All the time can be problematic, as laptops are always bulky big in size and not powerful enough. There are a lot of devices on the market that you can use as your alternative to finish up your work fast with accuracy in this video we’re, going to talk about the top 10 devices that you can use as your laptop alternative and make your work more Efficient Music. Imagine a more personal pc experience without a pc meet the galaxy tab: s6. The ultra slim two in one device that performs like a laptop with the mobility of tablet, the n6 outdid last year’s model, with a quicker, more powerful processor, more flexible storage. That is expandable up to one turbine using a micro sd card and the new dex mode updates. Zero wise. The galaxy tablet has a minimalistic makeover. Tablet is now 60 grams lighter and one minute thinner, keeping the same 10.5 inches of spray by adding thinner, bezels and rounded corners. It also streamlines sign ins with on screen fingerprint scanning and two tab gestures to weight thanks to the speed of the fast processor, and that will power up your multitasking. You can take full advantage of apps that work with preview on the galaxy tab and s6 in multi room split, the view with just a click to use apps for like gallery email and your official works. A new s. Pen stylus is a more angular lighter design, while continuing to be a great tool for drawing or taking handwritten notes.

The s pen can magnetically attach the loop in the back of the tab. Have the pc, like experience of samsung, decks and screen tablet the galaxy tab? S6’S, portable boot cover keyboard use a dedicated key for quick dex access, plus a touchscreen to complete your workspace, now get a dual camera for the first time in a galaxy tab with rear facing 13 megapixel and 5 megapixel cameras. The camera comes with an ultra wide angle and smart ai to shoot like a pro and optimize the tone of your shots. The fast charging battery will power the tablet for 15 hours on full charge and you can create and edit all day plus enjoy continuous browsing and streaming. If you are looking for a portable device that can be full through your laptop needs properly through the samsung galaxy tab s6 is the right choice for you with good views and radius online. This laptop alternative to be more precise. This tablet is available on amazon, starting from 650 dollars. Music microsoft has always been instrumental for bringing computing for every consumer now meet the surface new, a small and portable tablet to enhance your workflow. The surface neo has a 360 degree hinge that lets it be flipped right back. The tablet is fitted with gorilla glass being 5.6 millimeter thin and weighing 65 grams powering. This dual screen machine is an all new intel, lakefield processor, styled as a hybrid chip and incorporating an 11th generation intel graphics solution.

There is also a clever bluetooth keyboard that leaves slides and locks into place with magnets, which can be stored and secured to the rear of the device when the keyboard is sitting on the top of the display. The screen is visible above the keyboard, providing you with touch bar like functionality. Also, there is a new surface clean pen that attaches magnetically and is the same stylus that microsoft is using on the new surface profiles. Surface mirror is still quite a ways away with a release anticipated to land when the holiday season in 2020 rolls around. Assuming there is no slippage. Of course, Music. The new google pixel boot go is the ultimate chromebook for the rest of everyone with features remarkable battery life and undoubtedly the best tablet you have ever used. The tablet’s frame is made from a magnesium alloy painted in a matte texture. That paired with the reaper base is veritably easier to creep and hold while moving between meetings or workspaces. The google pixel boot go is designed to be clean and light measuring just 0.5 inches thick and weighing 2.3 pounds. The tablet comes in just two colors, just black and not pink with a brilliant 13.3 inches hd touchscreen display and dual stereo speakers. You will get amazing picture and sound quality for watching movies, editing photos and video chatting. The pixelbook go is designed to prevent things from getting off track with the titan c security, cheap and built in anti virus software, which will help you to protect your data and the automatic chrome.

Os updates will always give you the latest features and security. A backlit keyboard and hush keys make using the pixelbook go comfortable and quiet when you are typing. The touchpad is spacious and accurate, so you only need to use a light touch. The pixelbook go, will let you stay unplugged for up to 12 hours, so you don’t need to carry a charger and when you do need to charge, get up to 3 hours of use in just 20 minutes. So you can keep going if you want to use a portable tablet with google chrome os to replace your heavyweight laptop and the pixel will go. Tablet is the right choice for you with great reviews and ratings online. The pixelbook go is available on amazon at around 850 dollars. Music. The ipad air 2019 has earned a place as one of the year’s best tablets and is an ideal option for most buyers with a wide 10.5 inches retina display the ipad air remains extremely portable and ideal for doing stuff anywhere at just 6.1 millimeter thick and weighing Just a pound it’s, both portable and lightweight, so that you can easily carry it anywhere. The air 12 bionic chip with neutral engine enables a remarkable level of power and intelligence of ipad air. It will help you work more efficiently and fast. Also, the a4 core graphics engine and the bionic chip delivers amazing performance for stunning graphics within apps. The ipad air is the perfect device for truly immersive air with front and back cameras.

