We have a new lens here from tt artisans.com, 50 mil 1.2 tony 1.2. What do you know about that? Let’S review it? All i want is the perfect camera. All i want is the perfect camera so we’re on the fuji xt4 viltrox 56mm 1.4 we’re gon na switch over to this. In a moment, 50 mil 1.2 manual focus but we’re going to review it we’re going to go outside get some. Can i manually focus on a squirrel charging at me that’s the first question in slow mo glory? Will it be the glory, and can i see myself from a distance and manage to get that tt artisan, sent me this lens to review so full disclosure there it’s a beautiful, looking lens? Look at this thing. Look at this thing any second! Now any second you’re gon na look at this thing so hard. Okay, i went inside that’s on me, that’s user error. I, like the curves, look at the curves that’s a sex lens that’s beautiful it’s got a clicky aperture nice clicks. Oh beautiful fuji’s face detecting it. Right now thinks that’s an eye. Oh that’s, good times, smooth focus pulls not too long. The only complaint is this: is the lens cap it’s a screwer? Oh, that takes forever, not really it’s, just it and you’re done so. Let’S switch over to it, it’ll be a little wider and possibly more toner and possibly softer, because i imagine usually, these kinds of lenses – 1.

2 it’s not very sharp, wide open unless you’re a mitochon or a voidylander but let’s see maybe i’m wrong. So let’s switch we’re on it. I could be in focus, it looks like it we’re punched, we’re punched right in there we got it, we got it. We got a lot of. I see color changes in my face. Are you seeing that? Are you seeing a bunch of weird stuff happen? Auto white balance, i don’t know what i’m doing next to me is a man who bathes himself in rat milk. He thinks it improves his smell. It is actually an improvement. It’S that’s the bad thing, it’s it’s an improvement over what he used to smell like he’s on the bill trucks, oh god, the light just oh, my light died. I wanted to compare the blues. That was the most important part to me still here we are on the tt artisans next to viltrox loser boy! Oh, what a look at him is he showing off the autofocus that’s rude that’s, just rude, you shouldn’t do that to somebody who’s on a manual focused lens yeah. We get it. Take that backup plan. We got light back so i’m impressed it’s a weird focal length. It’S 75 mil equivalent for youtube scrubs like this it’s, a difficult one, but if it’s sharp let’s actually do a sharpness test, we’ll stop it down and see if it gets better and better okay we’re at 1.4. Now is that better? Is it sharper than tona addict? 1.

2 graze upon it. Let it seep into your soul, tony 1.8 versus the 1.2. Are we seeing it now should see it now? Huh tony two confirmed huh, so we’re, probably sharp i’ll do 2.8 and then like who cares anymore it’s getting? Is it sharper better, not be getting sharper? I swear. If vignetting disappeared, i will lose my 2.8 there. We have it 2.8. I am gon na try to get sun stars in a dull light bulb and it will work. I can’t wait for that. Here’S a little closer just to see it is it possible it’s, totally doable fuji with the peaking. You can film yourself, like this i’m out of focus i’m in very accurate sony’s good too panasonic, not so much. This comes in like every mount possible. I chose the food because fuji has heart, i just realized it’s a 52 millimeter filter thread and i have a black pro mist filter. Oh boy, did the magic increase? No one cares i’ll go or will i i’ll go all right. Let’S go outside try to get some slow motion. Footage and i’ll. Take some pictures. I’Ll try to get some like street portraits of people. Somehow in case you were wondering foolishly, the answer is of course. Of course you can vlog with it and you should ultra wide was a fad of the 80s. This is detail, vlogging high detail, vlogging it can be done. How does it handle the sunlight how’s? The stabilization Music? Am i in focus.

