So this is the 16 inch lcd writing tablet a 16 inch lcd writing tablet. This tablet is only 1120 or 20.01 dollar. Kids learning lcd writing material Music. This tablet is also erasable, with laps cream perfect for sketching and drawing material Music chargeable lcd right in the tab, Music, paperless and environmental friendly, big and colorful screen now guys. This is the 16 inch lcd writing tablet, which is sold by the amazing grace. Please check the link below to order in la zada. This tablet has three available colors, which is blue white and pink. So obviously i choose the blue color, because this is my son’s favorite color now let’s discover what are some of the features of this writing tablet. Mini usb charger, second, is we have here the 16 lcd writing tablet? We also have here the user manual or the lcd tablet instructional manual at the back of this product. Is we have here the three priests writing stylus then attached silicone, and it has the same color with the subnet itself. Once again, this is the complete set of three piece: 15 inch, lcd right hand, side, that’s, very nice and very affordable flat. The first outstanding feature of this tablet is that it has a long battery life because it has a 200 milliampere capacity and of course it has a built in charger. Port we’ve been using this for a week now, but still again, hindi, bashan, al alobat or hindi.

Panetti drain, upon received sovereign friendly vineyard, has a widened screen having the screen size of 305 by 214 millimeter and, of course, very portable shop, because the product size is only 328 by 252 by eight millimeter very convenient than hinan tablet for only 300 gram. What’S good about this writing tablet is madam passion, labyrinth pattern or maze that your kids can play. Another feature of this tablet is melodrama, clear and erase button just make sure that the green light lit up when the screen is unlocked. It also have the lock button if you don’t, want to erase your work just make sure that the red light lit up when the screen is locked for me, software and it’s really great fun for drawing and writing papel or sticky notes. I really like the features of this tablet, because i can take down notes or write down the minutes of the meeting while i am working at home. My son also use this when he likes to draw write letters or numbers or even manual math calculations. This writing lcd tablet is also perfect for drawing sketching or even graphic pad, since this tablet is multi functional. We can also use this for listing down our items when we go to the shop or grocery. Lastly, the most important is that we also use this as a simple family message for me, this stuff, that is highly recommended, and then of course, now guys. Please check the link below for your order and hurry up before the sales end.

That amazing grace for this tablet. Thank you so much for this Music product Music. I like this brother because i can draw everything, thank you for watching and have a great day shout out samana katrina and i actually drew air and, of course, samantha google subscribers. Thank you so much for your support.