Yes, you heard me correctly a show stopper price for a 50 inch TV. This is from the on brand, and I was surprised with how good the display looked in store, how thin the bezel was and the profile of the TV itself. Dont worry Ill. Have many more TV deals later on in this video as further proof, Walmart is aggressive with its Black Friday pricing this year, this 20 inch hardside carry on luggage is at a price of 35 available in baby, blue black and pink. I wasnt anticipating something that appeared to be this durable, with these 360 degree Wheels, which I took for a spin and for 35 dollars. I was impressed the most affordable of the Bluetooth headphone deals. This Black Friday happened to be these jlab go air pop bluetooth, earbuds odds for 9.88, which reflects a sixty four percent discount. I bought these as I wanted to hear what some 10 headphones sound like. The audio quality is more than decent. These arent Bose headphones by any means, but the audio is crisp and the charge case has a built in USB charge, cable on the bottom, which is a fantastic design. These Black Friday deals, which I expect to sell out very quickly drop online today. First, at 7 pm Eastern, so you can buy these deals right now in the number two spot and at fifty dollars off this Gateway notebook, which has an 11.6 inch touchscreen is a two in one laptop.

You can find for 149 bucks. This was on sale last year and very popular, so I was happy to see it again. Its available in multiple colors, including this blue, that I saw at my local store its a good entry level touch screen laptop for basic tasks. If you were not aware, Walmarts on brand apparently makes kids tablets, and this 10 inch kids tablet had a surprisingly awesome screen its 60 nine bucks discounted by 46 percent and its certainly a challenger to the fire tablets at this price. It has a fluid screen motion. More kin to something youd find on a tablet: thats, three or four times this price. And yes, I am playing my YouTube Black Friday, video on the tablet inside of Walmart for demonstration purposes. If youre shopping for a tablet for teens or adults, this Samsung ten and a half inch tablet is 1′ dollars, which is a sixty dollar discount and still a lot cheaper than an iPad at a hundred dollars off this MSI gaming laptop at 500. Bucks has eight gigs of RAM a 256 gig, solid state drive and a Nvidia graphics card. I expect Amazon to have better deals on laptops equipped with 16 gigs of RAM, which Ill feature in a video later this week to pair with a new laptop or to increase the screen real estate for a home office. I quite like this Acer 32 inch curved monitor at 165. Bucks youll find a link to score this deal in the video description box in the number three spot its TV time, and this is one of the nicer equipped 65 inch TVs.

I have seen all season for 228 dollars a great Black Friday price. This is a 65 inch Class 4 Series, Ultra HD Smart Roku TV from TCL, again 228 dollars for a slightly more high end TV brand. This LG 55 inch class LED 4K. Tv is 298. One of the least expensive, 70 inch TVs you can find anywhere this Black Friday is this Vizio 70 inch class V Series Smart TV for 448 dollars. I expect many more high end TV deals with better refresh rates from Best Buy, which also profile later this week. To mount your new TV, a full motion TV wall, mount that accommodates TVs, 50 to 86 inches is 32 dollars and, quite possibly the least expensive home theater projectors sold outside of Aldi or Five Below. Is this home theater projector, accompanied by a 100 inch fold up projector screen for forty nine dollars? This is only 480p and I am sorry that my footage of it is so poor. It was locked up in that highly reflective, Walmart glass casing on par with that 59 Soundbar pricing. I showed you in my target Black Friday video yesterday. This TCL Soundbar package is better equipped also at 59, but at Walmart you get a standalone wireless subwoofer. This Vizio v series home theater was in stock at my local Walmart for 148 dollars. That is a lot of speaker bang for your buck, its discounted by seventy one dollars. This video is not sponsored in any way, but if you are kind enough to use one of my links, I might benefit monetarily Ill get to Christmas trees in a moment, but for point four lets start with an ion vac three in one lightweight corded stick system Which somehow is just twenty dollars yet very highly rated for spot cleaning? Your carpets and at fifty percent off this Hoover portable carpet spot cleaner, is 78 dollars ideal for accidental spills, which always seem to happen on Thanksgiving, and I should probably dedicate this specific product to my Uncle Richard.

If you have four legged family members, this dual Power Max pet, upright cleaner, is 97 bucks reduced from 169, which is 42 percent off this eye floor. Cordless wet dry vacuum from tanico a very popular brand is at a price of 115, which is a significant Black Friday discount reduced by 84.. If you just need a cordless, stick vac the smart system from tanico, you see right here is 148 and apparently fifty percent off, if youre in the market for an entry level robovac. This yuffie robovac at 119 is a good deal. Meanwhile, this robovac from Robo rock at 200 functions as both a robotic mop and vacuum, and I happen to love their app in the number five spot. Its a six and a half foot pre lit artificial Christmas tree for forty nine dollars. This is on par with a low, is pricing for a tree of this size which matches what I found at Home Depot. You can buy a version with white branches or your typical green for thirty dollars more. You can buy a flocked version of that six and a half foot tree for 79 bucks, as you may be able to notice Ive kind of stumbled into a back area of the store where Shoppers are not welcome for the purposes of research. If its more of a go big or go home theme in your household this year, a seven and a half foot pre lit artificial Christmas tree is ninety six dollars.

