Now we have taken a look at the original version of the 1x player on the channel, and that was powered by the intel 1165. G7. This one here is coming in with a more powerful tiger lake cpu being the 1195 g7. We have a max turbo clock on the cpu up to 5 gigahertz and the built in intel iris graphics actually runs at 1400 megahertz instead of 1300, as you can see for a handheld. This thing is pretty massive because it actually packs an 8.4 inch ips display with a resolution of 2560×1600. So when it came to the original 1x player, i was actually a big fan of it. I do love this bigger screen and if you have smaller hands, this can be a massive handheld, but when it comes down to it, you know i personally dont like playing on a smaller screen. I think this 8.4 inch screen is great, but they did go a little overkill on the resolution so over here on the left hand, side, as you can see, we have our analog stick and a pretty decent d pad theres a desktop button. Thatll bring us right back to the desktop. We also have our select and our start button, and this is more set up like the xbox controller. And if we take a look at these two buttons, we have a keyboard button and a turbo button right out of the box. This is running at 20 watts at least the 1195 g7 version, but at any time we can hit that turbo button and its going to bring the tdp up to 28 watts around back.

Here we have our volume control up and down. We also have a dedicated mute button. Our power button slash fingerprint reader button, and this does come with a built in kickstand. This definitely comes in handy if you want to kind of play this in tabletop mode, but it does have hdmi out over usb heres. A closer look at the left hand side button layout. We also have front firing stereo speakers built into the 1x player the turbo button and the keyboard button do come in really handy. Like i mentioned turbo button. Ups, the tdp on the cpu, giving you more performance out of this handheld and the keyboard button can be pressed once to bring up an on screen keyboard or it can be held for three seconds and itll actually turn the built in controller into a mouse. Youre. Going to use that left analog stick to navigate with your mouse cursor, it does have built in shoulder buttons and triggers and when it comes to the triggers, these are linear, so theyre analog, and you can pull them a little bit to get a bit of action Out of it, while youre playing the game or pull it all the way down and itll do 100 pull. So when it comes to the specs of the 1x model for the cpu, we have the intel. I7. 1195. G7. Four cores. Eight threads base clock of 2.9 gigahertz and a max turbo clock up to five gigahertz for the gpu.

We have intel iris, xe graphics. This is the 96 execution unit up to 1400 megahertz 16 gigabytes of lp ddr4 x, ram running at 4, 266 megahertz. As for storage, you can opt for a 512 gigabyte model or a one terabyte model. It uses an nvme m.2 ssd, and this is user replaceable. If you wanted to get in there, its got a built in 59 watt hour battery. It does support 45 watt, quick charging and battery life will depend on what kind of tdp you have the cpu set at, and what youre really doing when it comes to gaming at 20 watts, you can get around three hours of battery life. If you just want to do some video streaming and things like that, you can get seven to eight, but once you take the tdp up on this thing, especially with the 1195 g7, you can expect around an hour and a half of gameplay. Out of this thing, all right, so real quick, i just want to show you this turbo button. Here we have overwatch running 1080p, medium settings and im just gon na face. This wall over here were around 103 to 107 fps. As soon as i turn that turbo on you can see it jump on up to around 120 fps, it definitely makes a difference and in certain games it makes a huge difference, but remember i mean its going to draw more power and produce more heat. So if you dont need that turbo on for the game youre playing, i would definitely leave it off heres one more.

