What is up youtube what’s, your boy, pizzamaker 8000, back with another toontown video for you guys now toontown rewritten, finally updated now i’m, not going to be biased for my hateful ttr. When i do this review of the update i’m going to do a genuine review, you know i’m not going to be like – oh my god, i’m writing i’m, going to do a general interview of the video and see how it is so. On top of that um i see people in discord. Commenting telling me that this update is actually better than corporate classes, update, which i don’t really believe. But then i saw broadway pixels posted video last night, so shout out to him. I saw him playing with some beach balls or some in toontown central, so i’m gon na go to two town central and check it out uh. I know they added two new trolley games. I don’t know of anything else that was updated, but we are going to try to go ahead and do it uh. You know cool little quality life update. As you can see. You know you got different going on the shit’s all in the air. I need to find the goddamn beach balls, like i saw in his video yo, not having a sprint putting his dog. This walk button, this yeah where’s the beach balls. I saw the beach balls on this video. I don’t know where they’re at they were like all in the corner and there was a bunch of them yeah.

I have no idea where they’re at okay, so it you know i’m gon na go to the trolley um. I don’t know what else was updated. I know the trolley. I saw the beach balls they had like different stuff. Actually, i wonder if they changed like every, if all the playgrounds look different or if it’s, just like toontown central, like there’s, a little silly wacky whatever you want to call it, you know looking different. Oh, they drain the pond that’s pretty cool okay, so i’m gon na go through every playground and check it out before i go into the trolley games, but this is pretty cool the boat’s like shipwrecked or whatever. This is that’s pretty dope for daisy’s garden. Let’S see what they do with the bird. I can’t really imagine what you would do unless you made it like super hot or something like wacky, like kind of the opposite of cold, looks the same to me on to the next one: let’s hit up daisy’s door. Next now this is going to have nothing either i’m, not going to you know i’m, not going to check ddl and i’m just gon na go with okay yeah. This looks yeah. This is the same okay, so i’m gon na hop on the trolley we’re gon na check out the new trolley update, uh comment down below. Let me guys know what you guys think about the games um and what else they update. I don’t generally know i’m not about to sit here and read patch notes for a game.

I don’t really care too too much about i’m, not too fond of but comment down below. Let me know, because i really am curious as to you know what the else to intelligently added. I didn’t really see nobody comment. Oh yo there’s no skip button dog – oh god, damn it so you’re gon na be riding the goddamn trolley for days trying to get to the game. Holder i’m gon na cut the recording and i’ll start it back up. When i get to the when i get to the new game update, so my dumbass did not know that you have to have four people for it to work. So doodle round of the dudes of the skit from pet shop, whistle to lead nearby dudes into your team’s playground, tunnel dudes will keep coming for as many as you can. Alright let’s get it let’s see how this works out. What the oh control! Oh son of a oh damn, i’m, an ass at this Music. What did it happen like follow you yo? This is kind of buggy Music, all right, two yeah. This is kind of annoying yo Music. All right well just want to do we kind of got our ass beat, but i mean it was. I don’t know man, it was a cool little game, it was a cool little game. Pretty short, that was like what i didn’t even look at the time. I was about like a minute, maybe less than like 45 stick 45 seconds, but okay spotlight search.

So this is the other new game stay out of pebbles. The invisible girl spotlight until time runs out. They can’t see anything outside of the spotlight, but they can run faster than you. The spotlight will get up. Excuse me bigger over time, so that person is it basically, i guess, and they can’t see, so we got it pretty much just trying to stay away from them now i wonder if they have a first person point of view, or they have a third person like I do so i’m gon na stay my ass up here, so i don’t understand what’s, going on right here in the left corner like if he gets caught. Does it look different or something i’m just trying to stay out of sight out of mind all right? I see buddy right there is this right. I thought it was like a npc. Like i didn’t know, it was like another person that has the spotlight that’s that’s, pretty cool this game. I mean i haven’t really got you know any really going on, but this game looks like it would be better with like more people like this is like a mario party size amount of people, that’s needed for this, like eight all right, so he’s she’s close to Him Music, can they see? I don’t think she can see me. I think she’s first person. If anybody knows that she’s first person or third person like i am comment down below.

Let me know because i am actually very curious about that. Okay, so he got caught so now. Do they both have a flashlight and they’re both looking for me or how does that work, then that is fast, hey i’m, smooth with it, though i’m not ain’t. Nowhere near me so yeah, he’s, yellow, is he it too? Is it both of them or he just like can’t move? Basically geez? Oh yeah, oh yeah! Oh you know that was on my ass ggs uh it’s, not a horrible update uh. This is all that’s there, uh yeah, that person disconnected i’m getting the out of here. If they’re all that’s, the all the beach balls are here now see why the weren’t the beach balls here, the first time when i was just here, it’s a bit laggy it’s a bit delayed, you got to click it twice. It’S, pretty cool just to you know, run around through beach balls, though i mean it’s, just it’s straight it’s, not a horrible update, it’s more of a qol update and i’ve seen. Somebody said that yo, where the the ball goes, what’s this in my hands i’ve seen somebody said that joey said that field office is around the corner. I believe, when i see you bro i’m, not about to just blindly believe that, because we’ve heard that you know multiple times so, if you guys want to believe that somebody commented on my youtube video kind of debating with me on my ttr video about the staff Member, which is like two months old now, but they commented saying bringing that up and saying, like oh yeah it’s, you know we’re we’re, seeing philosophy, yada yada yada, so i mean we’ll, see bro we’ll see what happens um.

As far as this update, i mean, if it’s just two trolley games, i guess it’s better than uh. I don’t even know what this is. I don’t even play this game if this is just uh, if this is just what it’s like yo, this is just these two mini games, and this you know: it’s, okay, it’s, a quality like content, update, it’s it’s, decent it’s, not uh, it’s, not a horrible or Anything, but if i had rated one through ten – and this is not me being a like – you know – this is me being 100 honda. This was a clash update, and i would say i mean the dual game: is decent it’s, pretty short uh, the the other game is okay. I feel like, if you better, with more people, we only had three, so maybe we had four had been funner or more fun. I guess uh i don’t know man. I i probably break the update six out of ten six out of ten. I mean the update’s, not horrible. I wish there was a little bit more to it. Since you know we haven’t really had no updates from this this game, but yeah. If i missed something, if there’s something in the update that i did not see – or i don’t know about, if they did something like with the i don’t know the e states or with the gag tracks or something that i’m missing comment down below, let me know Other than that don’t you, like the video don’t, forget to subscribe.