They prefer android. So you got samsung, you got huawei, but you might not have thought of xiaomi for tablet. You should ive been playing with the pad 5 for the past couple weeks, and this tablet shocked me at how good it is, especially for the price point here. It is my review of the xiaomi pad 5. now, like all reviews, are not paid or sponsored. Unless we tell you, i was a little unsure. If i wanted to actually do review on this now, you know xiaomi singapore, who are very kind enough to send this over said bobby, just give it a shot. Try it out as soon as i open this thing up and i powered it on and i started loading up the apps and playing around with it. I was very impressed im like okay guys. I got ta talk to you about this, because i know a lot of you out. There say: hey look. What else is there to use besides the ipad? Another android tablet: what are some options and im gon na say this is one as i mentioned earlier, you need to take a look at now heres. What were gon na do for the review were gon na. Show you what its like to edit on lightroom were gon na. Do some web browsing well, do some video play as well and then well do some gameplay and i got zeno here whos our gamer whos, going to be coming over here playing some genshin show you what its like to use now well be doing screen recording on This so there may be a little bit of lack of performance due to that, because obviously its a little bit taxi on the system, but youll get an idea of who this tablets for, in terms of that now, if youre a hardcore gamer, i dont think this Might be the tablet for you, but if youre a casual, gamer youre like look, i use my tablets to you, know: watch youtube videos netflix whatever disney plus, and i want to do a little bit of casual gaming.

I think you may be impressed so with that lets get down to trying out this tablet. Okay, first off specs, the 11 inch tablet runs a snapdragon 860 processor. In the this version has a six gigabyte. 120 gigabytes of storage. Size is about eight thousand seven hundred something milliamp batteries, so this is a very large battery and a tablet, but its pretty much part and parcel with what youre getting with a lot of 11 inch tablets on this 120 hertz display on this and youre gon na Get that dolby, atmos vision sound and that clear, youre gon na get that p3 color gamut one billion colors. This thing is stacked and i also have the pencil with it as well, or the pen which magnetizes to the top of it. You might have seen that on other tablets out there in apple in terms of cameras on there, on the back of you got a 13 megapixel camera, then of course you can do 4k. Video on the front. You got 1080p video for your front facing camera as well. So if you want to do web conferencing, it looks really good its its its fantastic man. I really like this thing anyway. Lets get on with some testing right here. Okay, lets! Do it? Okay! First off we are going to go into lightroom real quick here now. Ive got a lot of photos on this uh, so we might take a little bit but ill just pull into some some photos here to get an idea.

What were looking at the pen is very responsive on this, and you also get an extra tip when you do get the pen inside of it too. So just in case you need that, but im not seeing much delay on this its pretty accurate. Then, of course, i can just uh enhance the clarity a little bit. If i want add, the textures all looks really good now in terms of the tablet usage. Obviously, when youre using android versus apple right, the apps are developed a little bit differently. So this is not a comparison between an ipad and also the xiaomi path, five, but if youre into the android space, you already kind of know what its like to use. But i mean looking at my images right here: i shot on a 45 megapixel camera, its sharp the colors. Look great no issues at all. Now i am doing a screen record on top of this, so there might be a little bit of lag because of that screen. Recording but again performs beautifully. Lets go to netflix real quick here. Cleopatras first egg is on display. I mean its beautiful sharp. You can hear the audio coming from these speakers. Its fantastic great movie experience im gon na pause that right now, obviously for copyright reasons, i cant play you a larger clip, but youre gon na get the idea that again. This is a really good video experience on this tablet. Also, you got the multitasking right here very easy to use, bring it back now again with the way the tablets designed.

Actually, i feel more comfortable using it in portrait mode than i do in landscape mode um. It is a quite like a 16 by 10 ratio on this, so i mean for movie play obviously landscape, but if youre just gon na be daily tasks like this browsing the web, i would hold it in portrait mode. For the most part, i mean it feels more comfortable that way. Uh lets go into some browsing real quick here. All the latest news going on here allow some notifications from geek culture a lot of ads. We got a lot of ads on our website here, so dont, mind those you got to make money. Somehow you know what i mean. I got same day. Appointments man got to pay the bills, as we say, got to pay the bills you know. So if youre, looking for a dentist, weve got you covered on that one yeah. I mean again very easy to use when your boy browsing at this size, its very nice to read, documents check out things like that. No issues at all so, and the one thing again i like is the vibrancy and the brightness of this – is this display now? Is it the brightest display on any tablet, not necessarily but its great for indoor usage, its great for outdoor usage? It does adapt now again, you can adjust based on the color temperature, depending on the lighting source. You can do that as well kind of like the true tone that apple has.

