Good and bad inside the world of apple we’ve got some ios 15 and ipad os 15 beta news to start things off, and you know i think i’ve complained and cried enough about how apple still isn’t, showing us that they are taking the ipad pro seriously compared To all the hardware inside of it, but a new change in the second beta of ios and ipad os 15 may finally give us the pro level apps that we deserve. Now, if you aren’t familiar currently there’s a limitation for how much ram an app can use. No matter how much is available on the device apple has limited that to five gigs, even if the top tier ipad pro has 16 gigs of ram, so apps can’t, even access half of the ram on the ipad pro now i’ve had several developers just laugh at That limitation or say it’s ridiculous. Well that looks to potentially change because in the second betas of ios and ipad, os 15 that were recently released to developers apple is now allowing developers a new entitlement to request that their apps gain access to more memory. Now this entitlement will tell ios that an app may perform better by exceeding the default memory. Limit apple has not specified how much more ram will be made available, and it also says the feature will be limited to supported devices, so we don’t know which devices will qualify, but the one terabyte storage option or higher on ipad pros have the most ram at 16 gigs amongst all of apple’s mobile devices and many users, know what’s, really limiting the ipad pro it’s, not the hardware it’s ipad, os, even making eight gigs of ram available, would be significant to potentially open up the doors for higher end professional apps on the ipad.

Pro because i’ve used an m1 macbook pro 13 inch with just eight gigs of ram and it was able to scream through exports and edit 4k video. So we know that the potential is there and the m1 is always the centerpiece of all this, but apple gave us a display on par with the pro display, xdr and then thunderbolt on this ipad pro right now. For me, it just feels like an ipad pro with an improved screen, and i honestly use it exactly the same as i always have let’s be honest here, i’m, just tired of hoping apple’s gon na do anything real with the pro apps, because i’ve been waiting for Six years for that to happen since the very first one, but this change could finally open the door for the ipad pro apps that we deserve, and i will want to use. The keyword is, could now the ios 15 beta 2 also brings a few new tweaks, and these are only available as developer betas right now, apple will be releasing the public beta sometime in july, but there’s been no official firm date. Yet apple maps gets a new icon with the 280 shield removed that’s a popular highway in the bay area, where apple campus is directly off of then in the second ipad os 15 beta that allows users to swipe from the bottom right of an ipad to access The quick note toggle using a finger because in the first beta you could only use a pencil and if you’re, a big memoji fan, you’re gon na, probably love them even more.

Now because you got new outfits they’re now available to allow you to customize them by style and color for your emoji stickers. This is very important. Now share play has finally been enabled in ios 15 for the second beta, and i made it clear that i’m, not a fan of holding your phone while watching content on a tv with someone else. But the share play api is pretty broad and many apps will be able to use it so i’m curious to see how it can evolve beyond the basic content, sharing that apple first showed off as developers get their hands on it. Now i do want to see how share play fits into my life and how i use it with people once all my regular friends have it and we can kind of play around it normally. So you know i am curious about it, and maybe it becomes a regular part of how i use my devices. Maybe all right, let’s take a moment for our sponsor nordvpn. If you want to protect yourself, online you’ve got to use nordvpn, so many of us are streaming video every day and nordvpn unlocks content on your favorite apps, like netflix youtube and your favorite sites from their over 5000 servers in 59 countries to watch region, exclusive content, Nordvpn supports up to six different devices: there’s double data encryption for increased anonymity that shields your online activity and it’s compatible with windows, mac os linux, ios and android there’s.

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Over 50 percent of respondents said that ios and ipad os updates are only slightly or not at all, exciting, 28 rated. The updates somewhat exciting. So if you add that up about 78 of respondents are less than excited about ios 15 and ipad os 15, and that is not a good sign after watching the keynote. That was really the same sense that i got from everyone who is watching along as well. I mean it’s solid, it’s good, but not great, and nothing at least stands out right now, that’s going to make a significant difference. Now 19 of respondents said that they were extremely or very excited. Maybe that changes once we get our hands on the final release and i think apple hopes it does as well. But the survey also asks people about what apple should name the next iphone in the lineup. Most people did not want to call the iphone 13 with. Maybe the number possibly signaling bad luck, 38 said to simply call it iphone and 13 want it to be called the 12s. Only 26 said it should still be called the iphone 13.. I do know that 100 of apple employees are taking zero percent of this survey into consideration. Now the iphone 12 mini has ended production earlier than expected due to lower demand. According to the taiwanese research group trend force, they claim. Production has already ended, with the iphone 12 mini, reaching its end of life ahead of time.

Now we know apple will still sell through its existing inventory, which is currently available on their website. But we are expecting to see an iphone 13 mini this year as well. But reports claim that the 5.4 inch iphone will be discontinued by apple in 2022 and we talked about them last week, but the beats studio buds they are now available in shipping. So you get your hands on the new wireless and c earbuds. That already look to be a better solution than the current airpods second generation and they’re also 10 cheaper at 149.99, compared to the airpods at 159.99, which apple is planning to update later this year. All right, everybody that’s going to do it for this video. If you like what you see, you know what to do. Give me that thumbs up subs up and hit that notification bell ding to get all my videos when they drop, and if you want more of that apple goodness, you can check out my apple bits, xl audio podcast, to get the latest deep dive with all these Stories and new ones every week with special guests. Thank you.