As making this video, so if you do pick up one of these tablets just keep in mind, it will come with this s pen its also going to come with a lower watt charger, but the tablet itself does support up to a 45 watt, quick charger youre. Also going to receive a standard, usb type c, cable, now samsung is offering these in a few different color variants and storage splash ram variants, but the one i happen to have here is the mystic green version, 64 gigabytes of storage and 4 gigabytes of ram, but They do offer this up to 256 gigabytes of internal storage and eight gigabytes of ram. I went with the cheapest version and, as making this video, i was able to pick it up for 4′. It is on sale, usually around 5 29., and just to give you an idea of how big this 12.4 inch tablet is. I wanted to compare it to two others at the bottom. We have the 2021 amazon fire 10 and over on the right hand, side. We have the new xiaomi mi pad pro when it comes to the tab. S7 fe model its not coming in as powerful as the tab s7 or the s7 plus. I was really hoping that they would have dropped this with a better cpu, but it still has very respectable specs. When it comes to these android tablets. The cpu is the snapdragon 778. This is an 8 core cpu.

We have 4 running it up to 2.4 gigahertz and the other four running at 1.8. For the gpu. We have the arduino 642. You can get this with four six or eight gigabytes of ram, but all of them have lpddr4x ram when it comes to storage kind of the same thing here: 64. 128. 256.. But all of these do support a microsd card up to one terabyte. When it comes to the display, we have a 12.4 inch, tft lcd, its definitely not on par with an amoled or a super amoled, but it still looks really good its running at 60 hertz and its got a resolution of 1600 by 2560.. We have a 10 000 milliamp hour battery with 45 watt fast charging and they claim up to 14 hours of video playback on this, and i can definitely see that with that ten thousand milliamp hour battery its got wi fi, six, bluetooth, 5.0 and gps built in And when it comes to the operating system, this is running android 11, with one ui 3.1.1 as im. Making this video itll probably be upgraded in the future and another awesome thing the fe model has going for it is. This does support samsung dex right out of the box, and we have display over usb type c. So we can connect this to a bigger screen, be it a monitor or a television and run samsung dex if youre not familiar with that. Basically, it turns these tablets or samsung galaxy phones into an android desktop when it comes to ui performance.

This thing is lightning fast. I dont really notice a difference between the ui on this versus the more powerful s7 plus and just to give you some cold boots. Here well go into google play and everything loads right up really quickly. I mean we do have that wi fi 6, built in and 4 gigabytes of ram is plenty for a tablet like this. This is a nice little media powerhouse. If somebody handed me this tablet and told me that it had a snapdragon 865 plus, i probably wouldnt even notice the difference until you get down to intensive 3d gaming with native android games and emulation now thats, where the s7 plus is definitely gon na shine over This, but this does a really good job and when it comes to media playback, this does have widevine level 1. So we can get full hd with our favorite streaming. Apps netflix hulu hbo go right here. You can see that netflix is telling us that we have level 1 full hd, so were good to go with that kind of content and on the cheaper, less expensive tablets that youre gon na find on amazon and ebay. This is definitely not the case. Usually they have level three, which is the lowest you can go and you can only get standard definition from those streaming apps and, speaking of streaming heres a little bit of youtube video playback now from within here we can actually go all the way up to 4k.

If i can find the option, theyve changed this around there, we go so well set it to 4k. I know we dont have a 4k screen here, but uh lets go ahead and go full screen with it. I do have stats for nerds on and with 4k playback those initial frames will drop, but itll hold steady the whole time after that. Now this one looks like its a bit more than the last one i tested, but, as you can see, it does hold steady. Even with 4k, and if you wanted to go to 1440p 1080 720, this doesnt drop any frames at all. I mean its definitely powerful enough to do 4k, but with a screen like this id say, 2k or 1440p is fine Music. So the next thing i did was run a few benchmarks on the fe version and i kind of wanted to face it off against the tab. S7 plus and the s7 plus did pull ahead in all of the benchmarks that i ran. But i was really surprised to see how close it is when it comes to cpu performance. But when we take a look at gpu performance, the s7 plus is way ahead of the fe and i kind of expected it to be. I mean i dont think they wanted to release something a little more powerful than that s7 plus just yet and call it an s7 version, but the final one i ran was in 2 2.

