This is a brand new 7 inch satellite navigation system from tomtom very kindly sent in free of charge by the manufacturer for this review no money’s exchanged hands. They haven’t asked me to say anything in particular, nor have they asked to pre approve this video i’m just going to share with you my opinion and experience with this product, and if we turn the box over, you can see some of the main features which include A 7 inch high definition touch screen, which makes it really easy to navigate using this we’ve also got quicker, easier, cable, free map updates via wi fi we’ve also got a new processor inside this one, which is up to four times faster and premium live services available. As well so without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the tomtom itself, so let’s start by taking a look at what we get inside the box. Of course, we get. The tomtom go, discover itself its really nice seven inch touchscreen. We take a closer look at that in a short while we also get a sort of quick start guide. This is going to guide us through getting everything up and running interacting with the display and setting up our device. This is actually presented in various languages. So really good getting started guide. We also get a 12 volt vehicle accessory adapter. This is going to allow us to plug this into the 12 volt vehicle accessory socket and in turn, this gives us a usb socket which we use with the provided cable.

So this cable is full size usb on one end and then micro usb on the other end, and this plugs into the satellite navigation system of note. You can see this turned on at the moment, because there is a battery built in as well, but it’s a good idea to have this cable connected whilst you’re driving, and then we get the windscreen or dashboard mount. This has got a suction cup on this end, which attaches to your windscreen or dashboard we’ve got this turning control, which allows you to actually connect this really securely. Then we’ve got a ball joint on this mount as well, which allows us to angle this to our desired. Viewing position on the bottom side of the mount is a micro usb connection. You use this in combination with that power, adapter and the power cable, so this plugs in to the bottom. Here you can also plug this cable into the back of the sat nav screen itself and i’ll show you that connection very shortly and then there’s a sort of quick mount port here which locks onto the sat nav and allows you to mount it and dismount. It very very easily, so this is a really nice mount for the windscreen and then we’ve of course got the sat nav itself with its seven inch screen and what you’re seeing here is the main menu system. I’Ll give you a closer look at how you interact with this very shortly.

We’Ve, of course, also got the back of the unit, which shows us the speaker on the back. We’Ve also got the power on off button that connection here. For that quick, mount port and also the micro usb just in there, so if you were using this with a different mount, you can still plug that cable directly in to the micro usb port. We turn this back around to the main display and we have a closer look at how this works. So this is the main menu screen and from here we can search for a destination. We can add a home address. We can go to a recent destination, we can look at my places and my routes or we can scroll across and go into voice control, settings and then there’s a couple of additional little options here. If we go into settings, then we can actually change the map and display. So, for example, we can go into day and night colors and have it to switch automatically to a darker mode during night time, or we can have it to always show day colors or always show night colors for this demonstration, i’m going to be showing you day, Colors and then we’ve got additional settings. We can change here as well, such as brightness, zoom orientation, sidebar, arrival, info, etc. We’Ve also got additional settings here for routing bluetooth, wi fi updates sound my drive language and unit system vehicle info and an additional setting on the end here, so it’s all very neatly laid out now.

If we were searching, we could search via a point of interest, or we could indeed search by postcode or by place i’ve already searched and had it in a destination. So for this demonstration we’re going to be going to glasgow center so from london to glasgow, it tells you here uh sort of a summary of the route you’re allowed to add it to your places, use as a starting point or in fact drive to the destination. So we tap on drive and it works out the route it tells you the distance and the estimated time of arrival and then we’ve got the option to drive or to go via an alternative route. So we’re going to tell it to actually drive. You can see a little progress bar just going across here, while it’s calculating the route. Now this has got a faster processor in this, so it’s up to four times faster, so really nice that this has got a faster processor, and i also really do like this. 7 inch touchscreen. There are much faster updates via wi fi, so cable, free updates on this. You also get the option of tomtom traffic. Your voice, control built in we’ve, also got the option of a one. Year, live off street parking info service and one year live fuel pricing info service as well. So now that this uh destination is in the system, we can tap here and we can actually follow the turn by turn.

Instructions find an alternative route, avoid road types or vote avoid blocked roads. If we were driving, you would see our progress on the map but, of course, i’m sitting in front of a camera doing this demonstration for you. So, for the purposes of this review, we’re going to play a route preview and it’s going to act as though i was driving. So you can see here, it’s starting the route it’s, assuming that we’re driving 19 miles an hour. Oh now, it’s going 22 or 24 miles an hour in a 20 zone, it’s only a demonstration, so we’re going along milbank and playing the route preview. It tells us how many miles we’ve got left. It also tells us our current time and we can unmute it and we hear some voice instructions as well. Music, here, it’s warning us about a speed. Camera Music after 800 yards turn left a4 west cromwell road after 250. Yards bear left bare left. So, as you can see, you get some nice voice instructions. Whilst the navigation is proceeding, we can also tap on the top left here and it will give us an option of previewing one of the sort of future instructions on the roof. We can also take 100 yards, keep right Music. We can also tap on the bottom center here, and this will actually bring up some further options where we can report a speed, camera or avoid a blocked road, and then we get the option to re center.

The navigation, so there are various options. Whilst the navigation is going on, we can also tap here to either mute or select alerts only or put it back to full voice guidance, so there’s plenty of options once the navigation is proceeding and the icons are nice and large. So it makes it very, very easy to interact with, whilst concentrating on your driving, so let’s just come out of here and end the route, and this will take us back to an overview of the map and you’ll see. The map is very detailed, and indeed we can pinch to zoom on here and when we go down to street level, you get all of the individual streets actually named and we can even go in further so really magnifying and as this route is proceeding, if we Were doing a route preview or actually driving, you would see all of the buildings as well, so it works extremely well. It’S, very, very detailed and very easy to interact with we’ve also got this little menu here that we can pop out to, and this takes us through to the main menu. Where again, we can add a new destination or indeed pop into those settings. So a very, very good system, it works extremely well. The quality of the screen is fantastic. The quality of the speakers are fantastic as well, as is the mounting system. This is a really good satellite navigation option. This is the tomtom go discover, so that is it for this review.

If you want a really good sat nav system with a nice large seven inch screen packed full of features, then this is well worth checking out. There are links down in the video description to where you can purchase this, for yourself, there’s, also a link to the tomtom website. In closing, i just want to say that there is still a place for dedicated sat nav systems. A lot of people insist that you don’t need these now, because you can just use your phone, which is, of course true, but having a dedicated, sat nav system with a proven operating system and user interface is really good. This is a nice large seven inch screen. It means you’ve got something dedicated to just the directions of your route and you can keep your smartphone charged and in your pocket, less distractions and not have to run the battery out on your smartphone.