Literally ever since the first original ipad came out im talking about the og og version. Oh you, you dont believe me hold on real quick. Let me let me show you what im talking about see. Yall, i told you i aint lying yall still got it. This bad boy here still works but yall. The question is: why am i interested in getting this brand new samsung galaxy? Tab. S8. Ultra! Well guys theres about three main reasons. Why so lets go ahead and break this bad boy down? What up squash boy c kid here and today? Well, really, like the other day, i purchased my very first samsung tablet and i decided to go ahead and go with the tab sa ultra now before we actually get into those three main reasons. Why i want you guys right now, comment down below how many likes is on this video at the time you guys are watching it and uh yeah lets go ahead and run this video up too notification squad. I see you on deck. Lets go all right, so lets go ahead and dive right on in and start with, the number three reason and then were just gon na work. Our way, all the way down to that number. One reason so number three has to deal with the size of the tablet that appealed to me right off the bat. So if you guys dont know the new galaxy tab comes in three different sizes, you have one in the 11 inch for the tab.

S8. 12.4 inch for the tab, s8 plus and then a massive 14.6 inch for the tab. S8. Ultra now at first im, not gon na lie the 11 inch regular tab. S8 was on my radar big time because i was like look. This is my first android tablet and i want to you know i kind of want to ease into this thing. I cant just be spending a huge amount. You know money on the unknown and then turn around and then not liking it and then im stuck with it right, but then, when i actually saw that it had a normal lcd display, i was instantly turned off and it was like you know what we dont Need to go on that date, no more go ahead and skip that one. Then i went ahead and looked at the 12.4 inch tab, s8 plus model – and i looked at this one kind of hard yall im not gon na lie because its the one that is most comparable in size to my 12.1 inch ipad pro that i literally use Like every freaking day, the only reason i didnt go with this one is because i said to myself right if i want to actually try something new, i dont want the experience of me going from something familiar like the ipad to something similar for comparison. Now, if im actually trying something new, i want to try something new because in reality, theres only really five main differences.

Besides the size between the s8 plus and sa ultra one, the s8 plus offers a 5g option and the ultra doesnt two, the s8, plus only offers a 12 megapixel ultra wide front facing camera, while the ultra model offers a dual 12 megapixel front facing camera. With ultra wide and a normal wide angle lens three, you got the s8 plus that comes in three colors. You got the graphite, silver and then pink gold, while the ultra model only comes in graphite. Now number four s8 plus has a 10 090 milliamp battery capacity, while the ultra has 11 200 milliamp battery capacity, and the fifth final difference is the s8 plus model only offers a gigabyte ram option, while the ultra offers eight 12 and 16 gigabyte ram options, depending On your usage yall, i feel like eight gigabytes, for a normal person is more than enough with 12 gigabytes, possibly peaking my interest and for me actually trying something new means. If there is a large tablet on the market for me to try out, i want to actually see and experience the top of the top of what samsung has to offer that i really cant get anywhere else. I look at it like this right. Ive already tried a 12 inch tablet, so why would i actually want to buy another? Let me go for the big dog, so thats thats what i ended up doing. I ordered the 14.6 inch model and it should be arriving here pretty soon now.

The second reason that i decided to buy my first samsung galaxy tablet: yall is for the ui experience. As you all already know, recently guys ive been a huge fan of the samsung galaxy watch four now i do understand that these are completely completely two different products, but what im actually getting at yall is, if ive personally been enjoying my experience so much with this Watch right here, whos to say that i wont actually, like my experience with the tablets just as much plus, i want to see what my experience would be like using their watch with this tablet as well and then seeing if theres any features that i personally havent Been able to use or just unlock, because i fully havent built out the ecosystem, so i feel, like you know what get the tablet and i can do just that now from a ui perspective, right samsung, i feel yall over the last few years been really putting In like crazy work like trying to really perfect their platform and user experience, and just honestly with the experience that ive personally been getting with my galaxy watch for, i feel like this could be the perfect marriage for me to actually try out. Plus one thing that i know about samsung products that has been just solid over the years and consistent year over year, yall is their screen quality. Now, anytime, that i bought a galaxy note or a galaxy s. Series smartphone ive always praised the displays and how good it always looked so with that yall im really hyped to actually see if that same level of clarity, as well as the brightness transfer over to the tablets ill, definitely be letting yall know that for sure, when That bad boy gets here in house now.

The number one reason that im deciding to scoop up this tablet. Yall is simply because of just curiosity in general. I simply want to know if i was to spend 24 plus hours with this tablet, literally putting away my ipad pro and not using it. Will i be able to do all the same things i use my ipad pro for, like using the upcoming galaxy s22 ultra. Will i easily be able to transfer my files from my tablet to my phone and vice versa, or are all the apps that i use formatted properly for android and galaxy tablets? These are the things yall that im personally curious about trying out and just giving users who might be actually thinking about making a switch like. Is it actually something that is feasible now im also interested in trying out decks as well? I know this has been a feature with samsung for a while and ive personally been curious with actually trying this out, because ive never tried it out before now. I know apple has a similar feature, but im personally just curious, on which one i would like most and being able to plug right in using that port, as also a display out to a secondary, monitor to me is so fire and im here to test out All and just let yall know how the performance is, but overall yall im hyped to actually try and just genuinely test out the galaxy tab, 8 ultra and just see if its something that i would like to actually use on a daily basis just want to let Yall know that all of my products, yall, will be coming here in house very soon.

Man and im gon na be dropping crazy content back to back to back, along with some special new content, man that i really cant wait to share with yall.