Now i’ve done a lot of reviews on these mini pcs from menis forum and 99 of the time. They’Re powered by ryzen apu’s, but this one is a bit different being that it’s actually powered by a tiger like cpu. This has the 1135 g7, which actually turns out to be one of my favorite cpus of 2020 and 2021, and when it comes to these mini pcs, one thing i always like to see is thunderbolt support, and this has thunderbolt 4 built in since we have an Intel chip in this unit now, along with the tl50 we’re, also going to receive a few extras in here like the power supply, which is a 65 watt, usb type c power supply. We also get our power cable for that psu. A six foot hdmi cable, an ssd bracket, because this will support up to two 2.5 inch ssds inside of the unit and a vasa mount. So taking a look at the front here, as you can see from the left to the right, we have our power button. Audio in audio out two usb 3.0 ports and our thunderbolt 4 port up front here, which will also work as a display port out, taking a look at the left and the right hand side. We don’t have much going on here, but we do have some ventilation and moving around back. We have two usb 2.0 ports, two more usb 3.0 ports. We also have dual ethernet ports here, one will do 2.

5 gigabit, the other one will do gigabit a full size. Hdmi port full size display port and our usb type c port, which is only used for power in as for the specs on the tl50, for that cpu we have the tiger like i5 1135 g7. This is running at 28 watts in this unit. Four cores eight threads base, clock of 2.4 gigahertz and a boost up to 4.2. The gpu is the built in iris xe, with 96 execution units at 1300 megahertz and as for ram it’s non user replaceable on this unit, because it uses lpddr4 ram running at 3733. Megahertz and with the unit i have here, we have 12 gigs and i know it might be a little bit of a letdown that this is not user upgradable, but keep in mind those built in iris. Xe graphics really perform much better with lp ddr4 ram, especially that were running over 3200 megahertz. So gpu performance on this unit, in theory, should outperform the new nook powered by this same cpu. I wanted to do a quick tear down just to give you a look at the internals here and when we tear down these mini pcs, usually in this area right here we can add two sticks of ram, but since it’s soldered to the board it’s, actually on The other side, the m.2 ssd, is upgradeable. Plus we have the option to add two 2.5 inch drives here, and what they’ve been doing with these mini pcs is adding a pretty sufficient cooling system to these lower powered chips, giving it the ability to boost up much longer, just stay at its maximum frequency, and This one’s no different.

This is using a mobile chip that you’ll see in thin and light laptops, and the cooler they opted to use here is sufficient for 65 watt desktop chips. So when it comes to a mini pc like this running at 28, watts we’re not going to see any kind of overheating issues or thermal throttling all right. So here we are. This is running windows 10, home. As you can see, we got the i5 1135. G7. 12 gigabytes of lp ddr4 ram running at 3733 and the built in xe graphics. Now, like i mentioned, this is running at 28 watts, but it will go up a bit more when it started to boost up, but this is set at basically its maximum power limits. Usually you can go into the bios with these little machines and change it, but right out of the box it’s ready to go for you when it comes to using this as an everyday pc for web browsing email. Checking 4k video playback it’s gon na work out. Just fine i’ve tested a lot of these tiger like cpus, and they work great for it, even if you wanted to do photo editing or video editing on something like this. You’Ll have no issues at all i’m. A big fan of these tiger, like cpus, especially the built in graphics intel, has done an amazing job with their igpus and the tiger leg series. This can actually game pretty well, but the first thing i want to do before we move to that and some emulation is run a few benchmarks.

First, one i ran was geekbench. Five single core is looking phenomenal for a mobile chip we’re at 1326 and multi at 5345. Keep in mind. We only have four cores and eight threads here: it’s, not a super high core count. Cpu moving over to some gpu benchmarks, with 3d mark night raid total score here, 16 513 fire strike came in with a 420 and finally time spy with a 1543 moving over to some pc gaming. First up, we have overwatch 1080p medium settings and this is actually performing better than i’ve, seen it on the 1135 g7 in the past, and i think it’s due to the latest intel drivers. But with this one here we got an average of 118 fps ginge and impact perform really well at medium low settings, we’re still at 1080p here and uh overall it’s, definitely playable every once in a while. I do notice it dip down when there’s lots of effects on screen, but it’s kind of few and far in between it just performs really well forza. Horizon 4 1080p low medium mix. We got an average of 63 fps when it comes to these newer intel drivers for this built in iris xc. It is helping out in a lot of situations. I’Ve noticed a decent jump in performance and a lot of the stuff that i’ve tested street fighter 5 is another one i always like to test. But with these tiger like cpus, even the i7 version, i do have to drop this down to 900p medium settings at 1080p – medium it’s, not great, and if you want to go down the low 1080p, it will work out at 60.

But personally i like having that medium setting for the textures and yeah. This will run crisis. Unfortunately, with the first crisis game, i can never run this at full screen properly. So i do have to have this in windowed mode, but we’re at 1080p, medium settings and we got an average of 78 fps gta 5 is just another one of those games. You have to drop the resolution down with these mobile chips, but with this one here we got an average of 66 fps at 900p, normal settings, Music and finally, here for the pc gaming side of things, cyberpunk 2077 never been a great performer on these mobile chips. 720P low 80 resolution scale and we’re getting an average of around 29 fps when it comes to these integrated graphics and cyberpunk 2077. They just don’t play well together, moving over to some emulation. Here we have wii: u using cemu the vulcan back end with those async shaders breath of the wild, got it locked at 30 and you can run it like this all day. The way it is right now we’re at 720p – and i did try running this at 60, but it only averages around 52 fps. So i do like locking this at 30 on these tiger lake chips, here’s the ps3 version of tekken 6 using rp cs3. We got that bulk back in and i was able to upscale this one to 1080p, but for a majority of the ps3 games you will have to stick at 720p, but it’s not going to run every single one at a constant 60.

. When we move over to skate 3 it’s trying its hardest, but every once in a while, i will see it dip down to around 55 to 56 it’s, still pretty impressive, seeing it emulating this game this. Well, though, i always like to test power consumption on these mini pcs, i use a kilowatt meter plugged into the wall, so this is total system power consumption at idle. We got 9 watts 4k video playback jumps up to around 15. gaming. We averaged 43 watts and the maximum that i could get this to pull from. The wall was 57 watts when it comes to average cpu temperatures. They chose a great cooler for this mobile chip and i’ve said that, before with the ryzen 4000 series they’re using the same cooler on those mobile chips. So i expected it to be really good at idle it’s around 38 degrees celsius, and the fan is definitely not audible at all. It is spinning in there, but you have to put your ear right next to it to hear it. Gaming, on average 68 degrees celsius and the maximum that i could get this to hit after a 10 minute stress test was 81 degrees celsius, and with that stress test, the fan does ramp up a bit but it’s not loud at all. I mean this is a very quiet unit, so, in the end, when it comes to the all new minis forum tl50, this is a great performer for many pc.

If you’re looking for an intel based mini pc with thunderbolt, i think this would be a great option. Now you could always go with the official 11th gen nook with the same cpu, but remember you do have to add your own ram and storage and given we can add more ram to that official nuk up to 64 gigabytes it’s only going to be running at 3 200 megahertz that’s, the maximum you can do and running the iris xe on faster ram will definitely help out and that’s really why we were getting such good performance with this little pc here, but yeah that’s going to wrap it up for this. One really appreciate you watching if you’re interested in learning more about this, i will leave links to the official website in the description and if you want to see anything else running on this uh, specifically more games, more emulators or even an e gpu.