Does play games. We’Ve already explored this, but how far can we actually push it so today, i’m, going to look at five very demanding games running on this device and we’re gon na have a look see how well they do run and whether or not they’re actually playable let’s. Take a look first, things first, we’ve got call of duty mobile, so these are the graphical settings just scroll up, so you can see all of those. This is definitely playable this graphically. It looks sound gameplay, wise it’s, smooth enough to play and we can actually turn it down even further. If we do want to speed up the gameplay, but it seems okay, it seems good enough. Next up, we’ve got pubg so again, i’ll just scroll through the graphical settings, as you can see, we’ve got go set to balanced and then the frame rate set to medium and the style set to classic and then we’ve got anti aliasing switched off shadows on. So here it is pub g and it’s running very smoothly, actually inspire me not having any weapons here. I will go and hunt them out Music, as you can see i’m – not very good at this game, but not to worry. We can see it runs bro, particularly well, very smooth, despite my horrific performance here and i’m down and out so here we have real racing three very nicely optimized game this for android devices, but it really does look amazing on this with the tablet having such a Large screen, it just feels like a true console experience.

Now we have another first person shooter this time, shadow gun legends. This also runs very well. It’S got smooth, gameplay doesn’t seem to be many dropped frames. I mean it’s, definitely a playable experience and a very enjoyable one of that, and last but not least, we have the mighty ark survival evolved. Here are the video settings i’ve got it set to these were set by default, so let’s take a look, see how well it runs, and for this screen recorder, wouldn’t work, which is bad, but at least the game runs, looks quite nice when we did look at The settings they were set quite low, but the game is very much playable smooth enough to play. There is the odd glitch where the frame rate drops a little bit as it’s loading in or streaming the data in, but it’s uh it’s good enough and there we have it. Some surprisingly good results there. Let me know what you think in the comments and is there any other games that you think might challenge the device a little bit more than i’ve done today.