It definitely resembles an intel noc, and this is actually powered by an intel cpu. As you can see, weve got a very small form factor here. Usb 3.0 on the front weve got some more usb 3.0 on the rear. It also has two usb type c ports, and you can get this with up to 16 gigabytes of ram and a 512 gigabyte m.2 ssd inside of the box, youre, obviously going to get the mini pc itself. Weve also got a face amount with all the hardware. We need to get this mounted up: six foot, hdmi, cable, nice little felt carrying bag and a 90 watt power supply. Taking a look at the i o up front here: weve got a usb type c port usb 3.0 and our 3.5 millimeter audio jack on each side. Weve just got a little bit of ventilation over here. On the right hand, side weve got a kinston lock over. On the left hand, side weve got a full size, sd card reader and moving around back weve got our power in mini display port gigabit, ethernet, full size, hdmi, two more usb 3.0 ports and another usb type c port. Taking a look at the specs for the cpu weve got the intel i5 8259u four cores, eight threads weve got a base clock of two gigahertz and a turbo up to 3.8 intel is on 12th gen now. This is definitely a little bit older, but we do get 16 gigabytes of ddr4 ram.

Unfortunately, its running in single channel right out of the box and speaking of that this is using the intel. Iris 655 plus weve got a 256 gigabyte, m.2 ssd ac, wi fi, bluetooth 4.2 and its running windows. 11.. Okay, so here it is ive got all the drivers updated and really its a snappy little system. Even with that single channel ram. I was actually surprised at how well this little gpu is working well. Take a look at some gaming and emulation in a second, even though, were working with an 8th, gen intel chip using this as an everyday desktop for email checking web browsing even 4k. Video playback would work out. Just fine 16 gigs of ram is more than enough really wish. It was running a dual channel out of the box. You can always upgrade it because we do have two slots in here, but the way its sitting right now performance is much better than i thought it would be. Here we have a 4k 60fps video running from youtube im in a true 4k ive turned scaling completely down in windows, 11. ive got stats for nerds up in the top left hand, corner were not dropping too many frames at all, and most of this is from The initial load in by the end of this video, i only had nine drop frames, which really isnt that bad its something you would never notice. While youre watching a movie in 4k, and going into this, i had a good feeling that it would handle 4k 60.

Really well so, if you want to stream it or play it from your local drive or an external drive, this little chip will handle it. Checking out some web browsing well, just head over to intels website. Well go with the new arc. Gpus really excited to get. My hands on one of these for testing, but, as you can see everything loads right up, i am connected to my five gigahertz network and weve got a pretty fast connection and with this ac, wi fi as long as you have a decent router and a good Internet connection, you shouldnt have any trouble at all loading up your favorite web pages. I also ran a couple benchmarks on this mini pc and first up we have geekbench 5 coming in with a single core score of 922 and a multi core score of 3588 moving over to some gpu benchmarks. Here we have 3dmark wildlife. This is a vulcan benchmark. Total score 5029 and finally, weve got 3dmark knight raid coming in with an 8258, so it would have made a big difference with dual channel ram, but i kind of wanted to test it. Just like it came out of the box and now its time to see how it handles gaming then well move over to some emulation and first up weve got the original skyrim 900p low settings. It is running at 60., and since this does have bluetooth built in, you can basically connect any controller.

One that ive been using recently is the new king kong pro 2, its really marketed as a switch controller, but it does have d input and x input. It also works with android, really smooth controls and, as you can see, it does work with windows quite well. Skyrim 900p low settings were running at 60., even with that single channel ram. This was really impressive to see what kind of games i could run on this. Little machine next up weve got minecraft. I definitely wanted to throw this in. Here were at 15 chunks, 1080p and when it comes to minecraft, you shouldnt have any issues on this chip. I mean its running really smooth. Here i havent seen any dips under 60.. Everything looks really good and finally, weve got cs go. I was really surprised to see that i got an average of 83 fps out of this game were at 720p medium settings and i do think that we could do 1080p low settings no problem at all, even with single channel ram. But i got ta say where this little chip shines is emulation. Now this isnt gon na do something like ps3. There actually might be a couple games that it will run, but i wouldnt buy this specifically for ps3, but when it comes to things like psp using the standalone version of ppsspp itll run it at five to seven x really depends on what game youre playing this One is a harder one to run its midnight club dub edition and were at seven acts here, checking out some ps2 emulation here we have gran turismo 4 at 720p.

I also tested soul, calibur 3 at 720p, worked out great, but trying to take this up to 1080p, the way its sitting right now, just isnt gon na work out. This runs at about 55 fps at 1080 and theres a chance with another stick of ram in here. It would give us that performance boost we need to get 1080 out of ps2 games and finally, weve got some wii emulation using the dolphin emulator directx 11 back in 1080p running great now, im sure that there are a few games you might run into where you Have to drop it down to 720p and theres a few games where you could go up to 1440 with this, but it does work out quite well for gamecube and wii. Whenever im testing these many pcs, i always like to take a look at power consumption. So this is always plugged into a kilowatt meter and at idle this pulls around 12 watts, while gaming, it does jump up there to around 38 and the maximum that i could get this to pull from the wall was 67 watts, which was way more than i Thought it would be, but then again weve got an eighth generation intel cpu. So in the end, its definitely not the most powerful mini pc. That weve taken a look at on the channel, but it is a lot more powerful than the gemiini and the jasper, like celeron cpus, i know, were working with an older, 8th, gen intel cpu, but it is going to put out a lot better performance than those Mobile celeron chips too, i would have loved to see at least one thunderbolt 3 port.

On this. That way we could have connected an egbu and made a pretty nice little gaming machine. I mean this would have definitely done some really good 1080p high, maybe ultra settings with some aaa games. If you had something like a 3060 paired with it, but unfortunately we only got usb type c. Another thing that would have been nice right out of the box is dual channel ram. If this had two 8 gig sticks instead of a single 16, it definitely would have upped that gpu performance, but this isnt a gaming machine. It was never meant to be a gaming machine and as a regular, everyday desktop. This can definitely work out really well. So, if youre interested in learning more, i will leave a couple links in the description and, if theres anything else, you want to see running on this machine, be it another operating system or more games or emulators.