Congratulations. We have a winner, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music i’ve played chess, my whole life at the beginning. I wasn’t so good, now, i’m, all right and it’s, because i’ve been training. Now you can challenge me at any age, download the play magnus app and win the opportunity to play magnus live and in person play the best play magnus let’s play Music rated m for mature. There hasn’t been a murder in fabletown in a long time. Do your job sheriff or we’ll find someone who can Music? I didn’t kill her. You believe me right, you’re, not as bad as everyone says. You are people get up to all kinds of things when nobody’s watching what kind of monster would do this? I just don’t understand this thing reaches a lot further than we thought your job is to protect us that’s. Not what you’ve been doing. Where are you when we ever need you? What did you do with my wife? We need to do things the right way, because our way of doing things is broken.