These things seem to be popping up left right and Center. At this point, and now I have much more of a ground to stand on when it comes to defending this thing, because in case you guys didnt know, I actually got mine a couple days ago and its honestly been great Ive been really enjoying it so far And I leave for Thanksgiving break in two days, so thats gon na be really nice to have with me. Since you know, shipping a desktop halfway across the country is a little expensive but anyway, without further Ado lets go ahead and get into this hello and welcome back to a new video. So, as you can see, I have my steam deck inside of the protective carrier case, and that is because, unfortunately, I think Ive come to the decision that I regret buying the steam deck and I think, Im going to sell it Minx. This is your chance. Buy the steam deck from this guy, you can finally do it. You can accomplish your dreams, but in all seriousness, lets go ahead and listen to this guys, complaints and figure out why exactly he regrets buying the steam deck now I originally bought the steam deck because Im planning to do some traveling around Asia in the beginning of October and I needed a gaming device that I could put in my backpack and I could just carry around with me and play some video games when Im bored and I thought the steam date would be really great for that, because it allows me to play PC Games that I cant play on my switch light, so let me get this straight.

You want a portable PC device and you got a portable PC device. What is the issue? I mean you bought exactly what you wanted and your still unsatisfied. I cant wait to hear these complaints, so this is my switch light and in comparison to the steam deck you can see how insanely big the steam deck is. Now I dont have very big hands, but if you want to use my hands as a reference to see how big the steam deck is, it is just really big and bulky its okay, if youre at home, but I dont really want to be putting this inside Of my backpack, my dude, what is that, like two inches, bigger or something God, this video is going to be really uncomfortable to make okay, but seriously that thing is barely bigger than the switch light and also Ill. Tell you right now. I know from experience the steam deck is way more comfortable to hold than the switch or the switch light, and how is that? Little of a size difference gon na make or break your decision to buy the thing, its still extremely portable, and also there are reasons for it being so much bigger and bulkier. You know its way more powerful, its got a higher resolution screen. It has track pads on the sides, like theres plenty of reasons, for this thing to be bigger and honestly, the fact that its as small as it is, is extremely impressive.

When I can just Chuck this into my backpack job done easy PC. This thing, doesnt weigh a thing and its got some pretty good games on it. It might not have every single game thats on Steam, but its got quite a good collection of games on the switch light, and I feel like Id just rather have the switch light. This thing is so weightless look. I can lift it with one finger compared to the steam deck, where its just kind of heavy kind of bulky theres no way. I would even try it to one finger this thing because its just a bit of a beast of a machine, so the reason you dont like the steam deck is because you cant lift it with one finger. What the hell do you just actively go out of your way to constantly try and lift all your electronic devices with one finger and, if youre not able to, is that just the make or break right there dude? You are never gon na be holding this thing with one finger: thats, not how you play games, youre, gon na be holding it with both your hands and also to say that the switch light doesnt have every game on Steam is a bit of an understatement. The steam deck has access to almost every single game ever made and the switch barely has access to any of Nintendos own Library. The only games it has access to are the ones that they decided to emulate with switch online and, of course, any Nintendo switch title.

They put out, but besides, that the steam deck has more support for Nintendo games than the switch light. So this is my backpack that Im planning to take with me to Asia and, as you can see when I close the steam deck into its protective carrier case – and I put it next to my backpack, its actually very big, compared to my backpack, its like a Third, Music um, this way horizontally its a third of the size of my backpack and then vertically. It is one two, a third of the vertical length of my backpack all right. First of all, I feel like I need to mention this buckle up kiddos, because this dude is gon na, say my backpack more than Malcolm says. You know what Im saying and okay. It takes up some space in your backpack, but you do realize that theres more to a backpack than the horizontal and the vertical right we live in the third dimension, my friend theres length, width and depth. Trust me, I think your backpack is gon na, be just fine. Youll have room for the steam deck and many more items whatever it is: water bottles or whatever youre gon na take with you. But how much could you really be taking in that backpack genuine question? If youre gon na be using it when youre out exploring Asia, how much are you really gon na need to take with you, because I would assume youre gon na stay at like a hotel or something like that and most of your stuff would be left there.

Its not like you have to take around all your clothes with you wherever you go and heres an idea. Maybe you know do some research, oh God, this is going back to Quantum again but yeah. Maybe do some research figure out how big it actually is and then measure your backpack to make sure it can hold it along with everything else, youre gon na be taking just a little suggestion. So when I put it into my backpack look how much space it takes up in my backpack, it takes up so much space in my backpack, its so big and compared to the switch light where I can just slot it in there look, you cant even see The switch light, the switch light, just kind of disappears into my backpack, and then you cant even see it anymore, but the steam deck is so bulky and already I can feel its pretty hefty and weighty little suggestion. You could also put the steam deck in that little back pouch right there. It will definitely fit there. Trust me, but Im just gon na, say: dude Im, not a big, strong, dude or anything like that Im tall, but I definitely dont have the weight or the muscle to compensate for it. But if youre having trouble lifting a backpack with a steam deck in it, you are not gon na be doing any backpacking around Asia, especially if you have to carry that thing around and multiple other things like.

