Will he be able to find one, or will he run out of time? Epic movie announcer, voice hello and welcome back its your host BLD lets get started. How did you like my new epic intro, drop a comment down below and let me know what you thought about it Im always looking for the perfect keyboard. I have reviewed everything a three foldable keyboards for you today with USB type c and trackpads. So this is my first time doing a whole variety of different foldable keyboards Im, always looking for a replacement for my iclever bq05 one, preferably with USB type c. Today I have three different ones to go over. All three of them do have track pads. People really tend to like that Im always curious how they perform if theyre good or are they terrible? Typically, I like picking up keyboards off AliExpress, Alibaba or other websites, because you never quite know what to expect. Sometimes you get decent quality products, this one. You can pick off AliExpress for 38.63. I will link that down below this. Is the foldable Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad horrible, with USB type c. It is fairly light. You have four rubber feet on the bottom. Build quality is just average. It does have USB type c for charging. My iPad Mini 6 weighs 531 grams. My eye clever, bk05 weighs 274 grams, and this weighs 232 grams. One thing that really turned me on about this keyboard was the trackpad.

It is a full size keyboard with the worlds tiniest trackpad, so I was curious how it performs you have an on and off switch on the side. You can connect up to three different devices to it. It charges USB type c. You plug it in theres, a red indicator light you hold down function, one two or three: you connect whatever device you want. I prefer my iPad mini six clicking and dragging works. Even with a small trackpad. The i o size is limited, which is unfortunate. They have so much wasted space up above they could have made it more of a rectangular trackpad. Instead of a small square, there would have been more ideal for scrolling, especially up or down, but rest assured everything does work, left, click right, click, click and dragging highlighting text open up multitasking with three fingers. Four fingers will give you a screenshot thats your basic gestures for everything, with the trackpad being so small, its just kind of awkward trying to perform everything growing is in the smoothest, but trying to cram three or four fingers on that small trackpad, like I said well, Get a little bit awkward, keep that in mind, but everything does work as intended. All the other keyboards I reviewed with trackpads operate the same and they had the same gestures. This one does the same, but you have the surface area of a Tic Tac box. This keyboard is really good Im doing a typing test.

You have a full size keyboard, its at backlit Im, not the fastest typer but Im getting a 50 plus words per minute. Ive done this test twice and Ive, been averaging about 53 54 Awards a minute just playing around with it crack scene on average. My words permit is about 60 70, with the bk05 Im getting about 50ish. With this you have a full size keyboard. The keys are raised, theyre, not mushy, theyre, pretty firm. I do like this keyboard quite well. If you can forgive the poor track pad or this keyboard for under forty dollars, I can really get behind this one keyboard easily a four and a half out of five track pad two out of five. If youre like me, and if you have time to kill, I have been listening to Audible for years Im almost up to six months of blessing time X4 by Craig Allison is a fantastic series book 15. The final conclusion of the series drops December 6th. If you are new to audible a limited time, offer only 5.95 a month for the first four months or you could try Audible for free for 30 days, my link will be down below. I only have a couple weeks to catch up on the series until Book 15 so have a good day, the second full Bowl keyboard AliExpress for 22.. One thing Ive learned if it comes in a plain brown box run, because in my line of work you learn after a while.

If they put zero effort into the box, you know the product will be crap. This is the full Bowl wireless keyboard, Bluetooth keypad, with touchpad. It is fairly smaller. It weighs in at 146 grams its a lot smaller than the first keyboard, which that one was a full size. The rest assured this thing has a lot of character to it. The left side actually isnt flat, it kind of wobbles up a little bit. This trackpad is a lot to be desired and when I say it has a lot to be desired, half of the gestures dont ever actually work, the first one it was small. It was cramped, but it worked this one. On the other hand, nothing really works on it. You can do two finger navigation, theres, no left or right click to it, its more hectic feedback where its more touch sensitive to simulate, a left or right click and half the time it doesnt work, click and dragging its very hard to select text. You get no pinch to zoom, no three finger. Multi multitasking, you dont even get warfinger screenshot, but with this one you can kind of Select with left click. You get now right. Click! You get two fingers scrolling, but besides that nothing else works for the trackpad like with this trackpad. They got everything wrong, and even with this keyboard it is even 10 times worse. I am averaging maybe about 13 14 words per minute with this keyboard, like the key.

