But with this one here, weve actually got a dedicated nvidia gpu in this super small form factor, and this is actually something i havent taken a look at on the channel really havent, given it two thoughts, but this has an nvidia mx450 gpu with two gigabytes of Gddr6 vram real, quick ill, give you a size comparison. This is my normal carry around laptop, and this is the zen book 14, which were going to be taking a look at in this video. The size here really is dramatic, especially when holding them or putting them inside of a book bag, and the tough laptop that i usually carry around does have a lot more power. But when im on the go, i never utilize it a hundred percent. I think thats, where the zen book 14 is really going to come in handy, but before we jump into the specs and test this ultrabook out. I do want to mention that this video is brought to you by urcd keys ive, actually been using this site for a couple years. Now they do offer steam keys origin uplay. They even offer microsoft applications like office, but the main reason that i use urcd keys is for their windows keys right now. Their windows 10 pro oem key is 19.84. But if you use code eta at checkout, you can get 25 off now. There is one thing to keep in mind when upgrading your pc using a key like this, you can change your gpu.

You can change the ram the hard drives, the cpu, the only thing thatll stop. This key from working in the future is swapping out the motherboard, but theyre definitely cheap enough, and another great thing about buying from here is: they do accept paypal. I just did this build here. I need to activate windows im going to head over to my updates and security were going to go to activation. As you can see, ive got windows 10 pro, but its not activated so im going to change product key im, gon na paste it in here choose next choose activate and windows is now activated were ready to go. My warning is totally gone and basically thats it theyll email, your code, once your payment is processed and thats. Basically it if youre interested in picking up cheap windows, 10 keys for your new pc builds ill leave a link in the description. This is known as the zenbook 14 and they were recently on sale over at best buy for 5.19, but i went to my local store and i was able to pick up an open box in great condition for 438 dollars. You can actually check the website for open box near you ill leave a link in the description and ive been doing. Some testing with this ultrabook and performance is actually really great for what we have here. Its powered by a ryzen 5 5500u for the dedicated graphics weve got the nvidia mx450.

The only real downside to this unit here is the ram is non user upgradable and i picked up the 8 gigabyte version, but they do make a 16 gigabyte version. I do love the design of this ultrabook. Its constructed of aluminum weve got a huge trackpad backlit keyboard and a 14 inch ips 1080p display when it comes to io over here. On the right hand, side we have a full size, usb 3.1 port micro sd card reader and a 3.5 millimeter audio jack. Moving over to the left hand, side we get a full size, hdmi port and two usb type c ports. These are usb type c: 3.2. Ports when it comes to the specs for the cpu, this is using the ryzen. 5 5500u weve got six cores 12 threads with a base clock of 2.1 gigahertz and a boost up to 4.0 right out of the box. This is running at 20 watts, but in performance mode this will go up to 30.. You can get this with either 8 or 16 gigabytes of lp ddr4x its running at 4, 266 megahertz and, along with the 5500u weve, got the built in radeon 7 graphics, but we also have a dedicated nvidia mx450 with 2 gigabytes of gddr6 vram. This came with 256 gigabytes of storage, its using an nvme m.2 ssd. It also has wi fi 6 built in bluetooth, 5.0 and out of the box. This was running windows. 11. weve got a 1080p ips display 50 watt hour battery and it only weighs 2.

9 pounds when it comes to everyday pc performance. This thing is really snappy and in the past weve tested the 5500. U, on the channel six cores 12 threads, i mean its got. Plenty of power to get you by as long as its clocked correctly and out of the box. This is running at 20 watts, but you can go into the asus settings and turn it to performance mode. Itll, take it up to 30 watts, but it only works at 30 watts on ac power, but 20 watts is plenty. You want to get some web browsing out of the way email checking some light photo editing light video editing the 5500. You can definitely handle it. Another thing its got going for it is full size, hdmi out which will do 4k 60.. So if you did want to plug it into a bigger monitor, you could use hdmi, but weve also got video out of the usb ports on the side here, but overall, its a really snappy experience. Asus didnt hold the 5500 euback in this machine at all. Im. Definitely going to be jumping into some pc gaming, because the performance on this is really impressive for what we have here, but the first thing i did was run some benchmarks lets go ahead and check those out first. Here we have geekbench 5 and remember. The 5500u is a zen, 2 cpu single core 1105 multi 5269, not bad at all for a low powered mobile cpu.