The a12 bionic chip with neutral engine, a large vivid display and sensors for motion tracking your front and back cameras in the ipad air lets. You take stunning photos and 1080p hd videos, the included apple pencil features, the precision, responsiveness and natural fluidity of a traditional writing instrument, and you can turn the ipad air into your notepad or canvas this smart keyboard lets. You write your official works and create a presentation on a full size keyboard whenever you need one at the bottom of the ipad air there’s, a lightning port for charging purposes, as only the ipad pro models have adopted the usb type c, it offers the same all Day battery life as other ipads lasting up to 9 to 10 hours, depending on the task, this ipad air will make your life easy for office and others wherever you went, and it will cost you only 469 on amazon, Music, acr switch 7 black edition is the World’S first, two in one pc, that’s equipped with an 8th generation intel core i7 processor and nvidia, discreet, graphics, making it ideal for intensive tasks, dynamic creations and super fast streaming. The acer suite 7 black edition features a black metal case, so the build quality is very good and the junction where the back and the sides meet are adorned with a single striker. The large 13.5 inches 2256 by 1504 ips wide viewing display, delivers vibrant images and has incredible precision for great riding and awesome touch experience.

It comes with acer stylus, with wacom emr technology that provides a natural battery free and cordless handwriting and drawing experience. The magnetic backlit keyboard to switch 7 allows you to go from tablet to laptop in a flash and ensures you have plenty of battery life for the entirety. There are two buttons located along this bottom edge that release the spring loaded hinge mechanism and from there you can adjust the exact angle. The patented acer, dual liquid loop pulls ensuring cpu and gpu performance without any noise. The dual fanless loop heat pipe cooling system is energy efficient and keeps this convertible cool and reduces dust all without the noise. If you’re looking for a portable and powerful tablet, which can provide excellent performance on the move, then you should definitely go for the acr switch 7 black edition and it will cost you only 14 48 Music surface pro x is a well made hybrid tablet device. That looks and performs better than any other computer. The surface pro x simply trims and rounds out the classic, updated surface pro design, bringing down its thinness and weight even further. As for the display, it comes with a 13 inches. Pixel sense touch screen with a 2880 by 1920 resolution and a 3×2 aspect ratio that lets you view your work with accuracy on the right side of the surface pro x. There is a surface connect port for charging move over to the left side, and you will find two usb c ports under a volume rocker.

This device runs on the microsoft sq1 chip based on the arm architecture. Hence it brings in features like a fast startup, lte and more. The sq1 is the first processor based on arm on a surface notebook that is plugged at three gigahertz, allowing you to finish up your work faster. The device comes in two variants of 8 gigabytes and 16 gigabytes of ram and inbuilt ssd storage of either 128 gigabytes, 256 gigabytes or 512 gigabytes, so that you can store all of your important files in one place. The surface pro x offers long battery life and it lasts for 9 hours and 45 minutes on a single charge. The surface pro x is an ideal choice for those who want to do lightweight work on the move and want to avoid bulkiness of a laptop with excellent reviews and ratings online. The surface pro x is available, starting from 9.99 Music hp is a great notebook manufacturing company and the elite x2 from hp is a great notebook that pulls off well by utilizing a kickstand, toting template and free hanging magnetic keyboard, design, popularized and refined by microsoft. The elite x2 13 inches ips touchscreen display is vibrant and sharp. It has a resolution of 3000 by 2000 and this quality will help you to get extremely sharp images and create color depth. This notebook is powered by an intel core i7 processor, up to 16 gigabytes of ram and one terabyte of storage, which is sufficient enough to do most of your basic work effortlessly.

