These unexpected heroes are swept away into the great war that rages on always hungry, for more war makes men mad, but humanity can shine from even the darkest hours and those valiant hearts stand up fighting for love, friendship and honor, Music, Laughter, Music, Music, Music, Music. There is a world right in front of us, hidden from view it’s home to the forgottens Applause. This morning i woke up to the sound of explosions. Stop the train is not clear to leave master bank. Are you all right? We must track down the rebels before they escape. I want to know who the rebel leader is and how nice of you to drop in quick powering. Now you have no idea what you’re doing or what’s at stake. We belong in the real world with the humans. I’M afraid you’re the one running out of options: Music, Music, Music, Music, closer Music, Music. I am glad to see you here. My name is uri greetings human.