We got a 400 437 on the fe and on the s7 plus 577 264. moving over to some native android gaming. First up we have asphalt 9 legends and i did go into the settings trying to get this to go to 60, but unfortunately just kind of locked at 30. But overall i mean itll handle this game. Just fine so lets take it up a little bit more and thats going to be call of duty mobile. So with this one here i have the graphic set to high frame rate set to max and its running at 60.. I mean itll run like this all day, very well, optimized game and this chipset in the fe can definitely handle it and the final native android game i wanted to test before we move over to emulation was kinshin impact im set to medium 60 fps. I do have bloom set to off and its running pretty decently. We still get some dips. You could run this at 30 fps high settings, but i kind of wanted to see how far we could take it at 60 and around medium, maybe drop some of those settings down to low 60. Fps is kind of the way to go with this one or, like i mentioned high at 30, which still looks great and plays just fine on this tablet. I was very interested to see how the fe handled the emulation and the first one we have to test here is dreamcast using the redream emulator.

We are upscaled to 1920×1440 and when it comes to dreamcast on this tablet here as long as the games compatible with the emulator, we actually have two to choose from flycast or redream youre gon na be able to play it at full speed. 3Ds was another one. I wanted to test, and i was pretty impressed by the performance here im using citra mmj 1x resolution. This uses the opengl back end and with the easier to emulate stuff, you should be good to go. I mean this is running at 60 here, mario kart 7, but im sure. If i ran into some harder to emulate games, it would lag out overall, not bad at all. Psp is another one. I always like to test im using the standalone version of dp sspp from the google play store 3x resolution vulcan back in ghost of sparta running at 60.. So if were able to run this at 3x, the easier to emulate stuff could probably go up to 5x. No problem at all and the final emulator i wanted to test, at least for this video was the dolphin emulator for some gamecube and wii. First up gamecube automotive, lista 1x resolution vulcan back in its running great. Now, when i started the race here, i did notice that lag lagging just a bit as it was taken off from the line, but as soon as i got going, it jumped up to 60 and i never saw it drop under 57.

. Its really impressive and the final one i wanted to test here was tatsunoko versus capcom, one of the best fighting games for a wii one x resolution still using that voltage back in it looks absolutely amazing and its running. At 60. there were some dips when theres lots of particles on screen, but thats kind of given with this game, especially on an arm chip. But id say that this is really playable. So one of my favorite parts about these higher end samsung tablets is they have dex built in its known as samsung dex. Its really easy to enable you can use it with the built in screen were booting into it right now, and basically, what this does is it turns android into kind of a desktop operating system makes it really easy to navigate with a mouse, trackpad or a keyboard. You can also use touch if you want to now using it on. The built in screen is good and all, but personally i use samsung dex on an external monitor more than i do anything. It can be a monitor or a television, and since the s7 fe does support display over usb type c im just going to plug in my usb type c to hdmi. Adapter ive also got a mouse and keyboard connected, and the way i have it set up right now is as soon as i plug everything in its just going to mirror the screen. We can actually set this up to automatically go into decks if you want to, but you can always use this as a mirrored option, but were going to go ahead and enable samsung dex, and this way we still have android over on our tablet side and decks On the big screen, so we can still use the tablet as an android tablet, no problem at all.

We can actually run apps on both. We can run them on the tablet screen and the monitor or tv. Whatever you opt to plug into and with dex. We do have multi window, which is something i personally really like its just like a desktop, but instead of running windows or os x, its still android ive got a keyboard and mouse plugged into the hdmi adapter. This one just happens to have two usb ports, but you can always use a bluetooth, keyboard and mouse if you wanted to ive, had a really good experience with this, especially on the higher end. Samsung tablet like the s7 plus and if you wanted to get some gaming out of the way on decks, itll also work. Just fine just load up. Minecraft ive still got my xbox controller connected over bluetooth and i can play on the big screen and by the way, minecraft runs amazingly on the s7 fe. So, overall, i do think this device is a great android tablet, its definitely up there in the top 10 android tablets on the market right now, but it really has nothing on the higher end s7 or the s7 plus, and when it comes to pricing, at least Retail pricing, with no sales going on. I dont think that this would be a great option over the s7 or the s7 plus. You can pick up a refurbished s7 plus for cheaper than this right now on ebay. But if youre looking for a great android tablet – and you dont want to break the bank and you just cant – do refurbished, i mean theres, some people out there that just wont buy used.

Then this might be a great option for you, because it definitely performs really well when it comes to android tablets in 2021. So if youre interested in learning more, maybe picking one of these up or even the s7 plus, i will leave a few links in the description. I will have one more video coming up with the fe. I got a few little things planned that i wanted to get out of the way and if theres anything else, you want to see running on this tablet or if you have any questions.