You can do that on the go, given that its got a sim card slot as well. So youve got connectivity, but also when it comes to managing your workload. There are great apps that you can use like the todoist, which will help you kind of stack your work and manage a to do list, including other apps, like slack, which will help you kind of set your tasks for the day. Make sure that youre on top of it – and this will help you get your work done? No matter where you are, you could be traveling, you could be kind of going on holiday if you need something done last minute, theres that to this microsoft, word that you can use. Are you transferring files, youre checking mail, all that and more on your tab wherever you are on the go, and the great thing is if youre in the garden relaxing you want to get a bit of your banking done. Of course, youve got all your banking apps. Being android, all the apps are available um, your e wallets. Maybe you want to do a bit of e commerce a bit of transfers. You can do all of that and more comfortably on a big screen. Hey wherever you are hey. Look if youre trying to get in shape right and looking for an app that will help you manage that. Myfitnesspal is a wonderful app and again. If you are chilling out in the garden – and you want to just kind of keep checking on your macros and how much food youve consumed its a great way to track your calories and a great way to track your fitness, how much weight youve lost, set fitness Goals so myfitnesspal is a definite recommendation from me.

Theres other options available. Of course, headspace is another wonderful app that can help you kind of manage your wellness and take care of yourself and theres. A whole range of them in the google play store so be sure to check it out, but something for your kids youre looking for the octa intake tablet has got it all its got the power to help them with their classwork, maybe their homework even to study From home its got a camera, so you can obviously do your video calls, keep them occupied educational apps because it is android after all, youve got the full range of it also and its also built to be rugged. Its got a really tough build, so hey itll. Last so be sure to check it out its perfect for the little one: hey look if youre chilling out and youre looking for the news you no longer have to run to the computer to read up on the news or the phone if the screens too small Or maybe you are going to sit by the tv and wait for the news to come on or pick up a newspaper. Hey, remember. Those those days are long gone with an octa intake. Tablet. Youve got the news right here and i would recommend a few apps for you on top of, and all the new sites that you go to bulb is a wonderful app. What it does it takes in all the trending topics for the day, and it presents it to you in really short bite size bits of views, so youve got this stream that you can just scroll through its all right there.

Likewise, press reader is something you can customize based on what youre interested in and itll bring you all the big headlines from the day right in one app, so this and a whole range of others so easy with the authentic tablet. Hey, maybe youre done with reading up on the news, maybe youre done with the entertainment uh. All you want is kind of play. Some games, you know get social with your friends and kind of get that brain going. Of course you know youve got all the games. You need from the google play store uh some that i would recommend that i absolutely cannot get enough of is candy crush. You know its addictive and theres, so many other games that are trending right now, so youve got that. If wordle is your thing, because it is trending and you love comparing your score with your friends, uh its so much better on a bigger screen, so hey the octanetic tablet its a no brainer. But you should also know that to organize all your apps into folders, its a very simple process. You can create simple folders on your main page and from there on easy access to all the apps, but look if its entertainment that youre, after as you kind of chill out on the couch or in bed the perfect size right, um and a big gorgeous 8 Inch hd screen with great color reproduction um, the e whiz octa insect tablets got it all now.

If you are looking for music, be sure to download the lite 87 app its free, you can find it on. The google play store youtube music theres, also an fm radio tuner, but if you want a bit of youtube, hey its fantastic on this screen. Likewise, for the kids, theres youtube, kids, a range of apps disney, plus amazon, prime, whatever youre after netflix. If thats your thing, all the shows right at your fingertips, likewise also twitch. If you are a gamer youve, got to check out twitch its a wonderful community, theres live channels, theres also google, tv and a whole range of others. So hey when it comes to entertainment. You cant go wrong with the evies octa intake tablet and when youre done gaming and your entertainment and youre feeling the munchies, so guess what? Because the octa intake tablet can handle it all youve got your food apps. There too, your picnic, your ubereats, i said hey. Why dont you place an order and carry on with what you enjoy doing? You can do it all with the ewiz octa intake tablet and look were really just scratching the surface here when it comes to the kind of apps that you can find on. The google play store things that the ews octator tablet can easily handle, beat workflow entertainment for your kids and it comes in a great rugged, build with a gorgeous screen.