Start this review with the tolino shine number three. This e reader comes with an adjustable warm light, as you can see, and it has a display of 6 inches and it comes with the memory storage of 80 gigabytes. It also fits perfectly in my hand, so I can turn to the next page, with my thumb. So its really cool, if youre just outside and just try it when youre on the way next up, isotolino page 2.. This e reader comes also with the option of switching from dark to light, and now you can see this e reader has an adjustable brightness and a little bit of storage and it has the same size like the shine number three six inches. The third e reader from tolino is the shine number four. This e reader comes with a six inches display, 16 gigabyte of storage and also with adjustable warm light, and this e reader comes additionally with the waterproof system ipx8, so you can go and read outside when its raining or you can read when youre taking a bath At home, the next e reader is the tolino vision. 5.. This e reader has a little bit bigger display with 7 inches. It has also 8 gigabyte of storage and an adjustable warm light. This e reader comes with this page turn buttons. So if you really like these buttons, that could be an option for you. So what is ipx8 stands for this certified waterproof system is going to protect your e reader for 60 Minutes under 2 meters of fresh water.

So what else do we have here? We have here the vision, number six and this model comes with the same display size like seven inches as well, like the number five. But this e reader has a little bit more storage. It has double storage with six to 16 gigabytes and the rest is almost the same. Like division number, five, you can switch the pages as well manually by your fingers, or you can use the same page turn buttons like we already have seen with the vision number. Five, the biggest e reader from tolino is the apost number three. This e reader comes with the biggest screen of eight inches. It has 32 gigabyte of storage, so thats a lot of storage for e reader, and it has the page turn buttons as well. The rest of the functions are the same like the vision, 5 and Mission Six. This e reader is made in cooperation with Cobra kutin, just to know so, thats really interesting fact, and therefore you have seen all the models there are currently on. The market lets check. All the sizes from small to big, so you can make yourself a picture of all the models so so who won the game we say. First up was the tolino shine number four, because this area is really good if youre on the way and on number two, its Selena Vision. Six, that one is also good for, if youre, just taking a walk or youre just like on the way and take it in your backpack or whatever, and if youre just reading more or less at home, this tolino apost 3 could be something for you.

We always like compare the e readers, because we say waterproof is really really important, so thats the reason for our rating as well. Thank you very much for watching our review.