So what we have here is the brand new ser4 from b link im a huge fan of the new design that they have coming out with their mini pcs. Im really glad that they changed this up and in the last year or so b link has been adding name, brand ram and storage to their units. But, like i mentioned, i do love the look of this thing. Weve got those red vents on the side. Weve got that big amd logo across the top. Unfortunately, it is not led backlit like its bigger brother, but i really do like the way. This thing looks now inside of the box: youre also going to receive a 65 watt power supply, theres, an hdmi cable in there and some mounting hardware. Taking a look at the i o up front here. Weve got two full size: usb 3.1 gen, 2 ports and a usb type c port. This is full function. It does support video out 4k 60. Unfortunately, you cant power the unit from this port, not much going on around the sides, but we do have these really. Nice, looking red cooling vents and around back, we get gigabit ethernet weve got one usb 2.0 port, another usb 3.1 gen2 dual full size, hdmi port. So this will support up to three displays out, including that usb type c on the front there, and we also have our power in for the 65 watt power supply, checking out the internals here really easy to get to just four screws on the bottom.

This is using crucial ram right out of the box. Weve got 32 gigabytes running at 3200, megahertz and obviously its in dual channel weve got an intel, 512 gigabyte, m.2 ssd, and this little pc does support a 2.5 inch drive. So you can easily add more storage. Now i was planning on pulling this whole thing apart, but they do have an exploded view over on their website. Give you a quick look at that, but now its time to jump right into the specs. So when it comes to the apu on this mini pc its using the ryzen 7 4800u out of the box, its set at 25 watts, but we can easily take it up to 45.. Eight cores 16 threads weve got a base clock of 1.8 gigahertz and a boost up to 4.2 built in radeon 8 graphics. The version i have here did come pre installed with 32 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 3, 200 megahertz, but theyre also selling a 16 gigabyte version. This also came pre installed with a 512 gigabyte, m.2 ssd, but like we saw we can add a 2.5 inch drive its got wi fi 6e bluetooth 5.2, and it comes pre installed with windows. 11.. All right. So here we are ive got everything set up. Ive been messing around with it for a little while now ive got some games installed, ive tested out some gaming and some emulation on this device. Ive also run some benchmarks.

Well, take a look at all of that in this video, but im really impressed on how they have this set up now on the channel weve taken a look at the 4800: u before and im, not sure if its due to driver updates or not, but this Things performing really really well in basically everything that ive tested so far. One of the main things i always test with these mini pcs, especially with the ryzen variants, is the stock tdp and from the bios. We can only go up to 25 watts, but we can always change that real, quick. Let me run a prime 95 test here. So well just go with a stress test and right here i have core temp up were at around 25 watts straight out of the box, but were going to go ahead and change this now, while this is all running im, just going to go ahead and open Up amd apu tuning utility and well keep all those windows up, but i do have a custom preset here: ive set this to 50 watts were going to update, apply and youll see this jump right up and it settles around 45 to 46 watts, really good performance. While its set up like this, and you can adjust this, however youd, like ive, also overclocked the gpu on this to 1900 megahertz through all of the gaming youll, see in this video, but taking the tdp up on this 4800u works out really well and the built In cooling system they have under normal usage and even pc gaming can handle that 50 watt threshold really around 45.

I think thats what were maxing out at, but taking a look at you know just everyday normal desktop usage with this little pc. We definitely have plenty of ram its going to work out just fine for web browsing email checking. You want to do some photo editing on this little thing. Even some 1080p video editing would definitely be possible even at that 25 watts right out of the box, but you know when web browsing everything loads up really quickly just head over here 4k video playback, not an issue with the 4800u. I usually test it, but weve gone through that several times. This will handle 4k 60 playback, whether you want to stream from your favorite app or do native playback from an internal hard drive, a usb stick or an external hard drive its really up to you. One of the main things i wanted to test in this video was gaming performance well also test some emulation, but first up lets go ahead and check out some benchmarks that i ran on this thing: geekbench 5 single core, 1168 multi 7295, not bad at all, and Even at 25 watts were gon na get about the same single core score and around 5900 multi core moving over to 3d mark night raid total score here, 15, 237 and finally, weve got fire strike with a 3716 for integrated graphics, especially on a 4000 series. Ryzen apu its not looking bad remember. This is a! U version of the 4800, its not an h version time to check out some pc gaming and first up, we have street fighter 5 900p medium settings so were at full medium here.