If you were struggling to lift that you genuinely have a problem, my guy and I dont even have my other things in my backpack. Yet, like my laptop and my tablet, it just feels way better to have this switch light. In my backpack in case, I want to do some quick on the go gaming, so my other problem with the steam deck has to be the price. So I was a bit silly and I decided to buy the most expensive version of the steam deck which in hindsight is not really necessary. So wait a second youre mad at the steam deck and you dont like it because you bought the most expensive version. Oh, my God, imagine if I bought a 40 90 and then after I bought it, I got mad that it was sixteen hundred dollars if you chose to buy the most expensive version. Thats on you, and also I went over this probably hundreds of times in my videos on quantums, take on this, but this device is very justifiably as expensive as it is, but yeah I agree. The most expensive version is not necessary. In fact, what I recommend people do is get the middle of the road one, the 530 dollar one with the SSD and then, if you need more than that, 256 gigs of storage buy a Micro SD card thats like a terabyte or something like that. Put it into the steam deck and then boom, you have a steam Deck with over a terabyte of storage and youve spent less than the most expensive model, and you have more than double the storage, so theres different models of the steam deck theres, the cheapest version, Which only has about 120 gigabytes of storage, I think and then youve got the mid range version, which has about 250 gigabytes of storage, and then I decided to buy the most expensive version, which has 512 gigabytes of storage.

This man did so little research. He didnt even know how much storage the base model has. It does not have 120 gigabytes, it has 64 and its hard drive, not SSD thats. Why? I strongly recommend if youre looking into a steam deck, get the middle of the road model and then do the little micro SD card life hack, that I taught you about you get that SSD. You have a decent amount of internal storage and you get a nice keyboard theme as well, and that cost me about 565 pounds compared to the switch light which only costs about 200 pounds. When I bought it from release. I think it came out in 2019, which is when I bought it, and the reason why its kind of silly to buy the most expensive version of the steam deck for the storage is because you can actually put in an SD card. All you needed to buy, it was a 20 pound, so 20 pounds, or maybe a hundred pound uh one terabyte SD card and put it in there and how is this a bad thing for the steam deck? This is exactly what I just said. If you knew about this, why did you buy the most expensive version, just buy the less expensive model and then do what you just said: how is it a negative for the steam deck that it allows you to do that, just because you bought the wrong model? Doesnt mean the steam deck is bad, and then you would have boosted your storage by 10 times and you wouldnt have had to spend the extra what 200 pounds on the bigger version of the steam deck.

I mean not the physically bigger version, the bigger storage version. So my other problem with the steam deck is, although it can play PC games, which is great and everything I dont know why you would want to be playing so many hard called PC games when youre traveling, for example, Im gon na go to Thailand in October. Am I really going to be sitting around at home playing video games all day when I should be exploring the country seeing what its all about enjoying the food and the people and the culture and trying to get new memories and experiences in life? What Im sorry can you repeat that, again, how is the steam deck a bad product because you want to go out and explore Thailand? What does that have to do with anything? How does that prove that the steam deck is bad? Its not like Gabe Newells gon na show up to your hotel with a gun to your head, saying: oh, you better stay on your steam deck all day and just play hardcore video games. I am genuinely so confused right now, dude. If you want those experiences, then go out and have them, how is it the steam decks fault if you stay at home and play video games on it? What kind of complaint even is this? I dont really see why I would want to be sorry around playing some kind of dedicated PC game when I really should be doing other things in my life.

At this stage, I just kind of regret buying it now, and I really dont see myself playing a lot of PC games when Im out and about traveling, and I dont really want to sacrifice so much storage space in my backpack. Just for this big thing, when Ill, probably not really use it a lot, so unfortunately, Im going to have to decide not to bring it with me to Thailand. So let me get this straight. You wanted a device that could play PC games portably in a handheld form. You got that and now you are upset because you didnt want a device that could play PC games in a handheld form what the hell is going on. I am genuinely so confused right now. If you dont see yourself playing a lot of PC games when youre out and about traveling, then why did you buy it? This whole video makes absolutely no sense and I think Ill just go with the switch light. Im not gon na even bring switch lights. To be honest because Im actually playing the video games these days, I feel like Im gon na stage my life where um video games. I do something you do when you dont have anything bad to do. If I have more interesting things in life, Id rather be doing that were trying to be more productive, its just when Im things do, and I cant think of anything to do and Ive done my chores and help with my little tasks.

