I was contacted by Tom love microscopes, I use their products and they wanted me to do a product review for you guys on one of their brand new Scopes, and I said sure I will do that. Well, it came after Christmas and I was gon na try to get one out before the New Years, but because of work and everything I couldnt so better late than never were gon na open up this box from Tom love, you see their microscopes all over Amazon And in the internet and Im going to show you a real life review of their scope, foreign, so lets open it up and see what all comes in the Box: oh its a big box with a tiny box. So all these small little packing cubes that are awesome for popping my kids – will love those later on and a packing slip so well throw the big box away, and here we go. This is what they sent me: the tomlove seven inch digital LCD microscope model dm201. There, it is so I already have a digital microscope and but theyre like well were gon na. Send you a new one, so you can give a review on that, and here we go so lets open up the box. Beautiful packaging. Make sure that that screen does not get broke, a user manual which Im a guy so were just going to throw that away and lets get thats the scope. We got some charging cords and some probably sink cables.

Oh a microfiber cleaning cloth, which is always nice. A plug in which my last one that I got did not come with a wall plug in an HDMI cable, so we can hook it up straight up to the TV, whereas blind Folk um, oh theres, the stand for it, um a thingamajig, a thingama bobber. If youre a little mermaid fan and the stand alrighty, so let me get all this stuff unwrapped and organized and well be right back all right. So I got everything unwrapped and everything. So this is the base. It comes with two LC or LCD LED lights. So we can get some nice viewing of the coins or anything small. They come already attached, which is awesome. The back here we got the power, Maybe no dang it. I dont know what that is: probably the power, no so a USBC for the power, and that is going to be for output to your computer so charging and to the computer yeah. I kind of know what Im talking about so all right. So there we go now this big thing right here. This is the stand, so this is going to screw in to that and then this right here when you screw it down youll, tighten it down even more with that and then here this is where the microscope is going to actually um connect to. So they come all the way in youre gon na have to screw them all the way out to get that microscope in there.

So lets put that to the side: well screw that in and right about there and now we will tighten it down with that black screw right there. So right here this is a little bolt a half inch and you just loosen that up and you can change the this forward or backwards. Mine was a little bit forward, but they, the manual, says theyre shipped perfect, but you know shipping all right. So there we go, and now this right here is going to go down down into the little holder. There were gon na turn. It around make sure that it gets seated all the way you can see right there. It got seated all the way, all right so for the chords, I was a little wrong. I said that this was for the computer, not in fact, so these right here get powered through the battery thats up here. So you have to hook up the USBC cord and follow it down to there and then this one will get hooked up to the power. So the power goes in Powers these and then this Powers, the scope. So there is two cords and then to the computer. You can use HDMI and I want to say USB but Ill Ill check on that as we go all righty well, we got it all set up all the wires plugged in um. I had to do a little bit of diagnostic on how to hook it up to my Mac, because I have were a Mac family not as easy as a PC but anyways so heres.

The power button push that in – and I was gon na wait till – were on camera to pull that beautiful thing off. So here we go. This is how you focus it. Its got a half dollar right here, lets put it underneath. The microscope, 77d were gon na. Look for that double die on trust its not there, but we can bring this down focus it get in there. A nice and deep, like and theres still plenty of room underneath the microscope to move the coin. Around beautiful picture right here touch screen for your lights, which is awesome, and then we have these other lights. We dont actually need these lights for just general purpose, but let me see if I can find that I had a 72 in here that I was looking at that kind of look like a that was a no FG so heres that 72 well put it underneath There and from there it kind of, looks like you can kind of see the top of the G now, but we take this little. This part in there. You get those Shadows illuminated and you can see the G like plain as day. Take that away. It kind of Blends in you bring in that side, lighting and bam. You can see it, so not the FG well throw well toss that one back, but all right. So let me get this attached to the computer, so were gon na plug it in to the USBC port on the computer and then up here I might have to turn this back off and back on see if lets see.

If I have to do that, turn it on all right, so USB uh, press, OK, press, OK and now its going to switch to computer mode and with that we come over here to the Mac and the screen leaves there. But there it is put a coin. Underneath the microscope and Bam there, it is so beautiful picture up there theres a 74 D, not the DDO, but I love how theres no lag at all and we can change the focus and it changes right away its a beautiful picture. Um you can blow this up on a computer screen or you can use the USB or um sorry HDMI and put it on a TV. So if you have a small TV like a 32 inch, you can put it on there. Well, so far with the setup and just the the little bit of me using the scope, I can definitely tell you that it has a beautiful picture. There are a a slew of menus here where you can change the different um effects, which my other scope did. Not have, and you can go through here and change – fine tune it for what you want, but the awesome thing about this is you can bring it all the way up. Oh, I got ta go this way and we can do a full half dollar picture, so it has a nice black background. You can change the lighting and get some lighting on that coin.

So if youre wanting to sell a coin right there, you can take a beautiful picture, get the lighting just right and you can take a a full snapshot on here. Um half dollar is definitely the biggest. You can go um. You can do like a half of a Morgan or something, but there we go beautiful scope guys definitely enjoy this scope. Im definitely recommend it to anyone out there. If youre looking for a beautiful digital scope for your coin or other needs, I would definitely go with uh tomlov um super super awesome people. I chatted with them on email about their products and everything um. So this is the seven inch LCD um you can find them on Amazon and everything um but heres their heres, a scope on their web page um. Again sorry! So this one right here, I actually dont know how much it is um where to buy. I want to say it was like one 170. I want to say for the scope the LCD microscope, the seven inch, so this one 159 so 159 and then, if you want um, theres different models as well, but there we go so yeah so 159. I will have a link to buy that scope on this video. Once I get one from Tom laugh, I had to make a video before they would give me one, but here we go my review of the tomlove seven inch digital microscope is thumbs up its actually a double thumbs up.

I love the clarity of the of the picture. I love the ease of use. I love how bright the LCDs are, and the brightness of the LCD does not distort the coin itself, so meaning if youre looking for errors, the LCDs can actually kind of give you fake DDOS. It highlights the the um the edges of like the valleys and everything will actually look like doubling, but it really isnt so all right there we go guys hope you guys enjoyed the video hit that thumbs up.