We got their gmmk2, 65 modular mechanical keyboard, we got a numpad from them. We got a cable gpbt premium, PBT keycap, set a wrist rest and a different numpad Im excited wanted to cover a bunch of like I love the gmmk pro lets. Do the cable glorious, coiled, cable with the crimson red color? I love that crimson red USBC. These can be really expensive, depending on where you get them. Ive made these myself. I have bought several from several different companies, so far looks pretty good thats a decent coil heres the problem. With these a lot of the time they coil them in a way depending on who you buy it from where this doesnt like come out at a straight angle, perfectly so like right now. This rests like this naturally, but really you want it like this. So when you do that to some of these other cables, it just like makes them a little off center. Theyre, not perfect at that point, like maybe theyre off to the side or like maybe theyre like this or whatever, anyway. Its not happening Here length is pretty good uh. So part of the reason why you cant get super long. Coils is because USB actually has like a maximum length and if we measure from end to end it is about six inches so yeah I can. I can still eyeball lengths of things. Take that, however, you want um your Aviator connector. This thing is purely for Aesthetics, its a five pin connector, which is a little nice most of the ones Ive used are like four pin, and you just so you just put it in and then you screw it down and then bam.

So now what youve got on your desk is going to be something like this. I mean the cable is a little stiff right now, but you just keep it out and maybe hold it straight for a little while and it should kind of okay. I guess thats. My only complaint a lot of time when you get these theyre like theyre, not as uh stiff as this okay, we got a wrist rest by the way Jerry rig knife. There we go. Okay, what you get is: oh yeah, thats kind of nice. I actually strongly prefer a soft fabric and like memory, foam or cooling gel or whatever yeah, I think its wood. Actually, this could be a really nice alternative. Oh and the wood actually explains a lot, so I saw these markings and I thought it was like scrapes on the plastic yeah. The ridge is a lot clearer. I think, like you, can see it on here too uh. One cool thing, though, is that its got. These rubber grips on the bottom, so its actually like really not going anywhere. Weve got two numpads black and white Im gon na flip. This knife lets say the uh label side is the white one, and the other side is the black one, were opening the white one: okay theyre, otherwise, basically the same its just a color. Oh, this is Hefty already. I think these are all aluminum, so CNC, aluminum, 18 programmable Keys, knob and slider controls actually really like it already its got a little like Bluetooth on or off switch down here, oh as soon as you said, to Bluetooth its turned on.

Instead of so its not plugged in, but you know, its got, some juice looks like theres, a bunch of RGB which is pretty nice and then youve got these little side lights as well. That turn on a little hard to pick up on the camera. During with certain angles and whatnot, but should be fully programmable, one pretty cool thing as well is that glorious is like embossed into the bottle where its carved out its pretty sweet, and I like that its got both a knob which feels great. Can it click yeah? It can click, so you can use this like a play or pause button. I get you know its fully programmable, so its up to you use the slider or the knob for whatever you want. Maybe you want the volume on the slider and you want the knob to do forward and back or something like that. It sounds and feels pretty good. I dont know which switches are in this guy, but I know that they are making their own. Now I mean they have been for years, lets check it out, yeah, Im, not sure if this is gmk or if its Cherry, but its just some red linear switch. Oh no, it does say glorious the stabilizers sound and feel pretty good. If theyre not lubed, then theyve done a pretty good job of constructing them in a way where theyre not like super scratchy or rattly. Construction overall is pretty sweet and yeah.

Like I said before, I do love how theres both a knob and a slider weve got a keycap set for our keyboard that were gon na get to eventually I promise this is the celestial fire version. Well, what else we get? Oh, my God, stickers, hell, yeah Im keeping this sticker its a little excessive. If youre worried about plastic packaging in products so thats, my only one like real complaint yeah, it feels okay feels like PBT. I guess its. Probably these guys too. I dont know if these are double shot shine through, but these clearly are so. If that matters a lot to you, then it looks like youre. In luck, the gmmk pro came out several years ago now and its pretty good honestly. It kind of shook up the scene. You know, youre gon na have a lot of Boutique people who are like. Oh, you can get better keyboards, like yeah yeah sure you can, but its usually in stock and its good enough for what it is, and the price is right, uh. Part of why I recommend heatron. So much is simply because its a similar build quality to the gmmk pro, but at least the Q series is, but you can get it in like a ton of different, both colors and uh layouts and sizes and stuff. But gmmk is definitely a good option. Oh theyve got another holder, another cable whats, this guy, its the Glorious symbol, no its just the Escape key.

Okay uh. This is the fully assembled version before I show you. The goods, though, were going to talk about our sponsor today. Enlisted enlisted is a free to play World War II, multiplayer shooter available on PC, PS5 PS4 Xbox series X S and Xbox One. It has a focus on historical authenticity and gameplay that always keeps you in the middle of the action youll be placed in large scale. Combat alongside dozens of soldiers and vehicles directly in famous historical campaigns like the invasion of Normandy head to the link below and start playing enlisted for free youll also get a free bonus for signing up keyword time all right. They got a nice little soft foam to keep the you know nice and safe. They did indeed put the Glorious logo on the Escape key and then give us the Escape key cool yeah. This is the pre built. It comes with everything already installed for you. If youre a little afraid of building your own mechanical keyboard, I honestly personally recommend you, try it its not that hard and once you know how to do it for one keyboard, most of them kind of are at least very similar. Ah, I, like it theres a theres like a hollow like a hollow kind of sound going on. So I dont know Im sure theres foam in here, though its nice and Hefty its definitely plastic on the bottom and then aluminum on the top space bar could use a little work on the stabilizers but thats okay.