You can also get the elite x2 with different configuration. If you want the elite, x2 detachable keyboard feels as sturdy as data for any conventional notebook. Moreover, it offers a great typing experience which makes this device an absolute pleasure to use. It has a massive battery that can deliver up to 10 hours and 30 minutes of screen time on every juice, allowing you to work for a longer period of time, hp, elite, x2, 2013. G3 is a solidly built good, looking device that can do everyday office work. Like web browsing word, processing and spreadsheets in its compact body, with amazing reviews and rating from the customers, you can get the hp elite x, 2013, g3, starting at 18 22 dollars. Music, no company is leading the laptop innovation. Quite good, like lenovo, made the themepad x1 carbon from lenovo, a lightweight tablet that reinvents portability and untethered seal from your workstation, packed with an eight generation core i7 processor and 16 gigabytes of ram. The teamcat x1 is a tablet that is powerful enough to boost your productivity. The themepad x1 carbon comes with a 4k ips display with dolby vision that will show amazing visual while playing or editing a video or an image. You will get 256 gigabytes to want to provide storage in this tablet, which is big enough for you to store all of your important files and documents user data security has always been a major concern for lenovo and that’s why they have included the discrete trusted platform.

Module on the thinkpad x1, which will encrypt your data and work in conjunction with windows. 10 pro security. It also features a fingerprint reader that uses biometric algorithm, ensuring only you have the access to your laptop. The themepad x1 weighs only 2.7 pounds so that you can carry it comfortably with you anywhere. This tablet comes with a powerful battery that will let you use it for up to nine hours so that you can use it for as long as you want, without worrying about recharging, with excellent reviews and ratings online. The themepad x1 carbon is available starting from eleven hundred dollars. Music. The new ipad pro has been completely redesigned and packed with apple’s most advanced technology. It will make you rethink what the new ipad is really capable of. There are two sizes of the latest ipad pro, which are the 11 inches and 12.9 inches version. The ipad pro has a wide body, but it’s six millimeters thin body will make you feel that you are holding a thin rectangle of metal and compared to a 13 inch laptop it’s, pretty much breezy to carry the new liquid retina display is used in the ipad. Pro, which goes from edge to edge the true to life, color and promotion technology, make everything in the display look gorgeous and feel responsive. The ipad pro uses a powerful a12x chip and it’s the smartest most powerful chip that apple used in the ipad pro. It has a neutral engine which runs five krillin operations per second and enables advanced machine learning, which will give you a completely new experience at the back of the ipad pro there’s, a 12 megapixel f, 1.

8 departure camera with smart hdr. A quad led true tone. Flash the camera supports 4k video recording at up to 60 frames per second the front facing true depth. Camera of the ipad pro features a 7 megapixel lens, which also comes with smart hdr. The ipad pro can be charged from its usb type c port and connects to accessories like cameras and displays the usb type c. Port also enables fast charging features on the ipad pro. The ipad pro comes with a powerful battery that features 10 hours of long lasting battery life when surfing the wave watching video or listening to music. If you are searching for a compact and efficient laptop alternative that can offer excellent portability, then this super fast ipad pro is the right choice for you. The price for the 11 inches model starts from 7.99 and 9.99 for 12.9 inches Music. Microsoft has been instrumental in bringing computing to everyone meet the surface pro 7 from microsoft, a slim and stylish two in one tablet that counted improved, speed, performance and all day battery life with microsoft, signature aspect, ratio of 3×2, the surface pro 7 comes with a 12.3 Inches pixel sense, touchscreen display that has 267 pixels per inch density so that you can get more puncher viewing experience with rich vivid colors the surface pro 7 comes with intel’s 10 generation dual core processor, so that you will have faster performance on the go. The surface pro 7 supports up to 16 gigabytes, low power, ddr4 ram and for faster, read, write transfer and to store your files.

You can choose from 128 gigabytes to 1 terabytes of sc. This will allow you to store all of your favorite movie or tv series and watch them while traveling its front facing camera is compatible with windows. Hello, face authentication system for better security, and the camera can record 720p video and capture sharp images. Thus, your surface pro will remain safe while being able to record great videos or capture photos on the go. The surface pro is packed with a powerful battery which allows you to work non. Stop for up to 10.5 hours on a single charge, giving you a full day of uninterrupted workout the surface pro 7 weighs as low as 1.7 l, giving you the ultimate portability and allowing you to be more productive. While you are going somewhere. If you are looking for a portable and powerful laptop alternative which can provide excellent performance on the move, while doing lightweight graphic demanding work, then you should definitely go for the microsoft surface. Pro 7 tablet having good reviews and ratings from the customers. You can get the microsoft surface pro 7, starting from 900 on amazon, so that was all about the top 10 laptop alternatives for you like share and comment your thoughts below.