But if you did want to go up to 1080p, you can set this to a low medium mix 1080p and still get a constant 60 out of it. But 900p, in my opinion, still looks great with this game: checking out halo, infinite and initially going into this. I thought it was going to fall right on its face. You know under 20., but we actually got an average of 41 fps were at 720p low settings, and this is definitely some of the best performance that ive seen out of the 4800u with pc gaming. So far, and to tell you the truth, i know it has a lot to do with the updated and optimized drivers from amd, but were still getting really great performance out of this apu heres gta 5 at 1080p, normal settings – and with this i got an average Of 73 fps in the past, with the same chip and other systems, i was only able to do about 900p with the same frame rate here, but were at 1080 with gta 5. Now and if you take a look at afterburner up in the top left hand, corner were pulling around 48 watts. Our temperature has hit around 84 degrees celsius. This fan is kicking up, but its not super loud. It doesnt sound like a jet engine. Next up, weve got forza horizon 5 900 p low. I got an average of 67 fps. Out of this now were only at 900p low settings, its still a really enjoyable experience, but by the end of this video i do want to do a little bit of an experiment.

These ryzen apus do support freesync and, while its not going to up your frame rate, it can make everything feel a little smoother without any kind of screen tearing. So we will take a look at that. Heres, the new god of war port were at 720p low settings and i got an average of 42 fps right now. I know were pulling a lot more wattage than the steam deck would, but were on par with that kind of performance. Well see out of that system, and when it comes to the cpu side of things in this mini pc versus the steam deck, this would definitely beat it every day. Weve got it by 4 cores and a higher boost clock, but the steam dex rdna 2 based igpu will trump this radeon vega 8. Even if this vega 8 was overclocked to around 2100 megahertz, but i did want to test one thing out so here we have god of war again, but were at 1080p original settings and ive locked it at 30.. We can play this at 30fps 1080p with the original settings on the 4800u in this little pc and adding a free sync monitor to this would definitely get rid of any kind of screen tearing at all and the final pc game i wanted to test here was Eldon ring where at 720p low settings and were getting an average of 40 fps, i didnt think we were gon na run this over.

You know 30 fps, but getting that average of 40 and most of the time were actually over 40 feels really decent. With this setup, all right so like i mentioned, i did want to test out freesync here, so its really hard to show off in a youtube video. But this is a portable monitor with freesync. You dont have to be plugged in through usb type c, but this usb type c port does support video out. So it powers the monitor and everything like that. Ive got free, sync enabled in the radeon settings. Ive got freesync, enabled on this little monitor and were running forza horizon 5 here at 1080p, with a low medium mix were not going to get an average 60, but with no screen tearing going on since we have that freesync on it does feel really smooth and If i didnt have that fps counter on screen right now, id say that this was definitely running at 60fps freesync isnt, going to up the frame rate, its not going to make your mini pc faster. What its going to do is eliminate that screen tearing to give you the illusion that that game is running at full speed and, through all of my testing, ive, actually had a really good time with presync on these ryzen based mini pcs. But with the way this game is set up right now and how well its running, i wouldnt mind playing this at all now, its time to move over to some emulation and with this little mini pc, just seeing how well its running the ps3 emulator rpcs3.

I do want to give it its own dedicated emulation, video. Originally, i was going to throw a few systems in here, but seeing how well this is running even with some of the harder to run games. I think it deserves its own video, so weve got tekken 6 here running with the vulcan back in and rp cs3, not a super hard game to emulate and its going to run at full speed. So lets move over to skate 3.. Now, if you do any kind of ps3 emulation, you know how hard this one can be to run especially on mobile chips, but seeing this performance here with skate 3 using the vulcan back in with rp cs3, is very very promising were at 60 fps. And yes, we are pulling some wattage from that apu, but this is one of those games with this emulator that loves extra cores and threads. This doesnt mean its going to run every ps3 game at full speed, but this is looking really good for emulation on the scr4 one reason some people might want to opt for a mini pc like this is power consumption. So this is total system power consumption. Through all of my testing, i have this plugged into a kilowatt meter at the wall idle its averaging around 11 watts, 4k video playback jumps up to 18 watts. Average gaming will change depending on what you have the tdp set at, but around 32 watts at that 25 watt, tdp and 63 watts when youre set up at that 45 or 50 watt tdp.

Its really gon na depend, but the maximum that i could get this to pull from the wall, while maxing out the gpu, all eight cores and 16 threads was 68 watts. So, overall, this little mini pc turned out to be the best performing 4. 800. U device that ive ever tested, be it a laptop or a mini pc, and it really comes down to the fact that were able to up that tdp to around 45 to 50 watts. On this thing, which really helps out with keeping the clocks up on all 8 cores and 16 threads and the radeon 8 gpu, and even at that higher wattage the highest, i saw the temps go on. This was 93 degrees celsius, which definitely does seem high. But this thermal throttles at 95 and we didnt hit it now im sure we could, if we run centibench r23 for 10 minutes straight maxing out all the cores, but under everyday normal use. Gaming and emulation youre not going to see thermal throttle on this little setup. Even at 45 watts im just really impressed with this little setup and if youre interested in seeing at least one more video on the ser 4. Let me know in the comments below i do have one planned. We want to get some emulation out of the way on this thing and if you like, these mini pc videos dont forget to hit the subscribe button and turn notifications on. So you know when i post the next one but thats going to wrap it up.