For this year, first were going to show you our top 10 best, picks and well talk about what you look for before buying a tablet. You can find links to all the products weve mentioned in this video down in the description below lets get started Music at the first position of our list. We have apple 10.2 inch ipad. The 9th gen ipad looks just like the 8th, gen update and thats, mostly okay, the atherteen bionic ship gives the 2021 ipad that necessary bump in performance to keep it speeding along as ipad. Os 15 brings more machine learning tricks like live text. The ipad screen is still bright and colorful and just what it needs at this price point also apple sticking with its first gen pencil and smart keyboard, folio effort, it supported apple made accessories, which many may find easier to use than third party bluetooth options. The pencil will come in handy for scribble based annotation, and the keyboard will help take advantage of the improved keyboard. Shortcut support sound is still good, as is battery life. The only thing we dont like about the ipad is that the ipad mini and ipad air are making it look even older than its design is added. Support for apples, finer accessories would be great, but it still has a headphone jack. No other ipad does, which is a win for the wired headphones crowd. Moving on to the next at number, two with amazon b7 is called fire7 tablet for a lot of customers.

Price makes the big difference, so amazon could have coasted when it comes to the 50 fire 7 tablet. Fortunately, the most recent iteration of the companys cheapest slate packs a snappy quad core 1.3 gigahertz processor, which helps you navigate apps and browse the web faster than youd expect from a tablet. This cheap and while previous fire tablets made you tap to activate alexa, which made no sense its meant to be summoned with your voice, the fire 7. Finally, added voice triggers for the digital assistant, just dont expect any frills. They come with more expensive tablets. The fire 7 tablet sub hd screen is not sharp enough for anyone used to an ipad and its lock screen is filled with ads unless you pay extra still its a great pick for kids. Looking for a media consumption device, the number three position is held by apple ipad, air apples, ipad, air 2020, bores a lot of what we like from the ipad pro at a more affordable price and its arguably apples best ipad. Ever though, its still not going to sell, as well as the 10.2 inch ipad, its got the super thin bezels. You will recognize from the ipad pro as well as support for the magic keyboard, which makes it a true laptop competitor. On top of that, apples blazing fasta for teen bionic chip helps future proof. This tablet, with enough speed for demanding apps in multitasking, oh and they managed to put touch id in the lock button everywhere else.

The ipad air 4 is great, if not the best. Its 10.5 hours of battery life will be enough to keep you going all day long and its screen is bright and colorful enough to make your next netflix binge watch, look brilliant, its also great for the work from home era, thanks to its 7 megapixel webcam, which Beat the logitech c920 and head to head testing done for our review. We only wish the magic keyboard wasnt so expensive its hard to feel great buying a keyboard for almost the same price as the entry level ipad. Next, at number, four we have microsoft surface. Go to sometimes it takes a second try to make a thing go right. The surface go 2, takes aim at all the flaws of the predecessor and knots them all down. First of all, thinner bezels make way for a bigger screen. Arguably, the most important part of a tablet – the surface go 2, has a 10.5 inch display compared to 10 inches for the previous model. The biggest upgrade is the surface, go 2s 11 hours and ‘ minutes of battery life, which is over 5 hours longer than the original surface. Go. Microsoft also answered my prayers for a laptop with a great webcam, the 5 megapixel 1000. A type camera in its top bezel is great for the era of online video calls and its second front. Camera sensor adds windows, hello, biometric login. Finally, get the surface go 2, with the 8th gen intel core m3 upgrade its a little pricier at 6 129, but its definitely the model for multitaskers.

The number five position is held by samsung galaxy tab a7 android fans finally have a true ipad competitor at a much more affordable price retailing for 229 and on sale, often for much less the galaxy tab. A7 is a great 10.4 inch tablet for consuming content, whether youre browsing the web or streaming movies. You get a focus on your content, more thanks to its super thin bezels that are thinner than what you get with apples, 329 dollars ipad, oh and its got endurance to spare lasting 13 hours and 13 minutes on the toms guide battery test. Oh and its also got an ipad pro feature that apple makes. You pay a lot for facial recognition to unlock the device and just like apples, pricier tablets, the galaxy tab, a7 charges over usb c, so you can continue to cut non reversible micro, usb cables. Out of your life and while its not as fast as the ipad and its screen isnt as bright, neither is a serious problem at this price, especially when samsung gives you true. Android with the google play app store and not the watered down amazon fire tablet experience. The number six position is dominated by ipad. Mini 6.. Take almost everything we know and love about the ipad air, but shrink it down to a size and weight. Thats super easy to use with just one hand, and you have the ipad mini 6 2021, which may be the ipad youve been waiting for.

