Portable monitor, let’s, take a look, let’s open it up all right. So what do we have? Okay, very nice packaging, so you know it’s not going to get damaged and during the shipping more more packaging. Oh actually, i think this is a screen. Oh wow, look at that that’s a screen um protector inside of here, that’s awesome. So right away, that’s a very nice touch. I had no idea. You know. I thought it was just a packaging thing, but it’s actually a screen protector and there it is there’s. The monitor itself take a good look at it very nice slim until it’s slim. This is metal and this part feels some kind of a fabric. Let’S see. Oh here’s connections, so you can see this is a usb 3 uh there’s. The menu button here is uh your brightness and you can dim it too. So let’s uh, let’s open it up and see what it looks like. Look at that very, very nice and again guys. I don’t know what this material is, but it feels very, very sturdy and you can actually see how how thin it is. Now, who is this useful for or you can extend out your phone, your pc and what other device you want by just connecting it to the via the usb right? There here’s some more connections, so you have a usb c one usb c2 and then you got mini hdmi and you can also have headphones on so that’s.

A very nice touch now. I know there’s a way to fold it, so you can yeah. Here we go so you can actually like set it down, so you can view your stuff when you have it connected all right. Well, let’s take a look at what else comes inside of it. So here is the manual to kind of teach you everything that you need on how to use it very nice and it comes with the cables. This is the usb usb c to usbc generation. 2.. What else do we have? Oh here’s, another one it’s, another cable, usb c. So if you have a usbc for your phone and here’s the power adapter, this is where you connect it to on your wall, to give it some power. What do you think there? It is guys one more! Oh, look, it actually comes with the us mini usb cable. So if you don’t have one it comes with it, so there you go there’s the unboxing and i’m gon na have a demonstration for you for you later on all right. I want to show you the this: is my dell laptop and i got it connected? They provide the usb into the monitor so i’m going to show you that the monitor is connected. So here it is. This is the monitor and it actually has speakers in it. So i can actually get the sound from the monitor itself, so you can see it’s laying down so it’s mirroring what i have on the screen there and you can see it’s connected.

So i got the power. Power is through usbc into the regular power and then there’s the hdmi cable right there. This is the hdmi, cable and it’s a connect that’s mirroring my screen, i’m. Pretty sure i can do some adjustments to it, but i haven’t messed with it. Yet i tried connecting the phone to it, but for some reason the phone i couldn’t get the phone to come up on there, so i still got to test that out, but so far i like this. I like the way it looks it’s a clean look.