Now right off the bat, this device is actually called the lenovo slim 7 pro x inside of north america. For some reason, im unaware of but apart from the name, change its the exact same product, regardless of where you find it anyway. Several weeks ago, lenovo asked if i wanted to take a look at this laptop, and you guys can imagine my hesitation at first. I was like what do you mean this doesnt crush 4k gaming and have dual kidneys and sli, but then i thought that i kind of like what this laptop represents, which is the freedom for creativity and self expression. This really hits home for me because in a way, ive always been a content creator. When i was a kid, i would use the family camcorder to make videos of my gi, joes and transformers going to war and in high school id, make vlogs of my friends and i being morons but im, also a millennial who grew up in a time before Social media, so i never really had a platform to share any of the content that i made in hindsight, thats, probably for the best. But the point here is that things are different. Now, anyone in the world can create anything from anywhere and share it with anyone at any time, and the desire to do so has never been greater. I know so many of you have your own content creation thing that youre really into or want to pursue as a hobby or even a career.

So if just me talking about this product inspires even one of you to chase your passion and creativity in some way, then ill be glad i did and on a side note, while this is not a gaming focused laptop, it does feature an rtx 3050 that well Talk more about later now, since the unit i received is actually an engineering sample that may not reflect full performance of the final retail product today, im going to give you guys a high level overview of the laptop and my first impressions of it before we do A performance deep dive in a follow up video. For starters, the brands mantra behind yoga slim – is that these are devices where performance and mobility collide its about having the ability to create freely with the power and flexibility required for the job. The yoga line used to be synonymous with convertibles and two in one devices, but thats no longer the case. This is purely a clamshell laptop designed in a more widely adopted form factor, and the yoga name has since become associated with premium products which this laptop claims to be under the hood. My unit sports, an amd ryzen, 7 6800 hs creator edition with 8 cores 16 threads and a boost clock up to 4.7 gigahertz. Although the laptop can be configured with up to a ryzen, 9 6900 hs. It features up to 32 gigs of dual channel ddr5 memory. At 6400 speed a one terabyte pcie gen4 nvme ssd from tier 1 manufacturers like samsung and wd, and an nvidia geforce rtx 3050 with 4 gigs of vram.

I find these specs pretty intriguing, particularly the ryzen 6000 series chip, because its built on amds latest zen, 3 plus architecture thats been designed for mobile devices, which includes so many refinements over zen 3. That im very curious to see what it can do for things like encoding and streaming. Itll also be interesting to test the capabilities of the rtx 3050 for gaming and productivity workloads, and the fact that the rtx 3050 here is nvidia studio. Certified is already a great sign for creators who are leveraging gpu accelerated rendering, since it means that the gpu as its configured in this laptop meets nvidias requirements to run their studio, stack of specialized sdks and dedicated studio drivers in order to optimize the performance and reliability. When working in creative applications like adobe premiere, pro davinci resolve, blender solidworks, and so many more with flexibility in mind, the yoga slim supposedly has excellent battery life and comes equipped with a 70 watt hour battery while high end gaming. Laptops are typically well equipped for content creation, their inability to last more than 30 minutes without a charging cable has burned me many times so itll be refreshing to see what kind of battery life this laptop delivers in the follow up. Video unique to the laptop is the custom performance tuning thats made up by a heap of software and hardware optimizations known as lenovo xpower. A number of technologies have been rigorously fine tuned to squeeze as much performance out of the device as possible.

This includes leaps and thermal design, power, turbo, matrix software scenario, tuning and high end hardware selection. The benefits of x power are vast, but some standouts are the enhanced cooling techniques that have been implemented to avoid throttling optimize tuning for overclocking, the gpu and vram, and dynamically controlling power delivery between the cpu and gpu. So, whichever component, your task relies more heavily on automatically receives more power for peak performance. In a nutshell, you can think of x power as a compelling laundry list of optimizations that improves the end user experience in nearly every way. As for the physical laptop itself, ill start with the chassis and save my favorite physical feature for last, the body is super thin and compact, but in my opinion, its a little heavier than it looks and thats not a bad thing. In fact, this helps the device stay planted on the desk, and the heft makes it feel like a premium product much in the same way that it does for a custom mechanical keyboard, for example. That being said, its more than light enough to travel with comfortably and from a convenience standpoint for on the go use. I definitely see myself reaching for this before any of my gaming laptops, even the so called slim ones. The yoga slim also features a comfort edge design with rounded edges around the chassis for improved ergonomics when typing sure the sharp edges of my old razer laptop looked cool, but the novelty wore off quickly once it felt like the edges were trying to saw off my Hands i can confirm the comfort edge design achieves its goal here, while also contributing to the laptops, sleek appearance, its a fairly minimalistic design that doesnt scream for attention, but it still looks clean and modern for the times the white backlit keys are surprisingly tactile with linear Travel that isnt too shallow and just enough resistance to help reduce typos.

While i usually bring a wireless mouse with me anytime, im on the go with a laptop, the trackpad here is rock solid tracking tapping and gestures have been perfectly precise and responsive. So far, im kind of impressed with the built in harmon speakers, apart from lacking a substantial amount of bass as most laptops do, the mids and highs are crystal clear with zero distortion at max volume. They also get loud enough to fill a large room and feature dolby atmos audio. I o on the device includes two usb 3.2 gen1 type: a ports, two usb 3.2 gen, 2 type c 10 gigabit per second ports supporting displayport 1.4, a alt mode and power delivery. 3.0 for power, brick charging, theres, a power button, combo audio jack and a toggle switch for enabling and disabling the full hd 1080p webcam. In my opinion, this is a healthy amount of i o speed and functionality for a laptop this portable. My favorite physical aspect of the yoga slim, however, is the display. Lenovo refers to the screen on this laptop as a peersight display, which is the brand standard for what they consider a premium display in order to meet this standard. Some of the criteria these displays require at minimum include specs like having 220 pixels per inch, a 90 hertz refresh rate lcd 10 bit color depth, dolby vision and tuv hardware, low blue light, while the displays between yoga slim models vary, mine features a 14 and a Half inch screen a 16 by 10 aspect ratio with a 3k resolution of 3072 by 1920, a puresight ips panel at 120, hertz, 400 nits and g sync.

It also features 100 srgb with 100 color volume and can be configured with touch functionality or glass screen at purchase. Its a beautifully, sharp and vivid display that i wasnt expecting the first time i popped. The lid as a video editor im extremely picky when it comes to which displays ill work on when image, quality and color correction is involved. But this one passes with flying colors, no pun intended games, look and feel fantastic due to the sharpness color accuracy. High refresh rate and adaptive sync, but having a great display like this one, is arguably more critical for content creation to ensure that your work looks its absolute best before clicking publish, and i think lenovo really kills it in this department. From what ive seen so far. The yoga slim 7 pro x appears to have a ton of potential for content creators by offering a robust set of specs optimizations and features it offers a lot. But what it actually delivers remains to be seen so im staying cautiously optimistic until i can properly test and benchmark the product later this month. As you guys know, i dont typically do first impressions or divide up this type of content into multiple videos, but i would like to use it as an opportunity to ask those of you who are content creators. What would you use this laptop for if you had one or more importantly, what kind of tests can i run that would be most relevant to you ill, be reading your comments closely, as always guys.

Thank you so much for watching this.