If you dont have a fireplace beside your tree to Cozy up in front of how about an inflatable spa to seal the deal, the 71 by 26 inch inflatable spa is 298. Ill. Get to some Big Apple deals in a moment as an apple. The tech company, not Big Apple New York, hashtag dad joke for number six: its a 14 quart gourmia air fryer thats, a whopping 14 quarts for this all in one air fryer, this dual basket: ninja foodie, four in one a court system is 99 at just eight Dollars this Rubbermaid 26 piece. Yes, they count. The lids plastic food storage container set is a competitive price for sixty dollars. This 19 piece Pioneer Woman cookware set includes everything to satisfy your everyday cooking and baking needs like saucepans, a skillet measuring cups and even a 5.5 quart dutch oven to bring out your inner Pioneer complete with a hard cover and carry bag. This 22 inch propane griddle gift bundle is 127, which is almost 58 off before I really heat things up in the number seven spotted its a pair of Beats Solo 3 on ear wireless headphones for 79, which at this moment in time, is the lowest recorded price Anywhere for in ear headphones, I am a fan of the Samsung Galaxy buds live, which are 69 bucks and a 53 reduction from a list price of 149.. No black Friday is complete without random airpod deals from all of your favorite stores, including the apple airpods, with charging case second generation at 79.

Walmarts price is the lowest anywhere. This Apple watch SC is 149 and, as I mentioned in my target, video Walmart sells the Apple Watch. Series 8 for 349. Target is only selling the series 7 for that same 349 price. So this is a fantastic deal and perhaps one of the best smartwatch deals. This Black Friday, I also love this Samsung Galaxy watch 4 classic at 149, which is a bit friendlier on the wallet in the number eight spot. I bring the heat literally its a hard heated jacket for 174 available in black or camo and definitely a Splurge item, but if you spend a great deal of time Outdoors for recreation or work, this sounds intriguing. This 20 volt cordless four tool. Combo kit from the heart brand is 1 28, with a three year warranty a 270 piece. Mechanics tool set is 98 dollars, but if you wanted a more brand name, alternative theres, a 243 piece mechanics tool set from Craftsman at 99 from Lowes Ive received. Quite a few requests for these mini beverage fridges and this personal six can mini Chiller at twenty. Five dollars could also work for beauty products or under a desk at your office for a competitive Black Friday price. For the next point on my list, its an all in one Wireless HP, printer at forty nine dollars, it looked quite nice in the store, despite the beating its box, seem to have experienced if youve noticed your Wi Fi cant cater to the masses of your family And friends over Thanksgiving, this Netgear Nighthawk could assist with buffering or streaming issues.

Ive had great success with these products and, speaking of streaming, this Roku Ultra LT streaming device at thirty dollars is down from a 73 dollar list price, although, as we know, list prices are often inflated around Black Friday, if you just want a cheaper version of the Roku Streaming: Stick the Roku Premiere 4K HDR. Stick you see right here is 19. I was kind of shocked by the size of this ion audio game day party, portable Bluetooth, speaker, thats, a mouthful for sixty nine dollars. Its reduced from 119 and ion usually makes quite solid speakers for the next point on my list. Its a ten dollar climate right, throw, and while I have reviewed, countless throws in my time, which is not really a good pickup line. This throw has a little pouch for your feet so for ten dollars your feet can stay warm well, you cozy up and its ingenious design sticking with feet. For a moment, a two pack of womens fluffy socks are seven dollars. Well, I cannot personally vouch for these Egyptian cotton bath towels at six dollars. They have a 4.9 star rating on and if you werent aware that you could buy something for under ten dollars from from Serta theyre, so comfy bed pillow is six dollars at Walmart. This Black Friday theres also a bountiful selection of scents from Yankee Candles, which are ten dollars each and a good price for a very popular brand and now for a very Lively bonus section, starting with the 48 000 BTU propane gas outdoor patio heater.

You see right here for ninety seven dollars available in an all black powder, coat finish, which is quite nice and more rare to see at this price and a silver color, both of which feature a built in table surface, which could also function as a side table. This costs two dollars less than any of the patio heaters Ive. Seen of this velocity. So far, the young man featured on the packaging of this licensed bumper car looks like hes holding on for dear life to the multi colored LED light equipped. 360 spinning feature bumper car at seventy nine dollars and for a more traditional form of kids, transportation and another highly popular gift. The rocket kids bikes with tassels are 38 dollars available in both pink and green Ill. See you again tomorrow for another huge black Friday video.