I hope it comes to India too, and there are very interesting things with this foldable and Ill say. This is slightly better than Samsung, like it has the best size, stylish support and, most importantly, a near invisible crease. So the question that has to be asked is: is this foldable from Oppo better than Samsung well well find out together lets go okay, so first, this is a much Grand box and see it almost looks like a sweet work like Cadbury celebration type on the top. It has this Oppo branding along with Hasselblad, and you open it whoa it lifts up like see here. The entire phone comes up. Okay, so you get the phone inside. You get a cover and this is a premium looking cover it has that leather finish. It should give a good grip, and you also have a type, A to type c, cable and a 67 watt super whoop charger, and this has to be one of the best unboxing experience I have seen up until now, but before we get to the phone, there Are two most important factors in a full level? Number one is form factor, and I must say that Oppo has really done a good job. In fact, I would say this is the perfect size for a foldable lets see here we have this wallet and the Oppo 592 is almost the same size. So if I put it in my pocket, it doesnt feel uncomfortable or anything, and this feels very light too.

How much do you think it will know? Around 270. lets see: okay, 241 grams, so thats nice. Ideally, a flagship smartphone weighs around 210 grams, and this is an improvement because the previous foldable Oppo Find n weighed in around 275 grams. So this is a solid 34 grams reduction. It has a metal frame. There is Corning Gorilla Glass victus on the back, and it has this nice matte finish so no fingerprint and smudges, and when you fold this there is literally no Gap and if I keep this paper between the hinge and if you do this, please dont fall see It doesnt fall Frank. Can you give your Z flip phone and, if you do this, so the point being the Z flip 4 has a gap between its frame when it folds, so it cannot hold the paper tightly now. The main interaction of any foldable is the display. Well, on the front, you get a 5.54 inch, 120 hertz full HD AMOLED display, but now, when I opened it, the first thing that I noticed is practically. There is no crease for comparison here, see side by side. We have the Z flip 4 and you can clearly see the crease on the Samsung foldable of all the foldables that Ive seen the Oppo 592 has the least amount of crease. So it has a 7.1 inch. 120 hertz full HD AMOLED display so see here Ill play a YouTube, video, the color sharpness and everything.

It looks so. Nice also see here now Im watching Netflix on the cover display and as soon as I open it seamlessly transitions to the inner display. There is no lag or delay the auto display can go maximum up to 1350 nits and the inner display has a peak brightness of 1500 nits, but mostly Outdoors use. The outer display so see here under direct sunlight. The icons and everything on both the display are quite visible. Also, it has dual speakers and have a listen to it. Music, sound quality is really good, like the vocals and all they sound pretty clear. It should have been attacked bit louder. Also, the power button doubles as a fingerprint sensor and it is quite fast and remember in the unboxing I mentioned hasselblast well, apparently following the success of OnePlus and hasselbacks collaboration in the past year, Oppo has entered into partnership with hasselblack, and this is oppos own word. Not fine, now Hasselblad is an expensive lens manufacturer company, and that means it should have really good camera. So we have come out just to test that and you get a total of one two, three four five cameras and you get a main 50 megapixel main camera, and today we have Super Saiyan. Sir, please take my photo and the pictures from the main sensor are good, like in outdoor lighting condition. The pictures are good. Even the HDR performance is good. Like see this picture of the empty field, there was half sunlight, but it did a good job and at times it does over brighten the face.

Try to make you look Fair like in this photo even indoors. We took some low light photos. The pictures do come out good, it does sharpen the picture a bit, but not that much, and you also get a 48 megapixel Ultra wide angle, camera which takes decent photos like this picture with the red poles or even this picture of me in the field. It looks very natural and you have natural colors and theres, also a 32 megapixel 2x telephoto camera, which helps in taking good portrait. Photos like just have a look and videos. You can record up to 4K 60 FPS and the video quality and my quality is pretty cool. You can have an idea, and then there are two 32 megapixel cameras on the cover display and one on the inside on the punch, hole and the selfie quality is also nice, like the details from the Selfies are good. It has good HDR and on the front you can record 1080p 30fps video. I mean its 2023 and India. Just launched is first virtual space station and we still cant take 4K videos on the front camera. What is this? Phone comes with a Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 chip. Now it would have been better if it came with 8 Gen 2, but even the Snapdragon 8 plus gen1 is pretty powerful. You get 12 GB RAM and 256gb storage and the day to day usage of the phone is smooth like watching videos taking pictures and all there is no lag whatsoever.

But lets play Apex Legends on this big screen and see how the performance is for the most part. Gaming is really nice, like gaming, on this big inner display itself is so fun, but due to its size, the running around firing and all those controls will be small and now the second most important thing when considering a foldable is the software experience out of the Phone, the Oppo Find N2 comes with Android 13, and it does have some really good features like see here. If I want to use split screen, all I have to do is swipe down with two fingers and it will instantly go to split screen and I can open the second app, and this is how it looks. And then there is multi screen feature. So you can connect this phone to your PC and see. I can just drag and drop files from my PC to the phone. These are good features, but not great, like they dont make use of the bigger inner display and in that regard, Samsung has just nailed. The software experience, and then there is this taskbar. If I click on it, it instantly switches to the app now you do get a taskbar on the Oppo phone, but it is not well implemented because see here. If I open an app, it goes away. So its only useful on the home screen, so definitely software experience here is not as good as Samsung fold. The Oppo comes with a 4520 milliamp hour battery and it can fast charge up to 67 Watts, so it can go 0.

100 in about 40 50 minutes. Also, the Oppo 592 has stylish support, but it doesnt come in bundled with the phone you have to buy it separately and theres no IP rating on the device. So to answer the question: is the Oppo 592 better than the competition well as of now? If you think of foldable, I would say, Oppo 592 has come very close to beating the Samsung z44. At least this form factor is the best for carrying a full device. It doesnt feel heavy or bulky feels more like two compact phones put together and thats a good thing. If only they can improve the software experience a little bit, they could even beat Samsung, and I wish this phone comes to India, because in China it cost 799 Yuan, which converts to about 96 000 rupees – that is almost 60 000 cheaper than Samsung z44 and up Until now, Samsung has not been challenged in India, but now with Oppo Vivo me and other brands taking foldable phone seriously, Samsung has competition because more competition is equal to better Innovation and possibly a reduction in price.