The new samsung galaxy tab a8 seeks to remedy that at the price of only 999 ringgit. This tablet sits in the fine line between entry level and mid range tablets. So lets talk about this template here today, Music for this tablet. I want to manage your expectations first, so well start off by highlighting the specs. So this tablet comes with a fairly interesting set of specs its using the unisoc tiger t618 chipset, with three gigs of ram. Now, the overall performance coming out of this tablet here is what i consider to be decent enough for social media scrolling. Some web browsing checking emails or just youtubing or netflix machine in general. You can still play some games and i did try to install gangshin impact on this tablet here, but it immediately took up all of the space of that 32 gigs of storage and the game ran like a slideshow and sometimes also just outright crash. So yeah do manage your expectations when it comes to performance and, of course, that 3 gigs of ram also means that multitasking is near impossible. I played music on spotify while scrolling through facebook that still works, but if i want to open some links on google chrome, for example, then apps will start to disappear. This tablet is also good enough for online classes and reading ebooks, because the samsung galaxy tab a8 comes with a 10.5 inch screen with a resolution of 1920 1920×1200 theres, also a sizeable bezel around the screen, which i truly appreciate.

Since i can grab this tablet without accidentally touching the screen again in the usual samsung fashion, anything that is not amoled will be labeled as tft on their website. But id argue that this tablet does come with an ips lcd screen, and we know this because of its viewing angles, but from what we can see, though, this is a pretty low grade, ips lcd screen and just looking with it with our own eyes, we can Tell that the white point and the colors of this screen here is just not that good, but still, though i can still enjoy some shows on netflix thanks to the full hd screen and these tablets white wine l1 support. One of the main reasons why i enjoy the experience of this tablet here to watch videos is because of the quad speaker setup. We have a total of four of them, two on each side and its not exactly that busy, but overall, listening experience is something that ill consider to be decent: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music. Okay, all of these hardware are packed in this tablets very thin and lightweight body overall. So, im not too sure what kind of material samsung used to construct this tablet, but its packed very densely, and you can hear that its also very solid, too and, of course, theres also an audio jack located way at the corner here, which i think its a Bit dangerous to put there since its quite prone to accidents.

Whats interesting here, though, is actually the battery life. So this tablet comes with a 7 040 million power battery and we can do our pc mark 10 battery life test. But that data is not really that usable since that app continuously crashes from time to time. But we can extrapolate our data from that graph and get about 11.35 hours, and i still think that its not really a fair way to do that kind of test. So i watch youtube and netflix using this tablet and also read some books on google play books, and this tablet can last throughout one full day of usage for sure. However, the charging time is very weird. This tablet comes with the same charger as the samsung galaxy a03, which we have reviewed not too long ago, link at the top right corner there. This is a 7.8 watt charger and it took nearly 4 hours to charge this tablet from 15 to 100 percent. Im not complaining since i dont mind charging this tablet overnight. However, since im using a multi port charger to declutter my table, i plugged in that charger to this tablet as well. However, what i found out is something funny. This tablet does take in 15 watts of power, but for some unexplained reason this battery never charged beyond 97, so were just stuck, and we shouldnt forget about the software too. Now the samsung galaxy tab a8 here comes with one ui core 3.

1 on top of android 11.. It has some strip features here and there, but overall my favorite features are still here. For example, each panel, which i have been accustomed to to take screenshots and whatnot. So yeah those essential features are still here, and so i want to ask who should actually buy the samsung galaxy tab? A8. I think the most suitable user is for those who just want to read emails browse social media. Do some youtube or netflix something along those lines? Getting this tablet for kids to attend online classes is also a very good choice at the price of 999 ringgit. I think this tablet is actually fairly priced, but you just gon na manage your expectations that tablets and phones pricings, are just vastly different, so yeah thats. All we have to share with you about the samsung galaxy tab. A8.