I have been waiting for this controller for so long. I’Ve been looking all over the place to get a hold of one and finally, here it is can’t wait. So with this controller, you can swipe the different modules of the thumbsticks and the d pad and also the button themselves. Hence the e swap name, and they also have the clear click feeling ultra responsive tack switches. I can’t wait to feel that, and it looks like you can also customize the buttons too using the thrustmaster software, so the switches are advertised to have 5 million plus activations, and the thumbsticks here are advertised to have 2 million plus. So this is how it works. You can switch out different modules here and then they also have different packs as well. This is a ps4 controller, but it’ll work on windows 10 as well. What do you say? We crack this guy open, oh it’s, magnetic look at that fancy all right here. We go whoa that’s, nice top notch presentation. Well done! Well done. Oh man there’s a little foam here to protect the sticks, love it, and here it is wow shiny yeah. You know one thing that i noticed right away is: it feels really good in your hand, very solid, there’s, no rattle or anything like that, even though these modules of swipeables just rock solid, i love it so far. The trackpad is on a smaller side share button. Here options the playstation button, so the switches that i use here are just like a mouse switch see that yeah the face buttons feel good.

I feel very good. Okay, all right. The d pad has the same feel as these face buttons do yeah. You know often times in a lot of controllers, the face buttons and the d pad. They have different types of switches, it’s, as if they treat the d pad, as like a second citizen. You know i mean, but for fighting game players, the d pass is just as important as the face buttons, if not more important right. I do like the fact that this d pad here is on the smaller side. The d pad on the ps5 here is just gigantic. It’S too big on this controller is a lot more manageable right, it’s, not small by any means, but it’s very manageable. The only concern i have is there’s a space between the buttons here. Is it going to be hard to press two buttons at once due to this gap, i guess we’re gon na find out once we test it, the thumbsticks feel good. You know these kind of feels like the xbox thumbsticks in terms of the tensions and whatnot. So it’s a little loose it’s, not too heavy the trigger feel nice. The travel distance of this trigger is not a lot it’s, a pretty short travel, yeah and there’s quite a bit of tension here, the triggers spring up pretty quickly. I wonder if there’s a trigger lock on this controller, i can’t find it anywhere shoulder button. Have a nice and clicky feel to it.

I, like it and i’m, also curious to see why they decide to do the shoulder button like this. You see how it kind of goes from the bottom, and then it goes up. Why didn’t they do a full button right all the way up to here right. This is not bad, though you do get a little bit of a grip right here right. I guess one reason is they want to match the length of the triggers right, so that could be it, but as a side consequence you get this little grip right here, which i kind of like so four secondary buttons here on the back of the controller as Well, i don’t know this seems like it’s gon na be really hard to press let’s, see yeah it’s pretty awkward. So essentially, you can have to kind of stretch your fingers out here like this, and i have extremely long fingers for my hand. If you have short fingers forget about it, i think paddles would be a lot better than buttons and on the handle of the controller here there’s this nice rubbery grip here, yep yep feels good all right check this out. How freaking cool is that you also have a mic button over here and i’m, not sure what this button does. Okay, i also like the fact that there’s a little bit of a gap here between the handle of the controller or the side of the controller here and the shoulder buttons, and the reason why is this is whenever i play dead or live six.

So when i counter oftentimes, i would go like this right, like in the heat of battle, you’re gon na just squeeze this index fingers here. If this button right here kind of drapes over you’re gon na accidentally hit it as i do this. But if there’s a little bit of a gap here, you’re not gon na, have that problem. Let’S see what else in the box Music what’s this it’s a pouch i’m assuming this is for switching out the modules in a really fancy. Looking and shiny looking usb cable wow comes with a free pouch. Can you put the controller in there? Yes, this pouch is for you to carry your controller around. How cool is that check out the material of this inner box? Here, look at this it’s kind of like opening like some sort of jewelry. You know, oh my god, and then we got some documentations here. What do you say? We plug this bad boy in and take it for a spin, so after downloading the program and then also updating the firmware as well. You’Re gon na get to this page right here right and then you’re gon na have two profiles to choose from and on this tab. Here you can remaps, whichever buttons to whatever button you want, and on this page you can adjust the thumbstick sensitivity and also dead zones as well for both sticks on the triggers tab. You can adjust the depth zones of each of the triggers and you also have adjustabilities of the vibration strengths, so the software seems to be really easy to use and comprehensive.

I like the way they lay it out like this it’s nice, so i’ve boot up the oa6 here to test the controller Music. Okay d pad seems pretty good, very clicky, all right let’s test the queen backlash, so my fear of this gap is actually justified, because this gap here makes the two buttons really far, so your thumb have to slide from this button. All the way up to this button, a pretty long distance, you can’t just go back and forth like this, like i normally do it’s doable, but it takes some effort, but the good news is: you can easily slide your finger around this d pad because the surface On this d, pad is on a smoother side, so sliding your thumb around wouldn’t be a problem here, let’s test the breadth. One row here, which you’re gon na have to double tap up or down really quickly for him to roll. Oh, yes, that’s, nice! Yes, oh yeah, that’s, good and because the buttons here are so clicky it’s, just so satisfying to double click, all right, let’s test the diagonals okay again, so because of this gap here, the buttons are pretty far apart. So you got ta, be really careful and make sure you hit both button at the same times right, because if you just go like this, you’re gon na only hit back right and then brett one’s gon na. Do this, i think, initially not having getting used to this gap right here.

You’Re gon na make some mistakes, but over time i feel like this is something that you can adjust too. So the diagonals are good as long as you’re making sure that you’re hitting both buttons at the same time all right quarter circle Music. Yes, i like that Music yep all right see my soko Applause, perfect, no problem whatsoever. All right let’s try full combo, okay, so the triggers are quite heavy. Actually it takes quite a bit of force for you to press it. So i did miss a few inputs here. I guess you can adjust the dead zone right to make it more sensitive, which is kind of strange, because everything else is so easy and tactile to press and the triggers here are quite heavy. So when you’re pressing the trigger make sure you press it pretty hard because with a soft touch, you’re going to miss your input, but again, i think over time you’ll get used to it all right initial impressions. This is a rock solid controller, really the only problem actually there’s, two things: the gap here on the d pad this d pad suffers from the same problems that i have with the ps5 and the ps4 d pad, but with time you can actually get used to It and then, whenever you press, the diagonal just make sure that you’re pressing two buttons at once, and this is a little easier because this d pad is a little smaller and the other thing to get used to is the triggers.

This is a heavy trigger. So if you use the playstation on the xbox triggers you’re gon na need to put some force into this whenever you use the trigger. But i love the fact that the d pad actually uses the same switches as the face buttons. I think that’s the first time i’ve seen that on a controller and as a whole, this is just rock solid. You know it’s so comfortable to hold yeah. It just feels so good in the hands. You know i mean so it’s got like an xbox shape, but with the playstation layout i’m liking. It a lot so far, very very solid.