Man 1. What is this? This is the MSI PRO 16 Flex: Oh no. It’s flexcellent Gaming, PC. It’s flexcellent It’s flexcellent. its the new way of computing. Matt.. What have you done? What are we looking at On Target? There was probably the most unique looking gaming PC., They specifically say gaming PC. I mean MSI makes gaming gear okay.. Yes, I actually can’t think of anything that MSI makes isn’t a gaming PC. Wait. Matt. Why …? Why is the screen bad also Buckle in This is Minecraft? Is taking this long to load Minecraft Buckle in it’s all bad. Wait. Wait! Wait. Okay., Walk me through what is the MSI flexcellent pro flex flex, Sixteen Sixteen flex Okay. Flex on me.? What have you done with our this is budget this week. So for a mirror: 650. Okay. That’s good. This all in one gaming, PC. Whoa. Timeout.. So this is all in one., So there’s no battery, no battery keyboard., So it’s It did come with a keyboard. A mouse, but She it’s all it’s, also like the Dell.. This is like I’m. Pretty sure this is the exact Dell keyboard mouse combo. Before we even move on for the rest of the video.. What kind of spec is inside The 650 MSI gaming PC. Cause like for 650? You shouldn’t get a lot. No. And you get less than you think you’re going to get., I mean, judging by how long it’s taking you to actually open anything open.

Yeah dude. This is not like, like some Pentium M or something. Right, Wow., The group or resource is not in the current state to perform the request. Operation. Matt. Is this a brand new device? This is a brand new device that I set up last night. It’s still hasn’t loaded the about page. Correct.. It took me roughly three and a half hours. Whoa Is a Ram in 400. 4 gigs of Ram.. This is an HP stream.. This is 650.. This is almost exactly the HP stream that we reviewed on the main channel, which we determined was the worst possible set up like the worst possible desktop. You could buy., Also there’s multiple versions cause there’s the HP stream, which is the laptop which is like 150.. It has the same spec. And then there’s that all one desktop, which is actually slightly better than this. It was, I think, AMD powered.. It was low end AMD., This is hot. Garbage would be Correct., Wait. Wait.. It has windows 10 pro. Are you telling me they spend more more on the windows 10 pro license, then the processor for your gaming PC.? The more that I played with this thing last night, the more dumbfounded I became. You left all the plastic on it.. I did No no we’ll leave it on. This thing., This things. Wa wait. We’re not going to return it Time time, because I love this thing. Timeout Hold on.. This is too much process.

. I know what I said.. 650. 600. 600. 650.. I just had to say that., I just had to say that it’s, a 10 50 for a gaming PC by MSI, a well renowned gaming, PC manufacturer, with an affluent no an affluent, a Celeron on in 4000, which is a dual core. SLOW, is like. This is literally the cheapest 1.1 gigahertz.. This is the cheapest processor you can buy in a new PC. Look straight up.. You cannot get anything., So maybe some weird Chromebook but like even then most Chromebooks from a power more powerful than this.. I can’t speak cause I’m. So upset right now.. What are you supposed to do with this? Why is it this weird shape, So nothing makes any sense. What what first caught my eye on this is. The f is the photo, the thumbnail for the product, because it’s mounted underneath kitchen cabinets in the photo., Like you remember, like GC., Oh okay., Okay.. Okay, Do you remember like there was like the under the cabinet, like DVD players, with like a little seventies screen or whatever. That’s? What, basically, this was was was saying it would be, and you see so it’s got this. The hinge on the back and don’t look too. Don’t. Look too much.. I want to. I want to point out some stuff. Okay, but basically the way it was saying was you Mount it? It has an accelerometer. Okay., So it does flip the rotation.

