3 inch touch display keyboard, trackpad and quad speakers. Now, personally, i like, using these with my samsung galaxy s, devices because they do support decks and, if youre not familiar with dex, basically its kind of a desktop interface built into their android operating system and nowadays theres a couple different phone manufacturers that are doing this. We have the motorola ready. Four and huawei also has their own little desktop style operating system. But for this video here im going to be using the samsung galaxy s21 and were also going to test this out with some other devices like a raspberry pi, because this does have hdmi built in also now keep in mind. Even if your phone doesnt support something like dex as long as it does video over usb type c, you can connect it to the next dock 360.. As you can see here, weve got a 13.3 inch. Ips display, trackpad nice keyboard and, along with the neck stock, 360, were also going to receive some accessories like a full size to mini hdmi, cable, usb type c to usb kind of an otg adapter. A usb type c, with a 90 degree, usb type c and a quick charger for the next dock itself, because it does have a built in 44 watt hour battery, and this will allow us to charge up our phone while its connected plus the built in battery Is going to power the screen on the next stock 360.

? All right so lets go ahead and take a quick look at this. I personally really love the design, its very minimalistic. I mean you wouldnt know that this wasnt a real laptop. If you didnt really pick it up and turn it on got a beautiful, trackpad, backlit keyboard, and since this is called the 360, we do have that fold over screen fully laminated 1080p 13.3 inch. 10 points. A touch on this thing. Weve also got those built in quad speakers. We have four one watt speakers and theyre up top here, so you can hear them really really well. Ive tested some other docs on the channel, but all those speakers are usually on the bottom and it really muffles the sound when it comes to io over here. On the left hand, side we have our usb type c, video in and micro hdmi, so anything that supports hdmi will work with the nextdoc 360. over on the right hand, side we have another usb port. This is for charging the internal battery micro sd card, because once this is connected to your device, it will work as an otg sd card. Reader weve also got our power button over here and another usb type c port. Now this is really for otg itself. In case, you want to connect that adapter with different usb accessories in order to get to the osd on the next dock. 360. Just swipe down with two fingers over here in the bottom right hand corner its going to open up our osd and we have tons of control.

Here we can change the color profiles theres a few built in. We can go to user profiles, control the brightness volume. We can reset everything if we want to and we can also change the input from hdmi to usb type c in case you have two things plugged in here at one time, but its really easy to get to and im glad we dont have to mess with Any kind of buttons over on the side so connecting your device is super. Easy were going to plug one end of this usb type c cable into the next dock were going to plug the other end into our android device, and my s21 is already set up to come up with dex once it detects hdmi or display, and as you Can see here, weve got dex up and running, and the trackpad and keyboard work over usb type c plus we have touch functionality, and one of the big reasons i personally really like dex is because, over on the phone itself, im still running android 11 with one Ui and if i get a call or text over here ill get my notification, but in my other workspace where dex is running, i can do anything i need to. I can even play games over here or just watch some videos. If i want theres another way, you can connect your device and thats over hdmi. I just have a cheap, usb type c to hdmi dock im, going to plug my s21 in here.

The dock is plugged in to the next dock over hdmi and were going to get dex on the built in screen. Now, personally, i dont like setting it up like this because since were only connected over hdmi to the dock, were not going to get any functionality out of the touch screen, the trackpad or the keyboard, unless we connect another cable. So if your device supports it, i would highly recommend just using usb type c. Over now, like i mentioned as long as your device supports video over usb type c itll work with the next stock. What i have here is the red magic 6s pro it doesnt have any kind of desktop operating system like ready for or even dex, but it does support display over usb type c. So its going to work with the next dock 360. were going to get picture over here i can use the touch functionality on the bigger screen and uh, as you see, were in portrait mode. We could flip this while we start up a game, but the red magic phones have something called magic time which is kind of a game launcher, and it just makes it easier to use a bigger screen with these devices. Ive also got a controller connected to the phone itself. All i need to do is connect it to the dock and start the game up on the phone and to make it perfectly clear. The controller is not connected to the next dock, its connected to the phone over bluetooth.

So this does support the raspberry pi 4, but theres a few things to know. We have to connect this a bit different because we dont have display over usb type c on the pi, so were going to need to connect our usb cable to the power on the next dock and an hdmi cable. Now, with this raspberry pi 4, here im running raspberry, pi os and in order to get the keyboard and trackpad working over that usb type c cable, you will have to put this in the config.txt. Just put it in there, with whatever application you like using and once its connected correctly, you can power this up, and since we have the config set up correctly, we can now use the trackpad keyboard and touch over usb type c on the pi 4. and keep In mind were now totally battery powered here with the raspberry pi 4. So if you want to take this with you its pretty easy to do, but we do have a mess of cables because, unfortunately, the pie does not support display over usb type c. It would be absolutely amazing if it did wed only need one cable here and, as you can see, touch is working with the screen, but you know everythings a bit small at 1080p with raspberry pi os. So i would probably take this to 720p. If i wanted to use this, as my main display for my pi, the nextdoc 360 also has an auto rotate feature.

So if you did want to kind of fold this screen back and just use it, as your main touch display its going to work out just fine, it automatically sets up the correct orientation once you have it folded back enough im, not a big fan of using Touch with raspberry pi os, but its here, if you want to use it this way, i know im going to have a few people asking but uh. Yes, the nintendo switch does work with this weve got display over usb type c or you could go hdmi with the dock if you want to, but unfortunately touch isnt going to work with the next stock thats, just how the nintendo switch is set up. The only way ive been able to get touch working on the switch is on the built in screen and finally, here which i completely understand, isnt the most practical but uh. I think that i could get some use out of this. My whole setup would actually fit inside of a book bag. Ive got the xbox series s here with the neck stock 360 connected over hdmi playing forza horizon 5, really awesome game, and i think it looks great here at 1080p, weve got a 60hz display and it plays just fine. I could definitely carry this around and right now. The neck stock is working on battery power, but we could charge it up directly from one of the usb ports on the xbox itself.

So, overall im a big fan of the nextdoc 360. ive used a couple of these in the past from nextdoc, and i really never had any complaints about them. This is definitely one of the best that theyve released so far. I love the fact that we can kind of fold this over like a two in one, its got a great keyboard and trackpad built in the built in quad. Speakers are a plus, but they dont put out much bass at all. I mean they are a bit tinny because theyre just small one watt speakers, but they will get you by with a little setup like this now. My main use case scenario for something like this is with my samsung galaxy phone and dex, but, as you saw in this video theres tons of different things that we can connect to this and since its portable, it makes it really easy to throw it in your Bag and carry it around and when you need it for something that supports hdmi or display over usb type c youve got a display, keyboard, trackpad and speakers ready to go.