Stick with the a key you have to tap that in four times, just to get it to work, the buttons sick, its a terrible keyboard and in between the left and the mill side. Its raised so far up want to press a key. You hit that Groove in the middle of it. This keyboard is absolutely terrible. The trackpad, at the end of the day, is zero out of five keyboard is negative. 13 out of five. This thing is completely junk like thats. The only way I can describe this, this keyboard is Just Junk dont ever buy this. Whatever you do, do not buy this Im average urging out 13 words per minute Im, not the slowest typer, but Im, not the fastest, its like running a marathon with concrete shoes. The third and final keyboard you can pick up – you can get right now for 29 off AliExpress. All three of them will be listed down below look at this box and tell me whats not like the others features. Yeah spelled wrong so right. There should be a red flag. Is this one going to be good like the first one, or is this one going to be terrible like the second one, so for right? Now I am one for one. This does weigh 2′ grams compared to the first one. It is a little bit heavier, but still lighter than the bk05, but, unlike the first one, you are given a full size track pad where they actually take the whole Space.

This is not a full size, qwerty keyboard. This is about 70 80 percent of a full size, one, but its big enough, yeah its Bluetooth. You can connect up to three different devices. You have USB type c for charging and for everything. This trackpad is really good, like its pretty firm its that mushy, its big. You can do left click right, click, one finger, selecting text, selecting images, links whatever two finger scrolling. You even have three finger navigation. So if you want to jump between different apps, this is much easier than the first keyboard. You even have four finger screenshot. This trackpad is Miles better than the first one. I really like this trackpad. This is almost on the same quality of level as the bk08. By add clever, at the same time, its even better, because this is a big generous track pad like this trackpad takes up all the space. I actually really like it. This keyboard is good. It hits all the check marks for me, typing isnt, quite as good, compared to the first one, but Im still getting about 40. Some words per minute for each keyboard. Ive done this typing test about five times, and these my top two best results typing with this is good, but my best typing is with the first one. I get about 50 plus words a minute with this one. I get about 40 plus words a minute which is to be expected, because the first one is a full size keyboard.

This one is equivalent to about 70 percent of one its, not quite as big its still equally as good theyre firm, its a good type of experience. Overall, I give this keyboard about 3.75 out of five, but this trackpad is easily four and a half out of five. This is one of the best track pads I have ever used for a foldable keyboard like they got this down really well, the only other one. I can say is probably better than this is the iclever bk08 or the one. By about. I am throwing this one into the mix just because it goes with everything. This is a ultra thin, slim folding keyboard. You can pick this off AliExpress for 25, unlike the other three, this one doesnt have a trackpad its split. So if you like a keyboard, a split this one might hit all your check marks for you and well briefly, go over everything. This is the cheapest one. Its fairly light with my typing test, Im getting 35 words per minute thats, just because muscle memory with myself Im not quite used to the style of layout for this type of keyboard, but over time. I believe I would be much much faster if you are looking for a replacement for the eye, clever bk06, the mate or the regular one, and you want USB type c. This would be a good alternative, especially for the price point, its fairly cheap. The keys are good theyre, not mushy.

Theyre firm typing is Pleasant, the keys are big. So if you like big cues, this might be a keyboard you might like. Ive. Had people ask me this. These three keyboards can only connect over Bluetooth. There is no actual pass through in which you can plug it, into charging cable to a computer and not use Bluetooth and have it connected. Even with my iPad and my MacBook, even plugging them in with type c to type c or C to a nothing will actually work. So these will only connect over Bluetooth and it does not have pass through with a regular wire. Unfortunately, if that is a deal breaker for you, these do not have that. In retrospect, all these keyboards serve a purpose, except for the second one. That thing is terrible if youre looking for a new foldable keyboard for your iPad Mini 6. I hope I helped you out making an educated purchase just improve your overall experience with iPad Mini 6, just because thats my favorite iPad and I feel even with the foldable keyboard, even with the small size, it can be really productive.