We stopped it down to 1.4 to have a chance. Let’S go right, open 1.2 vlogs where’s the focal point right there in your heart, that’s, where it is really are we getting the sun stars, they’re kind of yeah that’s magic in my heart and yours, Applause, Music. Applause, hmm, Music Applause, Music, walking backwards, but i’m going forwards, but sometimes i go sideways or maybe in a spiral he’s walking in a circle where’s he going he’ll end up in a park. Let me know when i’m in focus, okay. Well, i guess that’s focusy. I love this lens so much that i let my mother use it and it’s easy for her to follow me she’s, focusing on me no problem manually as i come in and out she’s following me, easily and i’m, just in in focus the whole time and that’s. Why i love this that you can just give it to anybody off the street? Okay, there we go. Oh gosh! Thank you! Tt artisans, you have my back. You really do you really do so it’s a fantastic lens we’re. At tony too, we gave her a fighting chance and i’m in focus. I trust my mom. I trust she’s, not getting improving this shot for me here. I tried to show that sun stars are actually quite curious about you, not so much you about them. They peak from behind trees on branches at tony 16 nothing’s in focus, but nothing has to be here’s a man’s ass.

He bent over to pet a dog that wasn’t even his. He met a couple and said: can i pet your dog and they allowed it, and i was sneaking in the bushes taking a picture of his bum in this picture i intentionally focused on one of the pine cones, not the one. You think i should have perhaps, but one of them this is the closest focusing distance and a macro lens. This is not, but the beauty was ours. Tony 1.2. Of course, i stopped down the lens to 2.8 to show you how disgusting it is, if you ever stop down that’s gross. This is my mother’s bicycle lock, which symbolizes her love being locked onto my heart. This is also a closest focusing distance test at tony 1.2. I blurred out the oblivion of a background, the contrasting shades of yellow and green complement each other. Somehow this is my mother. Looking off into the distance at a better photographer, she wishes was taking her picture instead of me little did. She know the composition would be so perfect with a car in the background symbolizing that she could leave anytime if she wanted to. Unfortunately, when it was my turn to take the photos, she noticed that she sucked at her job here she focused artfully on the bench in front of me that i just got up from she thought that would be it’s, not even in the shot mom. This is when we realize that i don’t know how to pose i’m, just as bad in front of the camera, as i am behind it.

I don’t know what i’m doing in life or in the bed. Thankfully, none of the shots are in focus. Not that focus is the most important part of photography: it’s, not its composition, colors and accuracy of the height to distance ratio from the bench you just got up from here’s a beautiful fuji, colored flower that reigns mist on all who gaze upon her at tony 1.2. The tony balls are smooth and lustrous, but if you stop down the toeiature to 2.8 or less then ugliness creeps into your soul and the plant foliage ruins your life, here’s, white and red flowers, getting along together symbolizing that white man stole the indians land, but they Could forget about it over dinner? I’M ‘ sure there is a focal point somewhere in this photo here’s a squirrel he’s. So cute, oh he’s eating a hazelnut, oh that’s, so cute. This is when he decided to peek inside my tony 1.2 focal plane. He said it smelled like raisins in there, but there was none. So i’ve had a chance to look at the footage, not bad 112 bucks. Are you kidding me? The viltrox was the cheap ghetto version, that’s 329. three times the cost well in the fuji 50. Mil tony two 449 bucks we’re talking 112 you’d, barely notice it missing out of your pocket. I lose more in pocket change every day, we’re in 4k. By the way now everything has been 1080p so far. I just wanted to see what this is.

4K all eye. It’S not like super sharp wide open but it’s pretty sharp. It does have like that hazy, glow to it. I don’t mind that it’s, a pretty decent lens, it’s, just manual focus. My mom was, she did well she’s blind as a bat, and she got me most of that. I would say my mom’s on par with panasonic autofocus manually phone, not bad, not bad, trailing the class but good. So final thoughts. Should you get it through? My affiliate links it’s cheap. If you have 100 bucks and you don’t have like a 50 mil lens already, i wouldn’t it’s fun, it’s manual focus. I wish it was autofocus, but it’s not. I didn’t see a lens hood in the box, so you’ll have to buy that if you don’t like flares and the lens cap a screw on that’s weird but for manual focus 50 get 1.2 for 100. Sign me up. I wasn’t seeing any real difference in background blur over the viltrx 1.4 and that had autofocus. So i personally would lean towards that. One make my life easier: it’s, not easy to manual focus pain in the bit on yourself, it’s, not designed for me. I get it so links are available down below. Let me know what you thought of the lens. Thanks for buying a camera conspiracies t shirt subscribe for more videos and i’ll, see you next time.