I recently did a review on this if you’re interested in checking out how it performs with real pc games. I’Ll leave a link for that video in the description, but overall this thing has been absolutely amazing and basically, what we have here is a super small form factor: gaming, pc powered by a 9th gen i7 cpu and a gtx 1650 gpu. Now i picked mine up bare bones: 580 ship didn’t come with storage, didn’t come with ram, i added 16 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 26.66 and a 512 gigabyte m.2 nvme ssd. Now they do offer a few different variants from a 9th gen i5. All the way up to a 9th gen i9, but i went mid range with it and chose the i7 version, but, as you can see, this thing is absolutely tiny and it actually puts out some really good performance. So before we jump right into some emulation testing, i just want to give you a quick rundown on the specs for the cpu. We have the i7 9750h 6 cores 12 threads base clock 2.6 gigahertz with the turbo up to 4.5. We have a gtx 1650 with 4 gigabytes of gddr5, plus we have those uhd 630 graphics built in if you want to do something lower end i’ve added 16 gigabytes of ram to this and it’s running windows – 10 pro. So for this video we’re just going to be testing out some emulation from sega saturn, all the way up to ps3 to see how this thing performs.

But if you’re interested in seeing how this thing performs with real pc games, definitely check out my initial video. But with all that, out of the way, let’s jump right into it. So first on the list we have sega saturn using retro arch and the yobase and shiro core with each one of these games. You will see the name of the system. The name of the emulator i’ll also have some box art on screen. So you know what games playing at any given time and i have afterburner running up in the top left hand corner. So we can see what’s going on with everything. What you’re seeing now is the yobasi and shiro core, but i also tested the beetle core and it works just as well. We definitely have enough cpu power next up, psp it’s, going to run great as long as the game’s compatible with the emulator you’ll have no trouble running it, even the harder ones to run like chains of olympus and ghost of sparta. Here we have midnight club 3 dub edition, which is actually a really hard game to run and we’re at 5x resolution with the vulcan back in, i also tested dx11 and opengl. They perform just as well moving over to gamecube using the dolphin emulator vulcan back in upscale to 4k, one of the harder ones to run. I have zero gx and we’re running at full speed. I also tested auto modalista, which is kind of my go to runs.

Just fine at 4k, and going into this i was pretty sure we wouldn’t have any issues. This emulator has come a long way in the last few years and the dolphin developers have done an amazing job along with gamecube. We also have 4k wii inhalation. When i initially started testing this out of the box, it was set at directx 11 and it worked really well, but i just kind of wanted to swap over the vulcan and, as you can see, we’re still getting great performance here we are with pc sx2 directx 11 back in and with ratchet and clank going commando here, i was able to take it up to 4k, but it’s not going to do all ps2 games at 4k, because the next one i tested, i did have to drop it down to 2k. But in the end still doing an amazing job and here’s that one i had to drop down to 2k gran turismo 4. Applause, Music, original xbox emulation has come a long way in the last few years, we’re using cx bx reloaded upscaled to 1080p jet set radio Future running at 60., i also tested the original xbox version of doa3 getting great performance here at 1080p, but every once in a while. I do notice some hiccups and it really comes down to the emulator itself, taking it up to ps3 using rpcs3 vulcan back in upscale to 1080p tekken 6. Here, looking great running just fine, i knew we wouldn’t have any issues with this particular game.

It seems a bit easier to run than others, but i also tested two more ps3 games just to make sure and finally for ps3 we have skate 3.. This is kind of my go to test it’s, just a really hard one to emulate, and even out here in the open, with lots of people walking around we’re running at full speed. It’S doing a really great job with this also threw in a little bit of wii. U emulation using simu vulcan back in async shaders upscaled to 1080p breath of the wild running at 30.. I did try this at 60, but i can only achieve around 57 fps and it does dip down from there. So locking this at 30 is really the way to go. I tested one more here with the cemu emulator still using those async shaders with a vulcan back in upscale to 1080p. Looking great here and performance is amazing and finally, for this video we have some xbox 360 emulation using zinnia. There have been recent updates to this emulator that allows it to perform much better on nvidia gpus, and since we have that gtx 1650, we can even do forza 2 at full speed. This is really awesome and in the past i have tested this on another machine with a ryzen cpu and a 1650. We achieved a little less performance, but i think we’re, seeing that performance bump here due to the new updates to the emulator, and just because i was here, i figured i’d test out red dead redemption.

I didn’t unlock it at 60 or anything like that. I wanted to see if we could at least run this at 30 and when there’s lots of stuff on screen, you can see that it dips down quite a bit so overall, this has turned out to be an awesome, little mini pc for gaming and, as you Saw in this video it dubs as a great little emulation device if you’re interested in learning more about this little pc definitely check out that first video i made i’ll leave a link for it in the description we did an unboxing a hardware overview. We ran some benchmarks and tested out some pc games. This is definitely a solid little small form factor gaming machine and, if you’re interested in picking one up, i’ll leave a few links in the description but that’s going to wrap it up for this one.