The original people who made the kickstarter for these three monitor setups, as this accessory actually does work compared to some knockoff versions of over the market. This is it their official product is now released. Finally, for the first time, this has been Making Waves all over the Internet, and I personally have been using this for a couple of weeks now, testing out make sure everything works and its something that I could personally recommend, and it truly is, as my mobile setup Is a 14 inch MacBook Pro, but this will work perfectly fine on other MacBook Pro sizes at this compatible with Mac Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and fits a variety of different laptops, so long as its within 12 to 20 inches. As you can see, it even fits my larger 16 inch, gaming laptop, so the 13 no problem 14 works just fine on mine, and it really is just this portable unit. It has these unique little tabs right here that all you do is just pull out and the monitor just folds upwards, like so, and once youre done with it. Everything just slides into play as theres like custom dedicated rails, to make things easy to just store away and put away once youre done using it and the whole setup procedure with your Mac is super. Easy literally only takes me a couple of seconds, its like simply just stretch this out, make sure the rubber part lines up properly with my Mac, and then it has this really strong kickstand back here that you simply just pull out and it just holds into place And its compatible with other laptops too, not just for Apple and just pull out.

These monitors adjust it and using the provided connectors with my MacBook Pro. I could just use the USBC to USBC and just connect it to both the right and left ports on the side of my MacBook Pro theres, no need to download drivers or anything like that. Everything just plugs in and the computer identifies the displays for you and the brightness controllers are above here, and they do get really bright and from using their triple monitor setup. My overall thoughts is that it really just works now the screens are slightly smaller than the main display on my Mac, of course. So what Ive noticed whenever Im editing videos or doing anything photography or videography related? I use the main display to take advantage of my MacBook Pro Advanced display, but on the sides I will have like either a YouTube video running or a spreadsheet of some sort, while Im working. So this really does allow me to multitask really easy. Now the only cons of this is a course thats going to be drawing a lot of power. So whenever I have my setup like this, I always make sure my Mac is connected to an external power source, but zebex was kind enough to actually gave us a lot of their other accessories. They have available, which is quite amazing and notice, that the theme that they have going on is more like an outdoor camping Vive office. So you have this little cute little camper van right here.

So, if Im really like go working on the go, they literally have this cute little keyboard right here continues to follow that camping Vibe theme for your mobile office and the small keyboard is insanely slim, as you can see right here, and it has this cool little Foldable like pop stand, I dont know how to call this, but it allows me to basically adjust it, so I can actually rest my wrist right here while typing and the keys do have like this. Nice grippy silicone type and it is Bluetooth and its compatible on both Mac and PC and it charges via USBC. And, of course, I have all my common Mac controls as theyre laid out right here with this nice little sleeve right here and a USBC and usba to charge. It is indeed provided and then, of course, I have their power bank as well, which is a 20 000 milliamp hour battery. So its pretty beefy again follows that amazing theme up there – and here it is – has a cool little VW band camper band here, as well as the back. I like this little Camp Vibe and the ports available, is a USB a as well as a USBC port that is able to charge a laptop like the MacBook Pro, as the USBC can deliver 60 watts of charge, and then the USB a portion is 22 watts And then right here we have their wireless mouse, nothing out of the ordinary, just a standard, Bluetooth, mouse, very compact, again making everything super portable and then you also have their air stand.

So this is the zebex bundle and I got ta say I really do like this, but its a triple monitor that I really do find myself using a lot of times now. The specs of these two monitors its basically this its full high definition, so its 1920 by 1200, their IPs panels and the aspect ratio is 1600 to 10. and the refresh rate it actually is an impressive 60. So it makes watching videos on this thing extremely Pleasant. Its compatible on all operating systems, as it supports Macs and windows, including Linux and chrome, even Chrome, OS, is also compatible, and the bracket back here can go up to a laptop that has anywhere between a 12 to a 20 inch display. So even my beefy gaming laptop that I have can support this just fine. Now this thing is a big boy, so it does weigh two pounds, which is why that kickstand, that has is red to be able to support, not just your laptops, monitor display, but also this entire unit itself. But if I go ahead and lift this up, showing you its extremely sturdy, even with my already heavy MacBook, this thing is pretty sturdy and once Im done with it, just unplug the USB ports underneath the monitors and just follow the ingredient rails that it has built Inside you may want to push it down back here at times, sometimes its less ran away and it just folds down, and it sits flush just like so, and just remove the USB C cables, and I can either take my laptop around just like this.

It is bulky, but this is totally worth it, especially if you have a mold setup or you can remove the entire thing just like so, and the monitors are indeed protected, which is one thing I do like. Is that theyre actually in the inside, not the outside? So theyre not really exposed a lot to the outside elements and theres no worry about these Corner edges damaging your laptop as it is made of like this rubber silicone like plastic. That acts more like a bumper for your products. So my overall thoughts, their accessories, are really amazing. My favorite one, obviously is the try screen too just the fact that I I just like having a mobile display like this, that I could easily put this in my backpack its almost three times thicker than my MacBook Pro, which means its kind of like traveling, with An extra textbook with your laptop and then in terms of the cables thats included to make sure its compatible with your device. Not only again, the presentation is just absolutely amazing, but look they give you all the cables that you need to make it work. So we have an extension to a USBC to USBC. Then we have a usba to usba with USBC adapters, as well as an L, USBC and two hdmis, two and mini HDMI, so literally provide you with all the necessary cables that you need to work, because looking at the bottom of each monitor panel, theres two usbcs.

As well as One Mini HDMI, so if you want to you, can technically plug this into another supported, compatible HDMI product like a CS5 or an Xbox series X as a fine example and the brightness on this monitor once more, you could adjust the brightness individually on Each monitor display and can get really bright, not as bright the main laptop display but bright enough were typing or doing any type of productivity work. Its extremely easy and convenient, which makes multitasking really nice and makes your setup looks extremely clean because theres only two cables. Thats really needed to power. My 14 inch MacBook Pro aside from that there you guys have it. That is the first look of a dual monitor: to convert your laptop into a triple monitor on the go. Everything is just nice and Compact and the accessories they have available just makes it extremely convenient if you go with their bundle pack, if your main focus is a mobile office which will allow you to easily multitask like a pro aside from that there, you guys have It hope you guys enjoyed again links to everything will be in the video description down below and if you tune in quickly check in the video description because they are having a holiday promo. So if you check on their website, you can save some money during these upcoming holidays. Aside from that there, you guys have it hope you guys enjoyed. Hopefully you got some good useful information.

Now this video again links to everything in the description down below. Thank you. Zback for providing us these accessories for us to check out once more from our personal experience, its been working out extremely well, it makes working on the go super, convenient or even on a standstill. Setup makes everything look extremely clean. Maybe we should watch more feel free to check out this video over here, as I go through my favorite tips and tricks about the latest version of Windows and then that video over there, that is a video YouTubes recommending specifically for you.