We have doom eternal. You can see that fps were at 20 watts turbos on jumped on up to around 67 to 68 fps, and our cpu is now running at close to 30 watts and turn it right back off turn it right back on. We will be testing out some pc games and emulation in this video, but the first thing i did was run a few benchmarks. I wanted to check this 1195 g7 out first on the list: geekbench 5 single core 1606 multi 5648. That single core is looking really good for a mobile chip moving over to some gpu benchmarks with mark night raid 17601 fire strike 5202 and finally time spy with a 1937, not bad at all. And when i compare this to mobile ryzen chips with the built in vega graphics, we are scoring a bit higher here, moving over to some pc gaming. First up we have the witcher 3 with a medium low mix and i will admit most of these are set to low but were at 900p, and it actually surprised me it did way better than i thought it would. With the settings i used. I got an average of 64 fps out of this game now. I completely understand that this is a handheld, but what im gon na do is actually plug this into my game capture, just to make it a little easier on me and easier for you to see. Next on the list, we have forza ryzen, 4, 900 p with a medium low mix.

By the end of this run, i had an average of 72 fps. Now, if you go to the lowest settings, we can do this pretty good at 1080p, but i did want to mix it up a bit with a couple mediums thrown in there. The 1195 g7 actually handled gta 5 really well. Here it is at 900p, with a normal high mix. We got an average of 74 fps um Music, still a huge fan of skyrim, so i wanted to test it out original skyrim 1080p high settings, its gon na run at 60 all day. It did a really good job here and im, actually not using the turbo mode. Here were only at 20 watts, overwatch, 1080p, medium settings. We got an average of 97 fps and finally for pc gaming, at least for this video. We have cyberpunk 2077 720p low 100 resolution scale. We got an average of 34 fps, not ideal by any means, but you could drop that resolution scale down and get a bit more out of it its time to move over to some emulation. This is really my favorite part about these handhelds and first up we have ps2 using pc, sx2 gran turismo 4 directx 11 back in 1440p, so were at a 2k resolution with this and every once in a while. I do notice a couple strange dips. It did go down to 55, but it didnt really feel like it was going down to 55.

It immediately jumped right back up and its really doing a great job here at 1440, and if you just want to eliminate any of these dips at all, go to 1080, its gon na run great wii. U using the cemu emulator breath of the wild turbo button is totally turned off were only at 20 watts. This is at the native 720p resolution were at 30fps and its running great, using the vulcan back in here, and i really do have to give it to the cemu developers. Theyve done an amazing job, optimizing this for these intel, integrated graphics and finally, we have ps3 using rpcs3 skate 3 vulcan back in native 720p resolution, its trying its hardest to keep at 60, and we do get a few dips here and there, but overall its trucking Through this pretty well and keep in mind, skate 3 is one of the harder ones to emulate, along with god of war 3. But there are some games that just work really well with this emulator and a lot of hardware like demon souls and tekken 6.. So it is a bit of an upgrade over the 1165 g7 version, but not by much, and it really comes down to the thermals. Now we can run this at 28 watts, but at 28 watts with an extreme load on that cpu. It will thermal throttle. While i was running 3dmark time spy at the cpu portion of the test, it did thermal throttle so that score there is actually a little limited because it wasnt reaching its maximum clock speeds, and another test i ran was through forza horizon 4 at 1080p.

Medium settings at 28 watts this can reach over 60 fps, but it hits that throttle really quickly and drops on back down, because again that cpu has to limit itself, so it doesnt overheat and burn up. I did pull the back off this just to see. If i could easily get to the cpu cooler and replace the thermal paste, but theres a lot that i need to disassemble to get to it. And if we take a look here, we dont see the m.2 its actually buried under the heat shroud. So there is a lot that you need to take out of here to upgrade that m.2 ssd and change that thermal paste out im sure it would help out a little bit, but i still think we could hit that thermal throttle with this 1195. G7. In my next video that i do on this, i will have this completely done and ill do a little bit of a comparison for you. The usbc ports on the 1x player are usb 4.0 and it does support thunderbolt 4. So we can add any gpu to this quite easily and if thats something youre interested in seeing just let me know in the comments below – and i can do a video on that so yeah i mean thats going to wrap it up for my first video on The 1x player 1s – i will have a couple more coming, so keep an eye on the channel ill.

Do a full emulation, video well test out about 10, more pc games and, like i said, if youre interested in seeing an e gpu connected to this.