Moving over to some gpu benchmarks. With that mx450. Here we have 3dmark wildlife. This is a vulcan benchmark. We got a total score of 8865 for 3dmark night raid, 19762 and finally time spy with a 1914. So obviously, these scores arent, looking that impressive, when you compare it to a full, fledged gaming laptop or a gaming desktop, but for an ultra portable coming in at 2.9 pounds. These scores are looking pretty decent now its time to see how this thing can really game. The first game we have here is forza horizon 5, and this is really impressive performance for what we have here were at 1080p, with a low medium mix, no resolution scale going, and i got an average of 76 fps by the end of my run here, not Bad at all, and if you did want to take it down to 900p, we could do all medium settings and get an average of around 64.. Basically, what you do with this is just lock the sync on and be content playing this at 60fps medium settings, but to tell you the truth, i still think this little mix that i got going on with low medium at 1080 looks good enough, especially on this Smaller ips display were only working with a 14 inch display here it looks really good and its playing perfectly fine. Next up, weve got street fighter 5 very high settings 1080p no resolution scale its going to play through this at 60 all day really great performance.

Out of the mx 450 paired up with that 5500 view, especially when it comes to fighting games. Here we have gta 5, and i completely understand that this is an older game. Still a great one to play, though, were at 1080p normal settings, and i got an average of 82 fps out of this little laptop for being such a thin and light little unit were seeing some really good performance when it comes to gaming on the mx 450. Here, moving over to the witcher 3 were at 900p with a low medium mix. We could do this at 1080p low, but theres, a few settings that i personally like to change and we were dipping under 60.. It was few and far in between, but overall taking it down to 900p on a display like this still looks, really good and were getting an average of 78 fps out of this one. Next up, weve got god of war, and if you dont mind playing this at 30 fps, you can set it to original settings 1080p and its going to run at 30 all day. Just lock it right there, but i went down to 720p, were still at the original settings and with a setup like this im, getting an average of 68 fps going into this. Personally, i thought wed be in the mid 40s – maybe a low 50s with it, even at the 720p original resolution here, but 68 fps on this laptop is really great performance and again at 1080p.

You can lock this at 30 and it looks absolutely amazing. I had high hopes for eldon ring. I was really hoping we could get a steady 60 out of it at 720p low, but unfortunately we only averaged 47 fps – and this has kind of been the case across the board, with these lower end gpus, whether its a dedicated gpu like the mx 450 or Even integrated graphics, like the radeon, 8 graphics overclocked, as much as we can, with a desktop cpu at least, were over 30 here, its still playable like it is, and finally, we have cyberpunk 2077 with the latest updates. This has been working really well on lower end gpus, not quite at 60. Now, with resolution scale turned way down. We could probably get around 60 out of this, but the way ive got it set up right now is 720p low settings and im only averaging 45 fps. When it comes to battery life, you can get around 10 hours of video streaming with the brightness set to around 60 6 hours. Web browsing kind of medium use just messing around with everything, and when it comes to gaming, its going to depend on what game youre playing and how hard its pushing the system you can get one to four hours. It just really depends on how hard you want to push it with that game, but i got ta say im really impressed with this little laptop, and i think this is gon na be my new.

Carry around ive got that 14 inch ips display its a non touch, display backlit keyboard, its only a single zone, its a white led backlit keyboard with about four points of brightness, looks great, definitely gets the job done. Weve got a big track pad here and when it comes to gaming on the go personally, i dont mind playing at 720p. This screen does look really good, even with something like god of war, only running at 720p. Here with those original settings, it still looks great because we have that compact display if we were to scale that up on a 50 inch tv, it wouldnt look so good, but on this 14 inch ips display, i can definitely get by playing these games on the Go so yeah if youre looking for an ultrabook that has some decent gpu performance in a thin and light package. This is one that i could recommend, but i wouldnt pay over 500 dollars for it. If you can catch it on sale over at best, buy or wherever you want to shop or get an open box for around 430 to 450, then id say this would be totally worth it if youre in the market, for a laptop like this, but thats gon Na wrap it up for this, one really appreciate you watching if youre interested in learning more about this ultrabook, i will leave a few links in the description and, if theres anything else, you want to see running on this thing.