. Is the player left celebrating how good of a get was this final shot here from car buyers? Oh hes made it that is magical from oconnell. How well hes played this. Have some of that? How did he hang on to that? Well, that was travelling wasnt it and the racket, skill and the control. The strong risk thats required to dig this out what a reflex volley that is, Applause, unbelievable, look at this deuce. That is unbelievable, great recognition that he needed to do something different and then how about the high backhand volley? Oh, what a response! What a pick up from benoit pair wow lets pick up of the week isnt it. Oh, my goodness, that is almost unbelievable from there. The angle on this, oh nails, it from out wide lloyd harris able to produce a gem. Oh, what a way to get out of jail there, magnificent lob on the run, and we the first to applaud him. Oh goodness, me what a pass and what a start! It has been for dominic stricker, he looked down and out in that point, and only perfection would have done Laughter, certainly not an orthodox conclusion to the point, but it was effective.

I dont think youre going to see this in too many textbooks, but it certainly worked a treat. Applause hes got game, as they say: Applause, oh no way. That is absolutely outrageous from benoit pair Applause. He loves it doesnt he hes two games and he absolutely a hundred percent played. For this i mean that is one of the shots of the year already isnt it. That was the kind of shot that may restore any lost confidence or Laughter hes. A one off. Look at this incredible really: oh thats, brilliant, though sharp move and just whips up racket around the outside of the ball gets a good bit of bend on it. Thats all oh youve got to be kidding me. How good was that backhand volley well were only in the first match ill, take something and hit a better shot than that all week.