You can get that same sort of similar uh experience with this tablet. I turn it off for the most part, because i do a lot of photo editing and i dont want something to go more warm than it is depending if im shooting you know editing at night time or whatever the case is or in lower light. So you know to each their own on that, but i got ta say this is a very pleasant experience holding this tablet, its very lightweight guys. This is paper thin. It is such a pleasant tablet to hold. I would say it feels a little bit lighter than the ipad for the most part. To be honest with you, i mean, if you want to compare it to that, so lets show a little bit of writing. Example: real, quick here, thats, my name very smooth. This is very, very smooth, so on the pen you can actually control it to do. Lets say screen capture, you do the whole screen. You can do a window whatever it is. You want to do and you can share it. You can start over give you that. So, if youre do, you know taking cinnamon notes, youre looking at a website looking at a document, you just want to cut a piece of that out and share it to somebody. You can do that as well. All right! So now were going to do, is im going to have zino come over here since hes the gaming guy and hes going to actually play some gention for us? Show you what its like to play.

Now again, we are doing some screen recording on this. So there may not be the optimal performance out of this, but uh xeno walk you through that, so well, get to that and ill give you my final thoughts right after this lets. Talk about todays, sponsor logitech, here, geek culture, audio, is a huge part of our daily lives, both work and play so whats. Our choice of headphones well meet the logitech g435 lightspeed wireless gaming headset. It lets you listen to all. The rich sounds from your music videos and games across pc console and mobile, while sporting, some popping vibrant colors, not only that it weighs just 165 grams, which means sometimes youll even forget that youre wearing it with a robust battery life of 18 hours. You can enjoy your gaming sessions for prolonged periods of time for more details head over to lets go to the settings real, quick again, everything is on the highest were at 60 fps. So this is the best we can do now. Its kept at 60 fps yeah, but other than that it looks pretty all right. You get the game boost on this as well. Oh yeah right! I forgot about that yeah, so its clearing up its freeing up space on the tablet for me to play the game lets start the challenge: real, quick, okay. So far, so good, okay, okay, well, okay, we got some frame drops, but i think thats because of the screen recording the screen.

Recording is limiting quite a bit a lot, but other than that its it looks pretty damn good. Okay, it feels great to play yeah! Oh okay, so the screen recording is off right now, but lets get the audio out real quick. It does improve a smidgen okay, just a little bit but honestly with like 6 6 of ram and anything as compared to like say like the xiaomi black shark 4. That we tried out right, which is a gaming phone which is a gaming phone yeah. This i mean this things been for the casual, casual use and everything, but you can definitely get some gaming out of this thing on the lower settings right yeah, because we are overclocking this thing right now and we are pushing it to its limits right. So you know you obviously want to expect the best performance out of it, its fine, okay, final thoughts on the tablet, as i mentioned before, i think its fantastic for the average user out there, if youre again, not in the apple ecosystem. This is something to take a look at theres, a lot of competition in the android marketplace. When it comes to tablets, i wasnt expecting the xiaomi pad 5 to be this good, but it actually is and im not paid or sponsored to say that i was very impressed with it now a couple things that i think could use improvement now again on the Back of it is a little slick to hold like this.

Now i dont have the case. Obviously, when you get the cases thats going to alleviate that, but i wish it had a bit more of a matte texture. I think xenia also mentioned this as well, and at the same time i feel like on the display. Its really nice got great colors everything else, but you know on the xiaomi phones. They give you a lot of customization when it comes to the display. You can just you: can choose srgb p3. You can really fine tune it from there. I feel some of that customization isnt in this tablet. Thus far now again, there is going to be a miui update coming very soon. I think within a month or so that may be included and this whole thought on the display may be null and void, but as it stands right now at the end of november, i would say that one might be one of my only complaints about it. Besides that, six gigabytes of ram, as we mentioned not gon na, be optimal, for you know hardcore gameplay, but it will do the job. This is not meant to be a pro tablet to equal or match your laptop out there, but this is a nice accessory to take on with you if youre in the bedroom home, if you want to give it to your kids, family members, you know just watch Some videos, as youre, cooking or whatever the case may be, i think youll really enjoy this.

Those are my thoughts on the xiaomi pad five. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Is this a tablet youre? Looking to pick up any questions you have? I will try to answer those with you, like always subscribe to the channel.