When you go upside down., Okay. Yup., What does that giant? Webcam It’s got this huge hole for a webcam, but if you look at it it’s like a tiny piece Which is not Oh touchscreen, It is touchscreen.So How’s. This gaming pc, The touchscreen, is actually soup. Like it. It doesn’t make sense. How like the touchscreen on here, super responsive, but everything else like I don’t under. Cause. Everything else is so unresponsive.. What is the resolution of this Don’t? Tell me this is 768 1366.76.. This is a giant HP, stream., The cost 150., The bargain ban of best buy four years ago. And they’re charging 650 for a gaming, PC. Okay.. I have to keep saying this over and over again so that the gravity of the situation we waste a lot of money on mystery tech.. If Ken drop this thing on the table from mystery tech, I would have kicked it out. The window. So okay. Let’s look at the pros. Let’s look at the pro. Please., Please enlighten me. Again, Really really nice touch screen. Okay., The screen part bad., The touch part. Good., The the the screen; itself.Not great.! No, but again the touch the touch that For reference. So you guys can see on the camera right As soon as you go off axis I mean it. Just it’s gone right: Yeah. The screen is gone: Now., You’ll notice, while you frame it. That hinges amazing. It’s, just Steph. That’s, all. Yeah, but that’s better than some.

That’s, better than some other laptop. And I’m trying to be positive.. It does have 5g. Not not like not cellular 5g but like fo like five gigahertz wifi, so I can It’s not 5g. It didn’t count. Yeah.. I meant to correct myself Before we continue looking at this questionable piece of tech.. This video is sponsored by story blocks For one low monthly price. You get access to unlimited royalty, free assets and you get unlimited downloads. There’s millions to choose from. It’s there’s, a bunch of awesome things on here.. I, like this one. I’m hugely thankful., Not only for story blocks for sponsoring.. This is, but they ultimately do enable us to make the content we do from the very beginning of this is we have heavily relied on story blocks and their content to help fill out? The videos that we create., If you are a content, creator and you’re, not already using story blocks, you are absolutely missing. Out. So definitely be sure to check out story blocks at the link in the description, give it a try and huge huge. Thank you to story box for sponsoring.. This is and truly enabling us to make the content that we do until we have to look at things like this, in which case I’m. Sorry that everyone has to look at this piece of content, because there’s no there’s no stock footage of this on story. Blocks. Thankfully.. We could make a stock footage of us just destroying this thing.

. That would make you happy. I’m. Sure. Definitely have footage of destroying like a laptop or something. That’s story. Blocks. We can just cut to that right. Now., Look! Look at that smooth integration.! Now let’s talk about the end of the good. I heard no good.. I heard no good Matt.. I heard no good., So port selection on it. It’s, not bad., It’s got three USB A’s kn it’s got a SD card, reader. Whoo.. Does your Mac book have an SD card reader? No, but it has functional. Specs. Okay. It’s got a headphone Jack. Cool., A full size, HTMI port. Okay., And just go ahead and unplug these, so we don’t need we don’t even need them mouse and keyboard.. What am I about to see right now? What is wait? I want to see what is that is a com, A com port.. So In this little box of handy dandy stuff, you get some screws Screws.. What to like mount this to your kitchen or something., A big old bracket with visa mounting.. Okay, If you want to put it on a stand couple extra, just arm brackets for for mounting in different orientations. Right., But you also get eight Lan com port to RS two 30, two adapter. What’s. The f is this Matt. You bought this in the year 2021.. Uncle. Matt’s going to tell you a story.. I used to install technology in classrooms for like a school., And so we used to use these ports to do all like the classroom.

Like the no one touch projector control., So you boot up the PC and it would trigger the the projector. It would trigger the sound system.. It would bring the the PR the projector screen down.. What I don’t understand, though, is who this is actually for This is.. This is for school. This is for like this is meant to be like the kiosk when buy a movie ticket.. If that happens again, Yes, that’s what this thing is.. This is a kiosk.. This is actually not meant to be bought by human people.. It’S meant to be installed in some ah, But with this Celeron processor, like you saw like No, you you’d be fine running like basic, like software like running it as like. Not an ATM. Please don’t trust this as an ATM but like as some embedded thing. This be fine., But so th th you’re right, but then why do they go with windows 10 pro? Well, no, no no. That actually does make a little bit of sense, because windows 10 pro has more features, do allow it to be remotely controlled.. This is not so okay. If we just take the word game PC the Cooke bait of gaming PC out of the way I want is meant to be just like that’s. Why they give you all these brackets. Right. I can’t even get this off. It’s just it’s such a weird like or it’s such a weird orientation. Just tuck, the dongle away.

