Now, if we were to take a look at this a year and a half ago, it definitely wouldn’t be worth it, but since pc part prices and especially graphics card prices are skyrocketing right now. This is actually a really great deal, because if you tried to get a hold of all the parts they used to build this, it would cost you a lot more than six hundred dollars. Now, if you try to pick one of these up on walmart’s website, you’re, not gon na find it for six hundred dollars. They’Re listed for around eight to nine and that’s, because third party companies swoop in buy all the online stock up and then immediately re list. It for much higher than walmart sold it, for so what you got to do is go in store and see if they have them in stock. Now luckily, there’s two walmarts within a 30 mile radius of me, the first one i went to had one on the shelf. I went ahead and bought it and a couple days later, i made it over to the other walmart. They actually had two in stock ready to go on the shelf for the same price. 5.99, if you’re a regular viewer of the channel. This pc might look familiar to you because about a month ago i was able to pick one of these up for less than 500 on ebay was a refurbished model. It looked brand new and performance on.

These is absolutely amazing for the price when it comes to pc gaming and even emulation, but since then all of those refurbished ones have been sold out. I don’t know if they’ll ever come back in stock, so i figured we’d go ahead and take a look at a brand new one from walmart at that 600 price tag and see if it’s worth it so, along with the pc itself, we’re also going to get Our keyboard – and i believe this comes with a mouse it’s, just a plain, jane, hp, mouse and keyboard. We also get our power, cable and instruction manual. Let me go ahead and get this out of the box, and here it is. This is actually a pretty small form factor when it comes to gaming, pcs, and they claim that this is upgradable. We have a 400 watt power supply 8 gigabytes of ram, a six core ryzen 5 3500 and a gtx 1650 super. And if you take a look at ebay right now or a third party site selling 1650 supers right now, you’ll see that when i go to buy it now and lowest price first 251 with 11 shipping, but uh this already sold out, i mean it sold out Immediately so the second cheapest one here is 350. This is an oem variant kind of like the one we have in the hp right now and this cost over half of what i paid for this whole pc.

So with the market like, it is right now this coming in at 599 dollars isn’t a bad deal at all, so i went ahead and pulled the side panel off and the hard drive caddy out just so we could take a look at the inside of this Thing we have a 400 watt, 80 plus power supply that gtx 1650 super given it’s an oem variant, but it performs really well. This comes pre installed with a 256 gigabyte nvme ssd, and we have that six core ryzen. 5. 3500. We do have enough power supply to upgrade this gpu down the road to something like a 1660 super, but if it was up to me there’s two upgrades that i would do to this machine and kind of leave it like it is. I would add an extra stick of ram, bringing it up to 16 gigabytes in dual channel and i want to add an extra hard drive to hold more games. So taking a look at the 1650 super it’s, an oem variant, there’s no back plate on it. We have that aluminum heatsink with a single fan, four gigabytes of gddr6. It is overclockable using something like afterburner and i’ve, had really good luck with 1080p gaming on the 1650 super. So we should get some good performance out of this and, like i said, i’ve already tested this pc, given it was a refurbished version, so i kind of know how this thing’s going to perform and it does really great all right.

So here we are. This is running windows, 10, home right out of the box. I’Ve got a lot of stuff installed to test out here in this video we’re, going to test out some pc games and we’re also going to go over a little bit of emulation. As you can see, we have that ryzen, 5. 3500. Six cores six threads. Nothing extra here base clock 3.6 gigahertz with a boost up to 4.1 8 gigabytes of ram right out of the box running in single channel mode at 2666, and we have that nvidia geforce gtx 1650 super four gigabytes of gddr6 vram. So, first up we have dirt 5 1080p high settings, and i was actually surprised that i was able to take this up to high when i first started this up. I put it at medium and i noticed i was getting a really good frame rate. So i just jacked it on up and yeah. You can definitely play this at 1080p high next on the list street fighter 5 1080p max settings running at a constant 6. great little machine for fighters, doom eternal 1080p high. I got an average of 64 fps and i think we’re kind of limited here by that eight gigs of ram at high settings with 16 gigs. I think we could get much better out of this when it comes to valorent it’s, a super easy game to run. So here we have it at 1080p, everything maxed out so we’re at high settings, and i got an average of 136 fps by the end of this match.

You want to run this game at 144. Take a few of those settings down and you’ll be good to go with this machine. Gta. 5. 1080P. High settings. I got an average of 81 fps and that’s totally fine in my book. If you wanted to run this at 60, you could lock it down and turn some of these up to very high, but i think this turned out really nice call of duty warzone 1080p high settings now, even with that eight gigs of ram we’re right there on The edge, if you take a look at afterburner up in the top left hand corner, i mean it’s, almost maxed out all the ram. I was still able to get an average of 86 fps at high settings. Cyberpunk 2077 1080p low, with dynamic fidelity fx cast on i’ve, got it set to 60 fps and the minimum resolution at 70 so will dip down to a minimum resolution scale of 70, but it’s trying its hardest to keep it at 60, fps and it’s. Doing a pretty decent job and finally cs go 1080p very high settings. Now with this, we can’t use afterburner on screen anymore, but it will run in the background. I had to use the built in windows, game bar and it looks like it’s a little all over the place, but at the end of this run i took a look at my afterburner logs and it stated that i had an average of 154 fps, but that Game bar does look all over the place.

I’M gon na wrap this video up with some higher end emulation. Now i pulled all of this footage from the initial video i did with the refurbished version, and this thing handles emulation like a champ first up, ps2 using pc sx2 with the directx 11 back in we’re running at 4k, no problem at all Music. If you wanted to do some switch emulation on this machine using yuzu you’re not going to have any issues at all, i also tested pokemon, sword or shield. In that other video. It ran at 30 just fine, but this is odyssey and, as you can see, we got 60fps out of it using the vulcan back end. Ps3 is another one that this pc handles really well we’re using rpcs3. This is skate 3 with that vulcan back in and i’m upscaled to 1080p and finally, for this video wii. U using cemu vulcan back in upscaled to 1080p, with async shaders, as you can see up in the top left hand, corner we’re at 60 with afterburner, and if you wanted to do this at 2k, you could, but you need to lock it at 30.. So the way gpu prices and pc part availability are right now, as making this video. I think it would be worth picking something like this up or you could always save this money. Wait until these prices come down and we can get our hands on some good cpus and build your own, but if you’re looking to game now, this could be a good option, and this is one of the best deals that i found on a brand new pre Built gaming pc in 2021, so that’s gon na wrap it up for this.

Video really appreciate you watching if you’re interested in checking out some more emulation on this thing, i’ll leave a link to that video. In the description like i mentioned, if you check out walmart’s website you’re going to see these listed for way more than you’re going to pay in store, so you need to check your local stores to see if they have these for that 599 dollar price tag.