I need to. I dont really have anything else to be fitting my time with and thats when I play video games, Im trying to change that habit of mine and hopefully traveling again, will give me more things to do, and that means I dont really need a dedicated PC gaming. Handheld device also again the battery life Im, not really that impressed with it. It lasts about an hour, and I dont know anyone who only plays games for an hour, for example, if youre stuck in an airport or on an airplane one hour of gaming is pretty rubbish, and where are you gon na plug this in to charge it? You could bring some power Banks and I do have some power Banks here. Okay, I will say the whole battery life thing is a valid complaint. The battery life could be better but at the same time he uses the worst possible example for this every airport. I have ever been to no matter where it is, has always had little charging stations at the seats where youre waiting to board the plane. And on top of that, he makes his own Point even more invalid. By pointing out that he does in fact have portable chargers, but why do you need them if youre not even gon na, be using the steam deck on the go anyways this whole video makes no sense again, because when I did my testing um with this plugged In the big one plugged into the steam deck, whilst playing Hitman 3 for hours and hours, this thing drained so quickly.

It drained my battery Bank in about three hours, so youve got one hour from the steam decks battery and then three additional hours from this big fat battery bank. So you got about a total of nearly four hours of Total Gameplay funny enough. You get that or less out of the switch light, so I dont know why youre holding the switch light in such a high regard when it has basically the same issues. Yes, the battery life is a little longer, but its really, not that much better. But in your case I dont really see why this applies. You said you dont even really play games that much anymore, but either way I guess Ill, give him that point. He really needs it. After all, the other terrible points hes had throughout this whole video. I mean you could buy another two of these and then you could triple your battery life to like 9 hours or 12 hours, but youre really gon na carry three of these. It already weighs a ton, so Im gon na have to carry all this plus this. This is like, oh, its, like a laptop. The weight of this is so heavy its like two kilograms and as someone who likes to travel light, this is really killing my my travel light backpack and my setup. This is really going to hurt my shoulders and my back when Im out and about and when Im going from hotel to hotel and getting on trains and going hiking and stuff.

I really dont want to be lugging this around. I swear to God. This dude makes SpongeBob look like Larry the Lobster. If a two kilogram machine is going to kill your back, you just should not be traveling period. Honestly, dude right now, you sound like the type of person who would say. Oh, if its not first class, I cant ride in it. Are you the utmost quality and comfort, and I will not stand for anything less like? Is anybody else getting those kinds of Vibes thats, exactly what Im getting and dude? If you think two kilograms is a lot, how about this come to the states come by my school grab my backpack and try carrying it around for a day now. That is something that will mess up your back. Look how heavy that is when in comparison, you could probably get like 12 hours of battery life from the switch light. Just using this tiny, smaller battery bank, I still have to bring the battery back because Im going to need battery juice for my phones and stuff, but Id rather just not have to bring this with it. When I probably wont realistically use it a lot, I dont really see myself using it a lot because, for example, when youre traveling in airports and youre on planes, youre usually very tired and stressed out, because now youve got to sit on an airplane for 10 to 12 hours straight well, I dont know about you, my dude, but nothing relieves my stress quite like some good old fashioned gaming.

Also, not everybody constantly takes 12 hour flights. My guy, when I head home for Thanksgiving break my flight is gon na, be like three hours at most, hopefully only like two and a half but heres my question. If you werent gon na do some gaming on a plane anyways, then why were you complaining that the battery life wouldnt get you through the plane ride? You just said you were gon na, be tired and stressed out and you werent gon na be playing games. Thank God, this video is about to end and its gon na be really uncomfortable and unpleasant, its not really the kind of atmosphere or environments that you want to sit back, relax and have a good time playing video games, theres kind of a situation environment where you Just want to put your heads between your knees and cry and just pray that this stupid plane journey is going to be over soon Im. Sorry, what? How did we get to this point? We went from this dude saying that the steam deck was bad because he didnt want to play PC games on the go to now him saying that the steam deck is bad because, instead of playing some video games to relieve some stress at an airport, he wants To put his head between his knees and cry himself to sleep, how did we even get to this point? This is one of the most random videos I think Ive ever covered.

I just feel like Im gon na be too stressed out to be able to enjoy any kind of video games, and I wont even take this out of the bag, really Im just going to try and shut my eyes and try to fall asleep. So I think I kind of made a mistake buying this for the purposes of traveling and gaming at the same time, and I think Im gon na set it on eBay, maybe for the love of God. Please sell it Minx, you know what to do. You can buy it, you can finally have a steam deck and dude. Please never touch a gaming device ever again. What the hell was, this video you know Im not even gon na try to question it. Lets just go ahead and wrap this up. I think my brain is fully decayed at this point, but anyway guys.