That can be a project that you can do yourself its honestly. Not that hard. You got your USBC cable there that will plug in. Oh, you got adjustable feet. They only have on or off. I guess thats. My only complaint so far is. I would love a single option in between whatever fully extend it is, and whatever closed is for the different angle. I really like the rubber feet, though these are actually kind of crazy. Theyve got these little studs on all of them. Yeah theyre all bumpy, usually its just like rubber, padding and thats it. So I wonder if it yeah, I mean this things. Pretty good dont get me wrong. They usually stay pretty good anyway, but this should be hot swappable. So if you dont, like any of the switches you get, you can just swap them out, and you can also order this as the Bare Bones version which doesnt come with switches. So I think this guy is like a hundred ten hundred and twenty dollars fully assembled. And then, if you want the Bare Bones version, you can save like 30 40 bucks and I think its 80 bucks. You know it all depends if you dont have a single keyboard, yet its definitely worth it to just get the fully kitted out one. So you dont have to worry about which switches to get you dont have to worry about, buying keycaps anything like that, but if youre more of an Enthusiast or a hobbyist and youve already got a bunch of stuff like that, then just get the Bare Bones version.

Honestly, because youre probably gon na, do a better job, putting it together yourself, depending on where you want to put the foam, how much foam you want to use. If you want to do any other stuff, like gluing the stabilizers when youre assembling it, you know anything like that, weve got more of those red glorious switches, they seem fine, they seem like Reds, it says its hot swap, it is, and its five pin right on For example, these are three pin switches. They absolutely could have saved a little bit of money, probably and got three pin pcbs and it would have been fine, but you know what they want that little bit of extra mile and they gave us five pin okay. So you remember that thing I was talking about before, where the coil on the cables and you got to move it out like one more half rotation, it kind of screws stuff up, for example. If I want this to go out to the right plug it in and everything you see how its got this like little bit of a slope to it on the edge here thats. What Im talking about its, not a big deal, yeah, see now its doing on this side. Part of the problem is that the feet are up. So if we put the feet down and put it there, its still it ah yeah see – and this is happening from most people – that I buy from like cable mod, the same thing happens: I bought from like Badger cables.

I think theyre out of business now, but same thing happened. There Ive made my own. The same thing happens its really hard to get this coil like perfect, so youve really got to be paying attention, as you coil it and like when exactly to stop and then straighten out the ending with stuff, either way once it has sat somewhere for a while. Itll kind of like start to just lay flat and its fine, and you know its a its a pretty minor problem to have its just if youre spending all this money, you want it to like, be perfectly symmetrical like myself. Right now were gon na. Do the old monkey type the classic, and here we go? Oh thats right, oh caps, lock is on. Oh my God. One thing to note about 65. You have a function key here because I dont have an afro, so I cant just hit F5. I got ta. Go function, five, its really not a huge deal and a lot of people need even smaller layouts theyre like yeah 40, is fine. I just have like two other layers of macros 117 98 thats, not bad yeah, like I said theres like a hollow feeling to it. Its not its not terrible like this is definitely on par with other boards that are like this. Where youve got everything visible like you can see all the switches here and Im, not crazy about those. Personally, like I love the look of it, but I find you dont get quite the same like Foxy, deep sound as you do when um everything is below a nice top case.

The drop keyboards are a big offender for this exact problem: zero, okay, thats close enough. Two pounds thats portable its, not you, know crazy light or anything, but you could definitely Chuck this in a backpack and then not really worry about it being in there, especially if you keep that little cloth that came with it. I guess thats. My only other issue is sometimes when youre paying a little more youre, also getting like a carrying case with your keyboard youre not going to get that here, but at the price point I dont think you can complain all that much to begin with. As for everyone out there should you buy this, I dont know its a tough, its a tough call. Everyones different everyone has different needs. I I personally dont really want this board. In particular, I want a gmmk Pro 2 whenever they make the pro 2.. I know theres an upgrade kit for the gmmk pro so Id like to see that just like in a final version. How much does this guy weigh 1.2 pounds its going all over the place? This scale sucks uh anyway, its a full CNC, aluminum body. Like this thing is actually relatively premium feeling to be perfectly honest and getting the slider in there on top of the knob, is actually pretty nice, its like 130 US Dollars, which is really hard for some people to stomach, especially when you can just buy like a Full kit keyboard yeah, I dont know man its tough me personally.

Yes, I would buy this thing. I think its actually a really quality numpad, but you can absolutely find cheaper ones, theyre, just probably not going to be full CNC aluminum. So I definitely think that, like this can be a really solid entry point to people looking to get into the hobby. This is more of an upgrade kind of thing down the line kind of want one. Now we got two so maybe maybe Ill try to get one from work thanks for watching everyone, if you want another hot swap board, but you wanted like a really trusted brand. I guess then go for the Corsair check out the k70 pro that we just unboxed its, not perfect, but its hot swappable. Finally, these things are glorious.