It has the apple pencil 2 support with the flat edge design, the much smaller bezels and nearly everything else. We love about an ipad. Currently, amazon has the market cornered on sub 10 inch tablets with the pricing of its fire slates, but the new ipad mini gives quality focus folks, an alternative worth investing in. On top of that, youve got the super fast to 15 bionic system on chip which outpaces the ipad air and every non pro ipad out there. Its display is also super bright over 500 nits of brightness, plus, surprisingly good sound for a device. This small, oh and speaking, about performing its size. The ipad mini 6 has terrific battery life. The only thing that isnt small about the ipad mini 6., its 499 price tag, is a bit higher than the normal ipad, but its another case. If you get what you pay for moving on to the next at number, seven, with apple 11, inch ipad pro the 12.9 inch ipad pro may have the better screen, but the 11 inch ipad pro is arguably better for more people. Not only is its battery life fantastic over 13 hours on the toms guide battery test, but its lighter and fits better with last years, magic keyboard, plus its 300 less expensive. On top of that, you get the astonishing speed of the apple moan chip, which is maybe too powerful for most tablet apps, but they call it the ipad pro.

For a reason, this is made for the folks using demanding video and image editing apps. Of course, the 11 inch ipad pro 2021 still thrives at the little things its bright and colorful display its sharp. Its four speakers provide much larger sound than you might expect from such a thin device in and if youre willing to pony up the cache, its amazing, optional magic keyboard offers the simplest and smoothest tablet typing experience. There is the number eight position is held by samsung galaxy tab, seven samsungs honing in on what makes a tablet perfect the galaxy tab. 7. Has the slim bezel slash all screen, look that you should get for a tablet above 500. Its also got a bright vibrant display, thats super crisp, plus over 13 hours of battery life and while the x mode isnt exactly perfect, yet app developers need to take it into consideration. A windowed, android, app interface makes for decent productivity, which i noticed while watching nature videos in android. While i wrote parts of my review in google, docs samsung needs to refine its book cover keyboard, though, if it wants to truly compete with the ipad pro. The s7 keyboard has two small number keys for many, and the two piece nature of the book cover keyboard. A 199 extra add on is frustrating also android. App developers need to give some polish to their apps to x mode version and when the performance of the snapdragon 865 plus pails in testing compared to the core, a fib and apple z, chips, the tab, seven isnt, the ipad pro color samsung – may want it to Be while many may go for a cheaper android tablet, its great to see samsung, giving android users a tablet, they can go toe to toe with the ipad pro next at number, nine.

We have apple 12.9 inch ipad pro the best got better this year as apple dropped, its super powerful moan chip inside the already mighty ipad pro 2021. That chip sets new tablet records in geekbench, an adobe premiere rush, continuing apples, tradition of putting tons of brown in its sleek tablets, and this 12.9 inch model benefits from apples, liquid, retina xdr display, which offers much higher brightness up to 1588 nits. Also apples got a new video conferencing trick called center stage where the camera tracks and follows you as you move during calls. Oh and the basics are still stellar its quad speaker set of booms, its optional magic keyboard offers a comfortable typing experience and its battery life is better than last years lasting hours longer than the galaxy tab. S7. Plus. That said, the super bright xdr display needs hdr content to thrive and thats, not always available as the likes of hulu and hbo max have yet to adopt it. Also, the 12.9 inch ipad pro 2021 is more expensive than the macbook air and heavier when docked with its magic keyboard, but still the ipad pro 2021 is worth it for creative pros who want the best tablet for their next masterpiece, its so good that we gave It the award for best tablet in our toms guide, awards 2021.. Finally, the number 10 position is dominated by microsoft. Surface pro 8., the microsoft surface, pro 8 is the latest in the companys line of two.

In one surface pro tablets. This iteration includes an 11th generation intel cpu, a 13 inch 120 hc display two thunderbolt 4 ports and a removable ssd just as important youll get windows 11 right out of the box with this two in one, while youll probably want to pay extra for the detachable Keyboard and surface limp pen, 2 stylus accessories, even if you dont. This is the best windows 11 tablet. You can buy right now. Its small size and lightweight design make the surface pro 8 ideal to use at home or on the road. The front facing and rear cameras are also fantastic, providing clean, detailed images. Unfortunately, the surface pro 8 disappoints as a gaming device and didnt live up to the promised 16 hours of battery life in our testing. Despite some of those qualms, the surface 8 pro is arguably the best surface pro yet thats.