I thought all along. It was me who was crazy, but it’s. Everything. This whole thing is nuts they’ve played us like fools roo, but if they think they’re gon na get away with this, they must be crazier than i am very clear: Music chloe i’m, not crazy, but there’s, something else i have to tell you Music. I don’t have any explanation, but no i discovered i could reverse time no way speak of the devil, that’s a bad sign. You were all that matters to me. The storm is coming. Tell me everything: Music Music good evening, citizens of metamorphosis as we make our final preparations. We must be extra vigilant. No sign of the girl place is quiet. Another treasonous was attempting to invent the minds of our youngest and brightest with lies, even though he has been eliminated. Other threats remain, this minion apostate will be dealt with in the same manner as the one who inspired him. You know who i am referring to. I will not speak his name again: Music it’s all right take a breath. This is an historic night, for we have to get out of here this way, please i need your help. I don’t have much time. Did you do that prisoners of metamorphosis choose your sides carefully subject is on the move i’m going after her he’s right there? Who is this ‘0h? Do you know what you are you’re a long way from home, so what’s your plan for getting to the surface? There is a gate to the outside world, a gate to freedom she’s on the move, i’m going after her fellow revolutionaries rise up with me, fight beside me.

Take that shaky hand of yours and make a fist out of it.