We’ll, pretend it doesn’t exist. I mean I took the dongle away all the time., So this is essentially meant to be a embedded like You’Re in a museum and you’re looking at the exhibit you’re, I can’t think of anything. Yeah., So I’ll be real with you guys. While I was setting everything up because everything was going so slow., I ended up just using this sort of like, as a giant tablet. Remember that the the Samsung tablet that’s, like Yes., The mega tab. Yeah. That’s, essentially what I was doing. There’s no battery in here., So you still have to be. You still have to be on the power of Rick, but I was just like sitting on my couch holding this just installing everything, because I could and it worked halfway decent that like, but I kind of love this thing., Like I like. I, like the one person who should get this, Take a take a selfie.. This is like your log. Like this is like what you walk through in the airport. Like it takes your photo at the yeah. It doesn’t look that much worse. There that’s a bright that’s, a bright indicator. Look. This is meant to be a kiosk something embedded, my question. Okay.. So if we take all of the stuff out of the way right Yeah., We look at it as a kiosk or whatever.. Okay, sure. It’s, actually fine.. But my question: is you purchase this Where So we got this from target and it costs how much 650.

And it was called a what kind of PC Gaming PC. Okay. That’s. What I’m you lost? Me.. I call you have Fortnite and Minecraft downloads as the only thing in your being search history.. So you’ve got the end 4000, not Pentium silver, which would have actually been mildly. Better.. Yep. Yes. Supports RJ 45 to com.. Oh, it was forty five okay. Okay., Yeah. Yeah., See supports Intel, ready mode experience, the power of always on real time updates.. This will make it more suitable for business, retail manufacturer pharmacy or home solutions. MSI pro 16 flex, all the one Gaming computer. Gaming computer., Oh it’s, at 650 Matt. It’s, 660, 660.. 660.. Oh sorry.. I think I had a coupon before I left.. I would like having something like this. Yeah., With a one about 50 smaller. Yeah., First of all, it’s your debt, but like something I can pull up recipes on or if I’m streaming I could have pulled up chat on this. Like I think the idea is really Cool., Normally at this point of this video I’m here, giving like witty remark marks – or I I’m, giving you my opinion., Some heartache I’m just filled with sadness and disappointment at this.. This is like it’s it’s.. This must be what it’s like when people click one of our quick beat videos, and then they realize that they’ve been had. This is the I feel your pain. Finally. We’ve clicked made it for so long now.

Target clickbait us, except this cost 660. Yeah., At least when we click bait you. It doesn’t cost you anything like. Do you want to try playing a game on this? No right, here., Let’s let’s, try, it. Let’s, try And some settings down there. I’ll just default by the way.. So all right. See this is playable now. Yeah, that’s better., I mean still not good, but better. Here’s. The thing that, like I think like a raspberry PI, plays Minecraft better. Ahhhh It’s, not wrong. It looks a little bit better than raspberry PI and performs a little worse and yeah, so that’s cost probably more like 30 times a year. When, when like. Alright., So right now with the angle that I’m at I, I can only see the blue., I actually can Only. Okay., So if you look at the camera angle right, it looks decent.. This is this is the only way I this is what I’m looking at right, now. Look at how terrible these young angles are.! Let me just look blue, and just this is not good.. I think I’ve seen enough Matt.. I think we need to end the video.. Otherwise, if we will end this video right now, I I No no listen to me. I need to I need to. We are in the middle of the video.. We are in the video I’m going to get very upset. I’m getting angry the more I look at it.. The price of this would be 300 maximum.

, It’s fine. It’s 660.. If you’re a company buying a hundred of these cause, you don’t care. Whatever. Yeah.. If you’re a company buying a hundred of these prices, it’s just monopoly money. Yeah. So like they don’t, they don’t care because they’re going to put this in a thing it’s going to be used for 10 years.. But again, why is it on just come like consumer target? It shouldn’t be. Thank you very much for watching this episode of this. Is I apologize for offending you with this nonsense, but if you enjoy it, please be sure to subscribe in Ringling the ding, a ling, bell. Otherwise you’re going to miss it. The next time I get mad and throw a computer out the window. And Thanks story. Blocks.