In fact, this is the world’s first foldable laptop yup. This right here is the lenovo thinkpad x1 fold, which, to be honest, is what i feel the future of laptops is. So how good is this convertible foldable laptop? Does the future of laptops really look good, and is this product worth your money? Let’S find that out. This is one from guiding tech and you’re watching my in depth. Review of the lenovo thinkpad x1 let’s get started Music, okay, so right off the bat to call this design as a unique design would be an understatement. I mean seriously i’ve used foldable smartphones, but this thing is just the next level, it’s literally like a normal notebook that i can just open up to use as a tablet and then again, it’s not really a tablet either, but a full fledged laptop just pop the Kickstand use this keyboard and bam. My laptop is ready. If only things were that easy see. There are a lot of good things to talk about here, so let me first address them and then we’ll talk about the bad things, but yeah let’s just be a little positive first. So, as for the positives, like i said, the design here is great, regardless of how you plan to use it. This thing is ultra portable. Also that leatherback finish not only makes it feel premium, but also gives you a much required grip. The hinge here has been crafted with utmost precision and while the two sides don’t really sit flat on each other, i don’t really mind it now, as with every foldable display.

The first question that everyone asks is hey is that crease, visible and uh? To be very honest with you for the most part it’s, not that obvious, i mean obviously, if you’ll be using it as an angle like this i mean it’s plastic. So obviously you will see a crease over there, but if you’re, using it flat, laid down on its surface – or i mean flat like a kickstand – that crease is not really noticeable. As for the panel itself, it’s a 2k 13.3 inch oled panel with a 93 percent dci p3 color accuracy. Now, while i find that resolution kind of unnecessary on this form factor, there is no denying the fact that it looks absolutely stunning and the color accuracy is great. The oled panel also means i can watch hdr content on it freely without any worries. Of course, it’s. A touch panel, and despite the plastic surface, using it with touch, was a hassle free experience. Alternatively, i also have the lenovo mod pen that makes using this extremely easy and fun, especially in a tablet mode and yeah. I mean that’s all about the good stuff. Moving on to the bad stuff, let’s talk about the keyboard and touchpad, and you might be wondering where exactly is that? Well, video tada, you never saw it coming. Did you you didn’t see this coming, i didn’t either. To be honest, i just pulled it out of my hat, actually pulled it from the back of the laptop it attaches magnetically and that’s.

Probably the only good thing about that keyboard. Like seriously, i understand the design constraint, the lack of space that lenovo had to work with while designing this thing, but no no. This is not good trust me. This is not good see. The keys here are super crammed in and most of the common keys are hidden in the number row and they force you to use the function key. I mean to be very honest with you. I just couldn’t find myself using this this. This is not a good experience and that’s just the keyboard, the touchpad, if you can see it on your screen, you know what i’m talking about the touchpad is going to be a horrendous experience. I mean literally that’s it three fingers that’s all the space that this touchpad has, so just so just forget about gestures or anything. You can’t even use it as a normal cursor for just moving around with that being said, this is an add on accessory and i see no point in buying this thing moving this aside, there are a couple of other issues that make the thinkpad x1, not that Great of an experience, and unfortunately it’s – not even lenovo’s fault, like windows in itself, is very bad, like think normal things such as okay right now, i’m in landscape mode, switching it to portrait mode now this is how long it takes to just rotate the orientation of The laptop – and this is just one of the basic things right now – i’m, just on the lock screen, for i mean come on man just on the lock screen.

Imagine opening apps like operating inside netflix, using different apps everything. The whole experience is just very bad and unfortunately, it’s, not even lenovo’s fault. I mean to lenovo’s credit. They have given a mode switcher which allows you to transition seamlessly between different modes and have split screen. Profiles sounds good, but that seamless transitions part is something that’s. Not really delivered in the real world, because one thing is windows, and then there is the actual hardware powering this thing up so inside this thing is powered by an intel core: i5 l16 g7 processor that’s, a quad core processor, with another high efficiency core processor. Now take jargon aside at the end of the day, that process is something that cannot even compete with a: u series: i3 processor, so yeah it i mean for normal web browsing like edge and listening to music on spotify it’s, fine, but let’s. Just not talk about multitasking here and if i’m, not talking about multitasking let’s, just not even talk about high end video, editing or gaming, but seriously there’s no point going on that route. This thing just cannot handle that. I mean it’s not meant to be, but yeah seriously. It just cannot handle that then there’s, the battery life and with convertibles you usually do expect good battery life because the portable machines you think of carrying them all around with you know, using the entire day, the x1 fold in my usage averaged just five hours: that’s, Not really promising, considering that it uses a mobile chipset that is supposed to use less power, so the 50 watt battery should deliver more, but unfortunately it just does not deliver on the battery front either charging.

It is easy. You have two usb uh type c ports on either side. The 65 watt charger is quite portable and, to be fair, you will definitely have to charge this thing quite a lot, so is the lenovo x1 old actually worth it as much as i like this design. I think you all know the answer to that question. Of course, it’s not worth your money it’s, definitely not, but then again it’s not supposed to be see here’s. The thing this is a first gen product proportion. Products usually have to cover up for a lot of r d cost as well. So i mean it definitely kind of justifies the price tag that it comes with because, like i said, it’s a first end product, but at the end of the day i am quite excited with what lenovo has done here i mean if this is what future of Laptops looks like count me in i’m, all in for foldables. This is an amazing design and, of course, with the next generation lenovo can make some changes. Lenovo has a great team. It has a great history of having some great innovations in the pc market and yeah with a design like this and a couple of improvements. This could be a hot seller like okay picture. This, the gen 2 comes with a similar design, but has a keyboard like this, except that this keyboard also folds, i mean think of it as normal, but then it falls into a bigger keyboard.

Why not it’s a foldable right? You can have that technology inside the keyboard and touchpad as well. Then you have bigger real estate. Secondly, this thing is the perfect test event to the fact that we definitely need arm processors in the windows world. I mean if one thing that apple has shown us with the m1 processors is that arm processors can be super powerful. Lastly, one thing that’s not in lenovo’s control is the operating system. Now we had talks about windows 10x, but then that was scrapped off now. Whatever microsoft is working on whether it’s windows 11, whatever it may be all i’m hoping for, is some good changes to the ui to make it easier for a tablet, let alone something like this. Even on convertibles we’ve noticed that windows is not that good for two. In one laptops, windows definitely needs some changes and if that happens, this thing will also get some improvements and i’m. Surely, counting on that and like i said if this is what the future of laptops is count me in and well that was it. Let me know your thoughts about the lenovo x14 down there in the comments below and whether you’d be interested in buying this laptop as it is or you’d be waiting for the gen 2 or some other company to bring around with its iteration of foldable laptops yeah. If you like this video and found it helpful, make sure to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more awesome tech content till then.